Southern Quarterly 2006 - Abstracts

Southern Quarterly 2006
A Biloxi letter.(help given to the disaster victims)Regional focus/area studiesRussell, Grayson
A history of the William T. Johnson and Family Memorial Papers.Regional focus/area studiesSullivan, Lester
A moment of clarity? The American media and Hurricane Katrina.Regional focus/area studiesMorris, Merrill
Black masters: The misunderstood slaveowners.Regional focus/area studiesKoger, Larry
Come hell or high water.Regional focus/area studiesKnight, Mimi
Encounter with a monster.(hurricane Katrina)Regional focus/area studiesKenisky, Sue
Extinction: Ideologies against indigeneity in the Caribbean.Regional focus/area studiesForte, Maximilian C.
Free blacks in the urban South: 1800-1850.Regional focus/area studiesCurry, Leonard P.
Gone with Katrina' wind.Regional focus/area studiesStrange, Jackie
Hurricane time, or, "the necessaries of life": Day 1 to 11.Regional focus/area studiesRachal, John R
In the curve of the Mississippi.Regional focus/area studiesLevee, Cindy Lou
Invisible perfection.(images of Hurricane Katrina)Regional focus/area studiesWhite, Robyn
Isle of Canes and issues of conscience: Master-slave sexual dynamics and slaveholding by free people of color.Regional focus/area studiesMills, Elizabeth Shown
Katrina came calling.Regional focus/area studiesGaubert, Marie
Katrina sky.Regional focus/area studiesWard, Vicky
Learning through the storm.Regional focus/area studiesLeMalle, Kionna
Mother Nature's wrath.Regional focus/area studiesGuess, Ashlee
Prince Among Slaves: A documentary film project.Regional focus/area studiesKronemer, Alex, Wolfe, Michael, Barbash, Louis
Regional identity, black barbers, and the African American tradition of entrepreneurialism.Regional focus/area studiesBristol, Douglas W., Jr.
Robert Pen Warren's Band of Angels at fifty.Regional focus/area studiesClark, William Bedford
Searching for free people of color in colonial Natchez.Regional focus/area studiesInglis, G. Douglas
Slavery, servitude, and British representations of colonial North America.Regional focus/area studiesMason, Matthew
Small town syndrome's worst nightmare.Regional focus/area studiesWilkins, Davana Jolene
'Social gravity' and the translatio tradition in early American theories of empire.Regional focus/area studiesBreuninger, Scott
Southern free people of color in the age of William Johnson.Regional focus/area studiesBerlin, Ira
Stain.(one's stepfather diagnosed with bone cancer during Katrina)Regional focus/area studiesOdom, Stoo
Tales from a broken coast.(Hurricane Katrina)Regional focus/area studiesJohnson, David S.
The daze of Katrina.(experience of rescuing two dogs)Regional focus/area studiesBartlett, Bert
The Katrina Project: Hell and High Water.Regional focus/area studiesRoggenbuck, Ted
The one thing I'm glad I left behind.(Hurricane Katrina)Regional focus/area studiesHerbert, Wanda A.
The pinwheel in the storm.Regional focus/area studiesUlken, Ellen
There is a New Orleans.(experience of the disaster victims)Regional focus/area studiesYoung, Andy
The reluctance of French historians to address Atlantic history.Regional focus/area studiesVidal, Cecile
The storm of the century.Regional focus/area studiesLeBlue, Yvette
Two exponents of the enlightenment: Transatlantic communication by Thomas Jefferson and Alexander von Humboldt.Regional focus/area studiesRebok, Sandra
Vaya tormenta! In the shadow of Katrina.(latinos)Regional focus/area studiesMiles, Christopher
When is an ocean not an ocean? Geographies of the Atlantic World.Regional focus/area studiesCarson, James Taylor
When the levee breaks.Regional focus/area studiesReed, Benjamin
William Johnson's diary: The text and the man behind it.Regional focus/area studiesAndrews, William L.
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