Southern Quarterly 2003 - Abstracts

Southern Quarterly 2003
A christian in search of religious freedom.Regional focus/area studiesAiken, David
"A game played against time": life in Bourbonville.Regional focus/area studiesAnderson, Nancy G.
" A life of loneliness and oddity": Freaks, Alienation, and the consoling power of narrative in Lewis Nordon's fiction.Regional focus/area studiesGuagliardo, Huey
American nationalism and the defense of poetry.Regional focus/area studiesLink, Eric Carl
An interview with Lewis Nordon.(Interview)Regional focus/area studiesDupuy, Edward J.
An interview with Richard Marius.(Interview)Regional focus/area studiesBrison, Randall K.
A rumpus, to be sure: Simms's Michael Bonham.Regional focus/area studiesRichter, Erma
Blood-lines That Waver South: hybridity, the "south," and American bodies.Regional focus/area studiesHedrick, Tace
From the Blues to Jazz: Lewis Nordon's Fiction as " Equipment for Living".Regional focus/area studiesMaguire, Roberta S.
Gothic Undercurrents in the novels of Lewis Nordon.Regional focus/area studiesCarney, Mary
Intersecting oppressions and the emotional paralysis of the working poor in Anne Tyler's " Average Waves in Unprotected Waters".Regional focus/area studiesGomez-Vega, Ibis
"I Think I'm Beginning to See": The rustle of Lewis Nordan's Fiction.Regional focus/area studiesRudnicki, Robert W.
Learning from globalization-era Las Vegas.Regional focus/area studiesVentura, Patricia
Literary grist: Simms's trips to Mississippi.Regional focus/area studiesShillingsburg, Miriam Jones
Marius the cyclist-and teacher, and friend.Regional focus/area studiesFrankel, Simon J.
Mothers mild and monstrous: familial metaphors and the Elian Gonzalez case.Regional focus/area studiesMartinez, Maria del Carmen
Music, Mirrors, and Mermaids: Shakespeare and the transformations power of language in Lewis Norda's Music of the Swamp.Regional focus/area studiesDupuy, Edward J.
Neither saint nor sinner: an analysis of Richard Marius as biographer of Thomas More.Regional focus/area studiesBowman, Glen
Notes toward a voodoo hermeneutics: soul rhythms, marvelous transitions, and passages to the creole saints in Praisesong for the Widow.Regional focus/area studiesCartwright, Keith
Reconsidering the awakening: The Literary Sisterhood of Kate Chopin and George Egerton.Regional focus/area studiesRich, Charlotte
Re-visioning the overland trail: Richard Marius's Bound for the Promised Land.Regional focus/area studiesViera, Carroll
Richard Marius and cultural orphanhood.Regional focus/area studiesFolks, Jeffery J.
Riffing on memory and playing through the Break: Blues in Lewis Nordan's Music of the Swamp and Wolf Whistle.Regional focus/area studiesBaker, Barbara A.
Saving lies, imagining truth: two Marius narratives.Regional focus/area studiesJustus, James H.
Simms's incarnational theology and the emerging American religion.Regional focus/area studiesConyers, A. J.
Simms's last word on slavery: the racial politics of "Bald-Head Bill Bauldy" and "The Humours of the Manager".Regional focus/area studiesJones, Paul Christian
Simms, wordsworth, and "The Mysterious Teachings of the Natural World" .Regional focus/area studiesBrennan, Matthew C.
Southern camp (sites): Florida's vernacular spaces from John Ruskin to the Tin Can Tourists of the world.Regional focus/area studiesHailey, Charlie
"Tell the southrons we lie here": the rhetoric of consummation in southern epitaphs and elegies of post-civil war America.Regional focus/area studiesSedore, Timothy S.
The capital comedy of Wiliam Gilmore Simms's "Sharp Snaffles".Regional focus/area studiesRomine, Scott
The conquest of disbelief in After the War: first world, first person, and the gift of friendship.Regional focus/area studiesNorman, Ralph
The north in the South: Southern Florida as a Northern colony.Regional focus/area studiesMizrach, Steven
The people in my books.Regional focus/area studiesMcKean, Kate
The Southern American Adam: Simm's alternative myth.Regional focus/area studiesBoyd, Molly
The Store, or T.S. Stribling's Paragraph in the history of critical race studies.Regional focus/area studiesLessig, Matthew
"To Shadow forth Its Presence": Simm's Gothic narrative poems.Regional focus/area studiesFisher, Benjamin F.
Up from savagery: Booker T. Washington and the civilizing mission.Regional focus/area studiesWells, Jeremy
Visualizing the blues: a multimedia review.Regional focus/area studiesSnyder, Robert E.
Voices from the enchanted circle: Simms and the poetics of the American renaissance.Regional focus/area studiesNewton, David W.
What constitutes the life of a man: "The darkness of the Familiar" in Tim McLaurin's memoirs.Regional focus/area studiesPowell, Tara
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