Telemarketing 1984 - Abstracts

Telemarketing 1984
A Layperson's Primer on the Cellular Telephone Industry.BusinessNielsen, M.J.
A Master at Closing: The Star Telerep.BusinessDicker, B.
An Overlooked Management Basic: Dealing with Unproductive Employees.BusinessFinkel, S.M.
Are You Ready To Purchase Office Automation?BusinessLaird, R.F.III.
Bells, Books and Sales Awards Create Extraordinary Performance.BusinessRogers, C.
Call Accounting for Financial Services: A Good Investment.BusinessMcHale, D.
Cellular Mobile Communications and Its Impact on Metro Areas.BusinessQuigley, P.J.
Computer Based Message Systems for the Telemarketing Manager.BusinessLamberti, A.R., Iannelli, S.
Cutting Telecommunications Costs with Private Line Service.BusinessShaughnessy, K.
Dealing with Rejection: Your Telemarketers' #1 Hazard.BusinessGardenswartz, L., Rowe, A.
Digital Switching: The Key to the Wired World.BusinessScott, R.
Does Telemarketing Really Work?BusinessCoale, J.G.
Examining Resellers of Long-Distance Services: How They Work.BusinessKennedy, J.R.
Facsimile & Telemarketing: A Team of Communication Resources.BusinessGilbert, N.
From Hierglyphics to Today's Communications Satellites.BusinessCosse, J.C.
Heart Transplants, Airplanes, Baseball, Apple Pie and Telemarketing.BusinessReynolds, E.
How Automation Turned a Telemarketing Service Bureau into a $10 Million Organization.BusinessDunlop, M.
How to Acquire Telemarketing Sales Leads...and Put Them to Work.BusinessDoyle, J. Jr.
How to Analyze & Control Telephone Costs for Maximum Profitability.Business 
How to Conduct Product Research for Script Development.BusinessLowe, L.S., Thomas, S.M., Lowe, D.R.
How to Enhance Inbound Telemarketing with Telephone Switching Systems.BusinessSteinhoff, S.B.
How to Excel Using Telemarketing.BusinessMitterling, K.
How to Recruit and Select Quality Telemarketers.BusinessLarson, M.
How to Tally TSR Talent.BusinessLarson, M.J.
Integrating Voice & Data for the Small Company.Business 
Is Your Message Really Getting Through? An Investigation of Transmission Service Quality.BusinessWhalen, R.
Key Features of Key-PBX Systems.Business 
Lead Qualification: The Proven Path to Reducing Sales Costs While Improving Results.BusinessDePrizio, T.A., Schaeffer, K.
List Selection for Greater Market Penetration.BusinessKrauser, D.
Microwave Radio: A New Alternative in Data-Voice Communications.BusinessMorrison, L.
Microwave Telecommunications in Focus.BusinessMaguire, T.H.Jr.
New Opportunities for Satellite Communications.BusinessNichols, G.
Offensive and Defensive Marketing Strategies.Business 
Outbound Telemarketing Strategies: For Selling Small Business and Telecommunications Systems.BusinessBurns, M.R.
People: Still a Critical Factor in Your Telemarketing Set-Up.BusinessGaler, S.M., Myers, L.
Private Line Service: An Answer to the Multiple-Choice Network Test.BusinessPioli, W.W.
Programmable Hands Free Intercom - The Missing Link in Office Telecommunications.BusinessPettee, J.L.
Public Access Video Conferencing and the Small Business.BusinessLamberti, A.R., Fridman, E.
Putting an End to the Telefraud.BusinessSchwartz, L., Sax, P.
Putting Today's Computer Software to Work.BusinessMunson, R.
Selecting the Data Network That's Right for You.BusinessYoung, R.
Sparking Imaginations: Teleconferencing's Varied Applications.BusinessBraden, K.
State of the Art Telephone Systems: The End Users Guide to What's New, Unique and Exciting.Business 
Strategic Motivation and Incentives for Professional Telemarketing.BusinessKestler, G.A.
Successful Motivators for Direct Marketers.BusinessTitterington, R.Y.
Telecommunications Equipment Sales: A Revolution in Progress.Business 
Telecommunications... Revolutions Everywhere; To Survive, Emphasize Marketing and End-User Education.BusinessTehrani, N.
Telecomputer Misuse Could Destroy Our Industry.BusinessTehrani, N.
Teleconferencing for the Small and Medium-Sized Company.BusinessKeen, C.E.
Telemarketing in the Insurance Industry.BusinessKester, D.
Telemarketing Sans Scripts.BusinessSchloss, I.
Telemarketing Scripting: How to Use It Effectively.BusinessBencin, R.L.
Telemarketing Testing with an Outside Agency.BusinessMiller, D.M.
Telemarketing: The Key Element of the Direct Marketing Matrix.BusinessBlank, E.
Telephone Call Accounting: Management Tool for the '80s.BusinessKaiser, J.
Ten Situations to Avoid as You Convert from Manual to Computerized Telemarketing.BusinessWalther, G.
Testing: The Edge That Makes Telemarketing a Science, as Well as an Art.BusinessMcBrearty, B.R.
The Bank That Banked on Telemarketing.BusinessRobinson, W.D.
The Basic Components of Network Planning and Development.BusinessHughes, D.R.
The Biggest and Most Repetitive Mistakes Telemarketers Make.BusinessBencin, R.L.
The Communications Manager's Guide to Determining a Network Approach.BusinessChiras, R.P.
The Complete Compensation Update for the Telemarketing Industry.Business 
The Ergonomic Solution to the VDT Syndrome.BusinessGanus, S.S.
The Expanded Role of the Telephone Headset.BusinessPepper, A.
The History and Emergence of Long-Distance Resellers.BusinessRicher, M.P.
The Incentive Point System: An Objective Approach to Increased Prductivity.BusinessJensen, T.N.
The Manager's Guide to Automating the Outbound Phone Room.BusinessTaylor, L.S.
The Metamorphosis of the Telex Industry.BusinessCuccaro, L.M.
The Potential for Telemarketing and Telecommunications in the Far East.BusinessDeprizio, T.A., Shaeffer, K.
The Potential of Nationwide Alpha-Numeric Display Paging.BusinessMcCann, C.M.
The Road from Order-Takers to Telemarketers.Business 
The Soaring Success of Telemarketing for Aircraft Prospects.BusinessSnoeyenbos, T.
The Telemarketing Roundup of Headset Suppliers: A Telemarketing Exclusive Survey.Business 
The Telemarketing Trainer's Topic Outline.BusinessSmyth, S.
The Transition from Field Sales to Telemarketing: Avoiding the Pitfalls.BusinessMcCarthy, T.M.
The World of Teleconferencing - Where Do You Fit In?BusinessKeper, R.
Twenty Shortcuts to Success in Telemarketing.BusinessBillue, S.
Video and Telemarketing: A Powerful New Partnership.BusinessLindell, J.T.
Viewing Digital Communications from the User's Perspective.BusinessMaloff, J.H.
When Not to Use Telemarketing.Business 
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