Technovation 1992 - Abstracts

Technovation 1992
Academic-industry links and innovation: questioning the science park model.High technology industryWield, David, Quintas, Paul, Massey, Doreen
An evolutionary model of technological innovation as a strategic management process.High technology industryFoxall, Gordon R., Fawn, John R.
Applied research and industrial development in East Germany: international comparison by performance indicators.High technology industryGrupp, Hariolf, Hinze, Sybille
A process design approach based on the fusion model.High technology industryIshii, Kazuyoshi, Ichimura, Takaya
Assessing the effectiveness of technology transfer from US government R&D laboratories: the impact of market orientation.High technology industryBozeman, Barry, Coker, Karen
Cost-effective R&D. (research and development)High technology industryFrumerman, Robert
Eastern Europe and the world in the light of forecasting scientific and technological activity.High technology industrySzanto, Borisz
European technology policy evolution: convergence towards SMEs and regional technology transfer.High technology industryDodgson, Mark, Rothwell, Roy
Experience and the life cycle: some analytic implications.High technology industryAyres, Robert U., Martinas, Katalin
Extension of the population ecology model. (Innovation in Grand Prix motor racing, part II)High technology industryFoxall, Gordon R., Fawn, John R., Johnston, Brian R.
Government regulation and innovation in local telephone services.High technology industryMcNamara, John R.
Group technology application in China.High technology industryWen Bing Jiang, Zhi Bo Wang, Hou Fang Sun
Industrial innovation and government environmental regulation: some lessons from the past.High technology industryRothwell, Roy
Innovative application of corn steep liquor for the increased production of food grains.High technology industrySharma, Rajesh K., Kothari, R.M.
Instruments for patent data analyses in business firms.High technology industryBrockhoff, Klaus K.
Irreconcilable differences? Strategic innovations for a publicly insured market.High technology industrySapienza, Alice M.
Linking companies with outside technology: an effective new approach.High technology industryBaron, Jonathan
Networks, industrial restructuring and policy: the Singaporean example.High technology industryMansell, Robin, Jenkins, Michael
Organizational learning across critical linkages: the case of captive ASIC design and manufacturing. (application-specific integrated circuits) (Industry Overview)High technology industryCallahan, John, Diedrich, Peter
Polytechnics and industrial collaboration in the UK.High technology industryAli, Salahaldeen
Present trends and issues in Japanese manufacturing and management.High technology industryHitomi, Katsundo
Sociotechnical systems design principles for computer-aided engineering.High technology industryPurser, Ronald E.
Status quo of China's economy and new progress in enterprise reform.High technology industrySanduo Zhou
Strategies for business innovation: evaluating the prospects of incubation in Thailand.High technology industrySwierczek, Fredric William
Technical alliances in the Canadian electronics industry: an empirical analysis.High technology industryNiosi, Jorge, Bergeron, Maryse
Technical change and productivity growth in the British coal industry, 1974-1990.High technology industrySurrey, John
Technological infrastructure and regional economic development of biotechnology firms. (Industry Overview)High technology industryHaug, Peter, Ness, Philip
Technology development in Thailand: a private sector view.High technology industrySwierczek, Fredric William, Nourie, Cary
Technology development strategies in Japan, Europe and the United States.High technology industryBoulton, William R., Dowling, Michael J., Lohmeyer, Jurgen
Technology strategy development in Korean industry: an assessment of market and government influences.High technology industryCrow, Michael M., Nath, Shrilata A.
The diffusion and spatial distribution of new telcommuncation technologies in the Italian region of Campania.High technology industryCampisi, Domenico, Tesauro, Carlo
The emergence of the real-time computer reservation system as a competitive weapon in the U.S. airline industry 1958-1989. A paper on strategic innovation. (Industry Overview)High technology industrySchulz, William C.
The European electronics industry: technology and structural change. (Industry Overview)High technology industryHobday, Mike
The implementation of 'world class manufacturing' principles in smaller industrial companies: a case study from consulting practice.High technology industryVrakking, W.J., Mulders, P.
Towards a definition and a dynamic measure of strategic technology.High technology industryBarbiroli, Giancarlo
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