The Journal of Asian Studies 1999 - Abstracts

The Journal of Asian Studies 1999
Body, discourse, and the cultural politics of contemporary Chinese Qigong.Regional focus/area studiesXu, Jian
Conceptualizing Chinese diasporas, 1842 to 1949.Regional focus/area studiesMcKeown, Adam
Cultural intellectuals and the politics of the cultural public space in communist China (1979-1989): A case study of three intellectual groups.Regional focus/area studiesGu, Edward X.
Embroidering the past: Phulkari textiles and gendered work as 'tradition' and 'heritage' in colonial and contemporary Punjab.Regional focus/area studiesMaskiell, Michelle
God mothers, good mothers, good lovers, godmothers: Gender images in Thailand.Regional focus/area studiesOckey, James
Guarding Beijing's food security in the Qing dynasty: State, market and police.Regional focus/area studiesLi, Lillian M., Dray-Novey, Alison
Liberating animals in Ming-Qing China: Buddhist inspiration and elite imagination.Regional focus/area studiesSmith, Joanna F. Handlin
Monkeys on the move: the natural symbolism of people-macaque conflict in Japan.Regional focus/area studiesKnight, John
Nationalism, imperialism, and the international education movement in early twentieth-century Japan.Regional focus/area studiesLincicome, Mark E.
Obituary: Sumitra Mangesh Katre (1906-1998).(Obituary)Regional focus/area studiesGoldman, Robert P.
Policing the savage: Segregation, labor and state medicine in the Andamans.Regional focus/area studiesSen, Satadru
Political representation and South Korean women.Regional focus/area studiesKyung-Ae Park
Presidential address: 'I have Scinde': Flogging a deal (white male orientalist) horse.Regional focus/area studiesDoniger, Wendy
Refugee resettlement in forest reserves: West Bengal policy reversal and the Marichjhapi massacre.Regional focus/area studiesMallick, Ross
Sati worship and Marwari public identity in India.Regional focus/area studiesHardgrove, Anne
The diaspora of the Gods: Hindu temples in the New World system 1640-1800.Regional focus/area studiesPunzo Waghore, Joanne
The disintegrating machinery of the modern: Akutagawa Ryunosuke's late writings.Regional focus/area studiesLippit, Seiji M.
The permanence of 'temporary' migration: The 'structural embeddedness' of Japanese-Brazilian immigrant workers in Japan.Regional focus/area studiesTsuda, Takeyuki
The value of vulnerability: Sexual coercion and the nature of love in Japanese court literature.Regional focus/area studiesChilds, Margaret H.
Trade and economy in preindustrial East Asia, c. 1500-c.1800: East Asia in the age of global integration.Regional focus/area studiesLee, John
Women in Turfan during the Sixth to Eighth centuries: A look at their activities outside the home.Regional focus/area studiesXiaonan, Deng
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