Research in Marketing - Abstracts

Research in Marketing
A cross-national investigation of incentive sales compensation.BusinessRouzies, Dominique, Weitz, Barton A., Segalla, Micheal, Besson, Madeleine
Advance-selling as a competitive marketing tool.BusinessXie, Jinhong, Shugan, teven M.
An experimental investigation of scanner data preparation strategies for consumer choice models.BusinessCurrim, Imran S., Andrews, Rick L.
Another look at loss aversion in brand choice data: can we characterize the loss averse consumer?BusinessKlapper, Daniel, Ebling, Christine, Temme, Jarg
Antecedents and purchase consequences of customer participation in small group brand communities.BusinessDholakia, Utpal M., Bagozzi, Richard P.
Anticipated identification costs: improving assortment evaluation by diagnostic attributes.BusinessPieters, Rik, van Herpen, Erica
Assessing new empirical industrial organization (NEIO) methods: the cases of five industries.BusinessRoy, Abhik, Raju, Jagmohan S., Kim, Namwoon
Brand equity in the European fruit and vegetable sector: a transaction cost approach.BusinessGonzalez-Diaz, Manuel, Fernandez-Barcala, Marta
Competition between goods and services: setting the research agenda.BusinessDholakia, Ruby Roy
Competition in local-service sectors.BusinessDekimpe, Marnik G., Verboven, Frank, Cleeren, Kathleen
Connecting power with locus of control in marketing channel relationships: a response surface approach.BusinessHsieh, Ping-Hung, Kim, Stephen Kesyuk
Consumer attitudes toward marketplace globalization: structure, antecedents and consequences.BusinessSteenkamp, Jan-Benedict E.M., Batra, Rajeev, Alden, Dana L.
Customer loyalty to one service worker: should it be discouraged?BusinessJohnson, Lester W., Bove, Liliana L.
Determinants of the variety of routes to market.BusinessHoyer, Wayne D., Reinartz, Werner, Krafft, Manfred, Jindal, Rupinder P.
Do exchange hazards always foster relational governance? An empirical test of the role of communication.BusinessNicholson, Carolyn Y., Brown, James R., Poppo, Laura, Sheng, Shibin
Do loyalty programs really enhance behavioral loyalty? An empirical analysis accounting for self-selecting members.BusinessBijmolt, Tammo H.A., Leenheer, Jorna, van Heerde, Harald J., Smidts, Ale
Empirical generalizations from brand extension research: how sure are we?BusinessLee, Junsoo, Reinartz, Werner, Echambadi, Raj, Arroniz, Inigo
Estimating joint preference: a sub-sampling approach.BusinessArora, Neeraj
Experimental design on the front lines of marketing: testing new ideas to increase direct mail sales.BusinessLedolter, Johannes, Swersey, Arthur J., Bell, Gordon H.
Explicit and implicit catalysts of consumer resistance: the effects of animosity, cultural salience and country-of -origin on subsequent choice.BusinessRussell, Dale W., Russell, Cristel Antonia
Exploring product and service innovation similarities and differences.BusinessNijssen, Edwin J., Hillebrand, Bas, Vermeulen, Patrick A.M., Kemp, Ron G.M.
Forecasting cross-population innovation diffusion: a Bayesian approach.(Wouter B. Aghina)Businessvan Everdingen, Yvonne M., Fok, Dennis
Incentive-based compensation to advertising agencies: a principal-agent approach.BusinessZhao, Hao
Incorporating context effects in the multidimensional scaling of 'pick any/N' choice data.BusinessDeSarbo, Wayne S., Chatterjee, Rabikar, Bijmolt, Tammo H.A., Kim, Juyoung
Intra-brand differences in payment periods in marketing channels.BusinessIglesias, Victor, Vazquez, Rodolfo, Rodriguez-del-Bosque
Marketing and production capacity strategy for non-differentiated products: winning and losing at the capacity cycle game.BusinessLilien, Gary L., Yoon, Eunsang, Dearden, James A.
Marketing exchange as a product of perceived value and control.BusinessGould, Stephen J.
Marketing in th year 2000: an international perspective.BusinessSiew Meng Leong, Chin Tiong Tan
Marketing renaissance: how research in emerging markets advances marketing science and practice.BusinessBurgess, Steve Michael, Steenkamp, Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp
Market share and ROI: observing the effect of unobserved variables.(return on investment)BusinessFarris, Paul W., Parry, Mark E., Ailawadi, Kusum L.
Measuring and modeling the (limited) reliability of free choice attitude questions.BusinessLaurent, Gilles, Morrison, Donald G., Roy, Tirthankar, Rungie, Cam, Riley, Francesca Dall'Olmo
On what should firms focus in transitional economies? A study of the contingent value of strategic orientations in China.BusinessYim, Chi Kin, Zhou, Kevin Zheng, Gao, Gerals Yong
Personal values and consumer research: an historical perspective.BusinessBurgess, Steven M.
Service failure recovery: the moderating impact of individual-level cultural value orientation on perception of justice.BusinessPatterson, Paul G., Cowley, Elizabeth, Prasongsukarn, Kriengsin
The effect of channel relationship and guanxi on the performance of inter-province export ventures in the People's Republic of China.BusinessAmbler, Tim, Styles, Chris, Wang Xiucun
The effect of secondhand market on the firm's dynamic pricing and new product introduction strategies.BusinessZhao, Hao, Jagpal, Sharan
The impact of individual and managerial factors on salespeople's contribution to marketing intelligence activities.BusinessMerunka, Dwight, Le Bon, Joel
The impact of knowledge and empowerment on working smart and working hard: the moderating role of experience.BusinessAhearne, Michael, Schillewaert, Niels, Rapp, Adam, Mathieu, John
The impact of market characteristics and innovation speed on perceptions of positional advantage and new product performance.BusinessCarbonell, Pilar, Rodriguez, Ana Isabel
The influence of top management team functional diversity on strategic orientations: the moderating role of environmental turbulence and inter-functional coordination.BusinessMenguc, Bulent, Auh, Seigyoung
The processing of marketing threat stimuli: a comprehensive framework.BusinessStrong, James T., Dubas, Khalid M.
The role of ratio differences in the framing of numerical information.BusinessKwong, Jessica Y.Y., Wong, Kin Fai Ellick
The trust concept: research issues fopr channels of distribution.BusinessAndaleeb, Syed Saad
Using model-based expectations to predict voluntary turnover.(sales force management)BusinessSager, Jeffrey K., Bridges, Eileen, Johnston, Holly H.
Utility, cultural symbolism and emotion: a comprehensive model of brand purchase value.BusinessTsai, Shu-pei
Vertical marketing systems: nonprofit marketing in the public sector.BusinessPandya, Anil M.
Virtual Bass model and the left-hand data-truncation bias in diffusion of innovation studies.(Frank Bass)BusinessBass, Frank M., Jiang, Zhengrui, Bass, Portia Isaacson
Visual attention during brand choice: the impact of time pressure and task motivation.BusinessPieters, Rik, Warlop, Luk
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