Style 1900 - Abstracts

Style 1900
An artful afterlife at New York's celebrity graveyard.(Woodlawn Cemetery)HumanitiesKahn, Eve M.
Artist for the ages.(Narrative biography)HumanitiesJohnson, Marilynn A.
Art Nouveau in Finland.HumanitiesRogers, Barbara Radcliffe
A tale of three houses.(Mander family)HumanitiesO'Donnell, Anne Stewart
A vision realized: Mackintosh's "House for an Art Lover".HumanitiesPolan, Judy
Blue Ridge retreat.(Brief article)HumanitiesFish, Marilyn
Collaboration, craftsman-style.(Karen Howde's Craftsman Style)HumanitiesO'Donnell, Anne Stewart
Dard Hunter III of Dard Hunter Studios.HumanitiesO'Donnell, Anne Stewart
Del Martin: Jax Arts and Crafts Rugs.(Del Martin, a rug merchant)HumanitiesO'Donnell, Anne Stewart
Dennis Bertucci: This craftsman builds a better mousetrap-and much more.HumanitiesO'Donnell, Anne Stewart
George Nakashima furniture.HumanitiesFish, Marilyn
George Ohr: Modern artist ahead of schedule.HumanitiesEllison, Robert A., Jr.
Hanging lamps from the craftsman workshop.HumanitiesFish, Marilyn
Hiking Russian Hill with Weaver and Worcester.(Willis Polk, A. Page Brown, Ernest Coxhead, Bernard Maybeck )HumanitiesWeaver, Mark E.
Karim and Nawal Motawai: Motawi tileworks.HumanitiesO'Donnell, Anne Stewart
Let there be lamps.HumanitiesFish, Marilyn
Living, dining and working: Arts and crafts style.HumanitiesFish, Marilyn
Lotus table by John Bradstreet, 1906.HumanitiesO'Donnel, Anne Stewart
Making a Hapgood better.(Crafts kitchen )HumanitiesFish, Marilyn
Marie Zimmermann: Tiaras to tombstones.HumanitiesBerberian, Rosalie
Marketplace.(outdoor themes)Humanities 
Navajo Chief Blankets.HumanitiesFish, Marilyn
Pere Arquer: Nouveau 1910 jewelry.(Art Nouveau)HumanitiesO'Donnell, Anne Stewart
Rescuing Wright.(house restoration )HumanitiesKahn, Eve M.
Riga: The art nouveau metropolis.HumanitiesRadcliffe, Barbara
Seth Leeb: Architect.HumanitiesO'Donnell, Anne Stewart
Shaker baskets.HumanitiesFish, Marilyn
Siegfried Bing and the origins of L'Art Nouveau.HumanitiesKahn, Eve M.
Simple Stickley bedrooms.HumanitiesFish, Marilyn
Sister act.(artwork)HumanitiesO'Donnell, Anne Stewart
Strictly Stickley Orchard Cottage.( Jim Anderson )HumanitiesFish, Marilyn
Tapio Wirkkala: Merging form and function.HumanitiesFish, Marilyn
The Glasgow four: Poets of the Interior.(Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Herbert McNair, Margaret Macdonald, and Frances Macdonald )HumanitiesPolan, Judy
The quilts of Lancaster County.HumanitiesFish, Marilyn
Two Red Roses exhibition in Tarpon Springs, Florida.HumanitiesRago, David
Wendy Kaplan: Master of material culture.(Narrative biography)HumanitiesO'Donnell, Anne Stewart
Witness the simple life in Lancaster.HumanitiesFish, Marilyn
Zathura: Trekking the cosmos with Greene and Greene.HumanitiesWeaver, Mark E.
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