Retailing Home Furnishings 1982 - Abstracts

Retailing Home Furnishings 1982
2nd half: maybe better, but still tough: not so great expectations.Home furnishings industry 
4 CornerStone patterns aimed at stone-ware market.Home furnishings industryBacher, Mary Ann
Accessories make big splash at bath market.Home furnishings industryMorgan, Janet F.
Aluminum cookware makers look for new ways to grow.Home furnishings industry 
Brandeis puts its home in order.Home furnishings industryBacher, Mary Ann
Brass bed makers accent glowing sales with iron.Home furnishings industryGilbert, Les
Bullock's will blaze trails.Home furnishings industryGilbert, Les
Case goods makers reach for taste of richness. (furniture industry)Home furnishings industryMarks, Robert
Chicago. (housewares show)Home furnishings industryBralow, David
Commodore, Atari responding to TI: computer rivals counter rebate.Home furnishings industryBraden, Lisa
Computer by Timex at $99.95.Home furnishings industryBraden, Lisa
Converters making book on woven looks for spring. (home textile manufacturers)Home furnishings industryLevine, Al
Cuisinarts: able war machine in processor market battle.Home furnishings industryBralow, David
Dealers. (retailers plan reductions in video game console sales)Home furnishings industryKasle, Jon
Discounters deploy for computer fight.Home furnishings industryBraden, Lisa
Electronics 82. (Consumer Electronics Show)Home furnishings industryGreenberg, Manning
Ethan Allen's plans. (furniture retail)Home furnishings industryBershad, Lynne
Furniture retailers seek alternate channels.Home furnishings industryBershad, Lynne
Game retailers: Wall St. overreacted.Home furnishings industryBraden, Lisa
Getting personal with computers. (Macy's California marketing)Home furnishings industryBrochstein, Marty
Hoping to make home health care a complete housewares category.Home furnishings industryFinkel, Rachel
Housewares sales inch upward. (the industry in 1981)Home furnishings industryOkell, Bob
How retailers plan survival strategies for the '80s. (furniture industry)Home furnishings industryBershad, Lynne
Levitz dinette shop heralds a new path.Home furnishings industryGilbert, Les
Majaps-TV leaders offer credit relief. (major appliance manufacturers)Home furnishings industryHoffman, Manny
More Wickes units may be shuttered. (furniture industry and trade)Home furnishings industry 
Norelco vs. Remington. (shaver rivals dueling for slices of stubble market)Home furnishings industryFinkel, Rachel
Once the bastion of vogue, Calif. uph firms lose ground. (upholstery manufacturers)Home furnishings industryGreen, John H.
Oriental styling still finds favor in new offerings. (furniture industry)Home furnishings industryMarks, Robert
Pac-Man rampages at retail.Home furnishings industryBrochstein, Marty
Promotional retailers strive to revive business spirits. (furniture industry and trade)Home furnishings industryMignoli, Lynne
Remodeling home goods at Wanamaker.Home furnishings industrySimmons, Tim
Retailers eager for Lauren program. (Ralph Lauren's new home furnishings collection)Home furnishings industryGilbert, Les
Ryan's hope. (Dick Ryan president of Ingrid Ltd.)Home furnishings industrySimmons, Tim
Sears and AT & T in phone tie. (PhoneCenter stores in Sears locations)Home furnishings industryKasle, Jon
Stevens to create a Lauren division. (textile industry and apparel designer work together)Home furnishings industryWilson, Claire
Stock blind programs. (window blind manufacturers)Home furnishings industryMorgan, Janet T.
'Surgery' seen paying off for Wickes. (Wickes Furniture store)Home furnishings industryGilbert, Les
The 25 top retailers. (of sleep products)Home furnishings industry 
The Bon's store with 'sizzle.' (department store)Home furnishings industryGilbert, Les
'The category we shouldn't ignore is going to get bigger and bigger.' (espresso, cappuccino machines)Home furnishings industryBralow, David
The NRMA convention. (National Retail Merchants Association)Home furnishings industryGilbert, Les
The spring-fall show storm. (National Housewares Manufacturers Assoc.)Home furnishings industry 
TI's rebate. (Texas Instruments rebate on a home computer)Home furnishings industry 
Vidgame software seen soaring. (video games)Home furnishings industryBrochstein, Marty
Wal-Mart puts its strength in home goods.Home furnishings industry 
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