Research-Technology Management 1996 - Abstracts

Research-Technology Management 1996
3M extending audit program to its technical service. (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.)Engineering and manufacturing industriesBlau, John
As their 'shelf lives' shrink, an NSF study finds half of U.S. engineers working outside engineering. (National Science Foundation)Engineering and manufacturing industriesRhea, John
Communicating project status to management - simply.Engineering and manufacturing industriesCampbell, Jay, Gillis, Russ, Sacks, Cliff, Timko, Joseph
Competition entering Chinese research.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSwinbanks, David
East Asia economies continuing strong.Engineering and manufacturing industriesWingrove, Norman
Finding creativity in a technical organization.Engineering and manufacturing industriesJohnson, Marvin M.
Foreign companies establishing more labs in the United States for basic and applied research.Engineering and manufacturing industriesWolff, M.F.
Hong Kong's VTech blends East, West R&D management. (VTech Holdings Ltd.)(Company Profile)Engineering and manufacturing industriesWingrove, Norman
India's reforms seen on track despite qualms over upcoming election.Engineering and manufacturing industriesWingrove, Norman
Industrial Research Institute's R&D trends forecast for 1996.Engineering and manufacturing industries 
Interactive dialogue as a tool for change. (organizational management technique)Engineering and manufacturing industriesMaccoby, Michael
Internet fever arrives in Japan, worries China.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSwinbanks, David
Knowledge management gains momentum in industry.Engineering and manufacturing industriesAmidon Rogers, Debra M.
Knowledge workers need new structures.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMaccoby, Michael
Learn from Warren Buffett's 'way'. (research and development techniques)(One Point of View)Engineering and manufacturing industriesBloomquist, Lee G.
Malaysia: the rapidly maturing tiger cub.Engineering and manufacturing industriesCoates, Joseph F.
Management and the science of complexity: if organizational life is nonlinear, can business strategies prevail?Engineering and manufacturing industriesStacey, Ralph
Meet your competition: results from the 1994 IRI/CIMS annual R&D survey. (Industrial Research Institute; Center for Innovation Management Studies)Engineering and manufacturing industriesBean, Alden S., Whiteley, Roger L., Russo, M. Jean
Microsoft R&D taps 'brain trust' to 'invent the future.' (Microsoft Corp.'s recruitment of computer scientists and engineers to be assigned at the Bay Area Research Center)Engineering and manufacturing industriesHerbert, Evan
Monitoring projects - it's more than reading reports.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGaynor, Gerard H.
'Not invented there,' or the other person's dessert always looks better! (syndrome observed in industrial laboratories where management seems to be more concerned with external rather than internal developments)Engineering and manufacturing industriesLaden, Karl
Quality in R and D demands right writing.(Managers at Work)Engineering and manufacturing industriesBlake, Gary
Resolving the leadership paradox: the doctor's dialogue.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMaccoby, Michael
Scientists, engineers - shortage or surplus?Engineering and manufacturing industriesCoates, Joseph F.
Siemens refocusing R&D on products.Engineering and manufacturing industriesBlau, John
Steve hires an unfinished Ph.D. (hypothetical human resource problem)(The Human Side)Engineering and manufacturing industriesCutler, W. Gale
Successful work process design begins by gathering the right data.Engineering and manufacturing industriesBrignac, Garland B., Rhymes, William G., Barton, William J., Cox, X.B., III
Technology is always a people issue.Engineering and manufacturing industriesShavers, Cheryl L.
Ten rules for timely task completion in cross-functional teams.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSwamidass, Paul M., Aldridge, M. Dayne
The newest team member wasn't a team player.Engineering and manufacturing industriesCutler, W. Gale
Tracking your competitors. (competition in industrial research)Engineering and manufacturing industriesKydd, Paul H.
Trends in managing industrial innovation - first insights from a field survey.Engineering and manufacturing industriesDebackere, Koenraad, Thurlings, Bert
Trust in people. (personnel management)Engineering and manufacturing industriesPackard, David
U.S., Japan launch Civil Industrial Tech Program.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRhea, John
We still need unfettered research. (changing environment for research)Engineering and manufacturing industriesOdlyzko, Andrew M.
Where India stands. (India's ranking among other Asian economies)Engineering and manufacturing industriesPorter, Alan L., Roessner, J. David
White paper urges more creativity, originality in Japanese science and technology.Engineering and manufacturing industriesWolf, M.F.
'Wish Program' for major innovations. (Exxon Chemical Co.'s management program)Engineering and manufacturing industriesBerkowitz, Leonard
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