Psychological Science 1995 - Abstracts

Psychological Science 1995
Access to global and local properties in visual search for compound stimuli.Psychology and mental healthKingstone, Alan, Enns, James T.
A developmental deficit in localizing objects from vision.Psychology and mental healthYantis, Steven, Gordon, Barry, McCloskey, Michael, Rapp, Brenda, Rubin, Gary, Bacon, William F., Dagnelie, Gislin, Aliminosa, Donna, Boatman, Dana F., Badecker, William, Johnson, Douglas N., Tusa, Ronald J., Palmer, Erica
An experimentally derived base-rate error in humans.Psychology and mental healthFantino, Edmund, Goodie, Adam S.
Are children's false memories more persistent than their true memories?Psychology and mental healthBrainerd, C.J., Reyna, V.F., Brandse, E.
A resource account of inhibition.Psychology and mental healthEngle, Randall W., Conway, Andrew R.A., Tuholski, Stephen W., Shisler, Rebecca J.
A semantic space approach to representations of self and other in pathological grief: a case study.Psychology and mental healthHart, Daniel, Stinson, Charles, Field, Nigel, Ewert, Mary, Horowitz, Mardi
Basic behavioral science research for mental health: a national investment.(report of the National Advisory Mental Health Council Behavioral Science Task Force)Psychology and mental health 
Choices from identical options.Psychology and mental healthChristenfeld, Nicholas
Chronic noise and psychological stress.Psychology and mental healthEvans, Gary W., Hygge, Staffan, Bullinger, Monika
Chronometric evidence for two types of attention.Psychology and mental healthRemington, Roger W., McCann, Robert S., Johnston, James C.
Cognitive profiles of reading-disabled children: comparison of language skills in phonology, morphology, and syntax.Psychology and mental healthShankweiler, D., Crain, S., Katz, L., Fowler, A.E., Liberman, A.M., Brady, S.A., Thornton, R., Lundquist, E., Dreyer, L., Fletcher, J.M., Stuebing, K.K., Shaywitz, S.E., Shaywitz, B.A.
Cost, utility, and judgments of institutional review boards.(response to Robert Rosenthal, Psychological Science, vol. 5, p. 127, 1994)Psychology and mental healthColombo, John
Cyberpsych: resources for psychologists on the Internet.Psychology and mental healthKelley-Milburn, Deborah, Milburn, Michael A.
Double dissociation between memory systems underlying explicit and implicit memory in the human brain.Psychology and mental healthGabrieli, John D.E., Fleischman, Debra A., Keane, Margaret M., Reminger, Sheryl L., Morrell, Frank
Education reform: broadening the focus.Psychology and mental healthAdelman, Howard S.
Effect of group performance on subsequent individual performance: does influence generalize beyond the issues discussed by the group?Psychology and mental healthHawkes, William G., Stasson, Mark F.
Effects of categorizations on color perception.Psychology and mental healthGoldstone, Robert L.
Ethical issues in psychological science: risk, consent, and scientific quality.(response to John Colombo and John B. Mordock, in this issue, pp. 318 and 320)Psychology and mental healthRosenthal, Robert
Ethnic and racial similarity in developmental process: a study of academic achievement.Psychology and mental healthVazsonyi, Alexander T., Rowe, David C., Flannery, Daniel J.
Evidence for superior orthographic skills in dyslexics.Psychology and mental healthSiegel, Linda S., Share, David, Geva, Esther
For whom the bell curve tolls: a review of 'The Bell Curve.'Psychology and mental healthSternberg, Robert J.
Good and bad humors: biochemical bases of personality and its disorders.Psychology and mental healthZuckerman, Marvin
Grouping by proximity and multistability in dot lattices: a quantitative gestalt theory.Psychology and mental healthKubovy, Michael, Wagemans, Johan
Guided visual search is a left-hemisphere process in split-brain patients.Psychology and mental healthKingstone, Alan, Gazzaniga, Michael S., Enns, James T., Mangun, George R.
How far should we generalize? The case of a workload model. (steps to improve workplace research)Psychology and mental healthWicker, Allan W., August, Rachel A.
Implicit memory in amnesic patients: impairment of voice-specific priming.Psychology and mental healthSchacter, Daniel L., Bolton, Elisa, Church, Barbara
Infants' recognition of the sound patterns of their own names.Psychology and mental healthJusczyk, Peter W., Mandel, Denise R., Pisoni, David B.
Institutional review boards in applied settings: their role in judgments of quality and consumer protection.(response to Robert Rosenthal, Psychological Science, vol. 5, p. 127, 1994)Psychology and mental healthMordock, John B.
"I think it would be fun to edit a newspaper." (reputed journal on organized psychology, Psychological Science)(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthKihlstrom, John F.
Localizing the spatial localization system: Helmholtz or Gibson?Psychology and mental healthBedford, Felice L.
Major axes as a moderately abstract model for object recognition.Psychology and mental healthSanocki, Thomas, Ling, Xiange
Memory and cognitive abilities in university professors: evidence for successful aging.Psychology and mental healthShimamura, Arthur P., Berry, Jane M., Mangels, Jennifer A., Rusting, Cheryl L., Jurica, Paul J.
Microgenetic study of change: what has it told us?Psychology and mental healthKuhn, Deanna
Monitoring conscious recollection via the electrical activity of the brain.Psychology and mental healthKutas, Marta, Paller, Ken A., McIsaac, Heather K.
Mothers' alcohol consumption during pregnancy: effects on spatial-visual reasoning in 14-year-old children.Psychology and mental healthStreissguth, Ann P., Hunt, Earl, Kerr, Beth, Olson, Heather Carmichael
Orthographic representation and phonemic segmentation in skilled readers: a cross-language comparison.Psychology and mental healthBentin, Shlomo, Frost, Ram, Ben-Dror, Ilana
Overt and covert recognition of faces in children and adults.Psychology and mental healthNewcombe, Nora, Lie, Eunhui
Perceived continuity of occluded visual objects.Psychology and mental healthYantis, Steven
Phonological codes are automatically activated during reading: evidence from an eye movement priming paradigm.Psychology and mental healthRayner, Keith, Pollatsek, Alexander, Sereno, Sara C., Lesch, Mary F.
Preference reversals due to myopic discounting of delayed reward.Psychology and mental healthKirby, Kris N., Herrnstein, R.J.
Preschool origins of cross-national differences in mathematical competence: the role of number-naming systems.Psychology and mental healthMiller, Kevin F., Smith, Catherine M., Zhu, Jianjun, Zhang, Houcan
Prevention of depressive symptoms in schoolchildren: two-year follow-up.Psychology and mental healthJaycox, Lisa H., Seligman, Martin E.P., Gillham, Jane E., Reivich, Karen J.
Psychology, the basic science for mental health.Psychology and mental healthKihlstrom, John F.
Reading skill and suppression revisited.Psychology and mental healthGernsbacher, Morton Ann, Robertson, Rachel R.W.
Reflections on affirmative action goals in psychology admissions.Psychology and mental healthGraham, Sandra, Amirkhan, James, Betancourt, Hector, Lopez, Steven Regeser, Weiner, Bernard
Reporting recollective experiences: direct access to memory systems?Psychology and mental healthForster, Jens, Strack, Fritz
Resolution of lexical ambiguity by emotional state.Psychology and mental healthHalberstadt, Jamin B., Niedenthal, Paula M., Kushner, Julia
Response style and cross-cultural comparisons of rating scales among East Asian and North American students.Psychology and mental healthStevenson, Harold W., Chen, Chuansheng, Lee, Shin-ying
Right-hemisphere memory superiority: studies of a split-brain patient.Psychology and mental healthGazzaniga, Michael S., Metcalfe, Janet, Funnell, Margaret
Scaling the episodic familiarities of pictures and words.Psychology and mental healthHintzman, Douglas L., Curran, Tim, Caulton, David A.
Searching for mood dependent memory.Psychology and mental healthEich, Eric
Semantic networks in the divided cerebral hemispheres.Psychology and mental healthCronin-Golomb, Alice
"Some things you learn aren't so": Cohen's paradox, Asch's paradigm, and the interpretation of interaction. (tips to better understand analysis of variance)Psychology and mental healthRosenthal, Robert, Rosnow, Ralph L.
Spatial attention in visual search for features and feature conjunctions.Psychology and mental healthKim, Min-Shik, Cave, Kyle R.
Splitting the beam: distribution of attention over noncontiguous regions of the visual field.Psychology and mental healthKramer, Arthur F., Hahn, Sowon
Telling something we can't know: experimental approaches to verbs exhibiting implicit causality.Psychology and mental healthMcKoon, Gail, Greene, Steven B.
The construction of situation models in narrative comprehension: an event-indexing model.Psychology and mental healthZwaan, Rolf A., Langston, Mark C., Graesser, Arthur C.
The distinctiveness effect in social categorization: you are what makes you unusual.Psychology and mental healthMiller, Dale T., Nelson, Lori J.
The informational basis of motion coherence.Psychology and mental healthBlake, Randolph, Gilden, David, Hiris, Eric
The price of expertise: effects of experience on the water-level task.Psychology and mental healthProffitt, Dennis R., Hecht, Heiko
The SAT reading task in question: reply to Freedle and Kostin.Psychology and mental healthLautenschlager, Gary J., Katz, Stuart
Transfer between picture naming and translation: a test of asymmetries in bilingual memory.Psychology and mental healthKroll, Judith F., Sholl, Alexandra, Sankaranarayanan, Aruna
Vocal expression of emotion: acoustic properties of speech are associated with emotional intensity and context.Psychology and mental healthBachorowski, Jo-Anne, Owren, Michael J.
Who is happy? (assessment of subjective well-being in people)Psychology and mental healthDiener, Ed, Myers, David G.
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