Technovation 1995 - Abstracts

Technovation 1995
A initiative for the development of creativity in science and technology (CREST): an interim report on a partnership between schools and industry.High technology industryLethbridge, David, Davies, George
A new program in cooperative research between academia and industry in Korea, involving Centers of Excellence.High technology industryAhn, Soon Il
An integrated approach to the diffusion of technological innovation: the non-manufacturing advanced robotics field.High technology industrySgobbi, Francesca
Automotive component innovation: development and diffusion of engine management technologies.High technology industryAmey, Robert George
Breeding innovation clusters through collaborative research networks.High technology industryLiyanage, Shantha
Cognitive styles of consumer initiators.High technology industryFoxall, Gordon R.
Complexities of collaborative product development.High technology industryLittler, Dale, Bruce, Margaret, Leverick, Fiona
Concentration, firm size and innovation: evidence from innovation costs.High technology industryArchibugi, Daniele, Evangelista, Rinaldo, Simonetti, Roberto
Cross-border linkages and the US defense industry: outlook and policy challenges.High technology industryMowery, David C., Chinworth, Michael W.
Disassembly and recycling of electronic consumer products: an overview.High technology industryRon, Ad de, Penev, Kiril
Empowerment and total quality: comparing research findings in the USA and Brazil.High technology industryMacedo-Soares, T. Diana L.v.A. de, Lucas, Debora C.
Establishing technology transfer infrastructure as a strategy for promoting manufacturing automation in Taiwan.High technology industryTan, Raykun R.
Industrial innovation and parallel accounting developments.High technology industrySweeting, R.C., Davies, R.E.
Innovation cycles and flexible automation in manufacturing industries.High technology industrySanchez, Angel Martinez
Innovation implementations in Malaysian firms: process, problems, critical success factors in working climate.High technology industryMohamed, M. Zain
Innovation in East Asia: diversity and development.High technology industryHobday, Mike
Inward technology transfer as an interactive process.High technology industryCordey-Hayes, M., Trott, P., Seaton, R.A.F.
Japan's R&D strategy reconsidered: departure from the manageable risks.High technology industryBaba, Yasunori, Kikuchi, Jun-ichi, Mori, Shunsuke
Kirton adaptation-innovation theory: organizational implications.High technology industryMudd, Samuel
Managers as entrepreneurs: a view from Asia.High technology industryMinkes, A.L.
Manufacturing strategy and environmental consciousness.High technology industrySarkis, Joseph
New technology-based firms and technology acquisition in Portugal: firms' adaptive responses to a less favourable environment.High technology industryCoombs, Rod, Fontes, Margarida
On the definition and measurement of technological discontinuities.High technology industryEhrnberg, Ellinor
Patenting strategies in the German mechanical engineering industry and their relationship to company performance.High technology industryErnst, H.
Publicly produced knowledge for business: when is it effective?High technology industryHansen, Povl A.
R&D and corporate strategies in UK materials-innovating companies.High technology industryWield, David, Roy, Robin
Significance of reverse transfer of technology and experiences with its promotion in industrialized countries.High technology industryElshout, Jan
Small-firm formation in biotechnology: a comparison of France, Britain and Canada.High technology industryNiosi, Jorge, Walsh, Vivien, Mustar, Philippe
Technological penetration and organizational learning in SMEs: the cumulative effect. (small manufacturing enterprises)High technology industryLefebvre, Louis A., Lefebvre, Elisabeth, Roy, Marie-Josee
The delicate task of linking industrial R&D to national competitiveness.High technology industryPapadakis, Maria
The generality/specificity issue in consumer innovativeness research.High technology industryEastman, Jacqueline K., Goldsmith, Ronald E., Freiden, Jon B.
The implications of TQM for R&D strategy in New Zealand firms. (total quality management)High technology industryTaylor, D., Fisher, J., Kirk, C.
The importance of complementary assets in the development of smart technology.High technology industrySheen, Margaret R., MacBryde, Jillian C.
The optimal lifetime of capital goods and pricing policies for replacement components and repair costs.High technology industryStepan, Adolf, Hillinger, Christian
The Spanish innovative firm and the ESPRIT, RACE and EUREKA programmes: an organizational approach.High technology industryBaranano, Ana Maria
University-industry relationships in peripheral regions: the case of Aragon in Spain.High technology industrySanchez, Angel Martinez, Tejedor, Ana-Clara Pastor
Value generation by industrial research.High technology industryBrockhoff, Klaus
What's the best way to develop your product?High technology industryGuy, Ian
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