Stereo Review's Sound & Vision - Abstracts

Stereo Review's Sound & Vision
Acoustic Research Hi-RES Home Theater Speakers.(Evaluation)MusicPOHLMANN, KEN C.
As Good As It Gets.(surround sound systems)(Evaluation)MusicKUMIN, DANIEL
Atlantic Technology.(home theater speaker)(Evaluation)MusicKUMIN, DANIEL
BIG SOUND FOR SMALL SPACES.(speaker systems) (includes related article on technical aspects of speaker systems)MusicKUMIN, DANIEL
Bose AM--15.(speaker system)(Evaluation)MusicWARREN, RICH
Boston Acoustics DigitalTheater 6000 System.(Evaluation)MusicPOHLMANN, KEN C.
British INVASION.(three sets of speakers are ranked by British rock band XTC)(Evaluation)MusicRICHARDSON, KEN
Canon ES7000V Hi8 Camcorder.(Evaluation)MusicROTH, CLIFF
Definitive Technology ProCinema 400 Speaker System.(Evaluation)MusicKUMIN, DANIEL
Denon AVR-5700 THX 5.1 A/V Receiver.(Evaluation)MusicRANADA, DAVID
DIGITAL TV A View from the Couch.(Philips Model 9901)(includes related articles about testing the television)(Evaluation)MusicGRIFFIN, AL
Does Divx Help or Hurt DVD?(digital video disks, Divx Communications)MusicGaughn, Michael
Dolby Digital Dreamin'.(surround sound receiver)(Buyers Guide)MusicRANADA, DAVID
Dolby Digital vs. DTS.MusicPOHLMANN, KEN C.
DVD-AUDIO.(Product Information)(Product Announcement)MusicPohlmann, Ken C.
DVD Quartet.(digital video disc players)(Evaluation)MusicRanada, David
GAMES PEOPLE PLAY.(home video gaming software)MusicEVENSON, LAURA
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DVD.(digital video disk players)(includes related article on displaying digital video on a computer)(Buyers Guide)MusicGRIFFIN, AL
Hitachi.(Hitachi 36SDX88B )(Evaluation)MusicGRIFFIN, AL
Infinity Flat-Panel Speakers/Subwoofer Combo.(Evaluation)MusicKUMIN, DANIEL
Is Stereo Dead?(future of 2-channel stereo)MusicGAUGHN, MICHAEL
JVC Mini DV Camcorder.(Evaluation)MusicROTH, CLIFF
Kenwood DV-2070.(DVD player)(Evaluation)MusicPOHLMANN, KEN
Larry Fast.(music pioneer)MusicRichardson, Ken
Loewe Planus Widescreen TV.(Evaluation)MusicGRIFFIN, AL
Lost In Bass.(subwoofer evaluations)(Evaluation)Music 
MEET DIGITAL 8.(camcorder evaluation)(Evaluation)MusicBRAITHWAITE, LANCELOT
Mega Mania.(CD changers)MusicKUMIN, DANIEL
Mixes for the Masses.(four best ways to record at home)MusicWARREN, RICH
M&K 750THX.(home theater system)(Evaluation)MusicKUMIN, DANIEL
Must See HD.(television show filmed entirely in high-definition)(includes related article on makeup)MusicGaughn, Michael
Nakamichi SoundSpace 8 Minisystem.(Evaluation)MusicDAY, REBECCA
New products.(audio equipment)Music 
Niles AT8000.(speakers designed to mount flush in wall now popular)(Evaluation)MusicNOUSAINE, TOM
Onkyo.(Onkyo DV-S717 DVD player)(Evaluation)MusicPOHLMANN, KEN C.
Optimus PRO-LX511 Speaker.(Evaluation)MusicNOUSAINE, TOM
Patty Larkin.(singer/songwriter)(Interview)MusicDay, Rebecca
Philips CDR560 Mini CD Recorder.(Evaluation)MusicPOHLMANN, KEN C.
Pioneer Digital TV.(Pioneer Pro-700HD )(Evaluation)MusicGRIFFIN, AL, Braithwaite, Lancelot
ProScan.(ProScan PS8680Z DVD player)(Evaluation)MusicANTONOFF, MICHAEL
quicktakes.(Philips Pronto and Harman Kardon Take Control remote controls)(Evaluation)Music 
Rack 'Em Up.(storage racks)MusicDAY, REBECCA
RCA 32-Inch TV with Gemstar Guide Plus+ Gold.(television with online program guide)(Evaluation)MusicANTONOFF, MICHAEL, Braithwaite, Lance
Russound.(PR-4Z Multiroom Controller and AP-48 Power Amplifier)(Evaluation)MusicKUMIN, DANIEL
Sharp XV-C10U.(LCD projector)(Evaluation)MusicKUMIN, DANIEL
Sherwood.(Sherwood RVD-6090R Dolby Digital receiver)(Evaluation)MusicRANADA, DAVID
Show Stoppers.(International Consumer Electronics Show)MusicGAUGHN, MICHAEL
Sony DCR-TRV900.(mini digital video camcorder)(Evaluation)MusicROTH, CLIFF
Sony DVP-S7700 DVD Player.(Evaluation)MusicRANADA, DAVID
Sound Dynamics Cine-Series Home Theater Speakers.(Evaluation)MusicKUMIN, DANIEL
Surf City.(WebTV Networks WebTV Plus)(Software Review)(Evaluation)MusicCALEM, ROBERT E.
SURVIVAL GUIDE.(video glossary)(Glossary)MusicRANADA, DAVID
Tapeless VCRs.(Replay TV)MusicANTONOFF, MICHAEL
The Eyes Have It.(high definition television sets)(Evaluation)MusicGRIFFIN, AL
The Mobile Mafia.(new mobile multimedia products for automobiles)MusicMETTLER, MIKE
The Sky's the Limit!(satellite television)(includes related articles on various aspects of satellite television)MusicWARREN, RICH
Toshiba 50-Inch Rear-Projection TV.(Evaluation)MusicGRIFFIN, AL
Toshiba SD-3108.(DVD player mproved)MusicGRIFFIN, AL
Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth.(reports about digital television)MusicGaughn, Michael
Whole-House A/V the Easy Way.(audio/video system)(Evaluation)MusicFenton, Brian C.
Yamaha RX-V795.(digital surround reciever)(Evaluation)MusicRANADA, DAVID
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