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1992 dues increase. (American Land Title Association)InsuranceCecchettini, Richard A.
Adjusting time series figures when the base year is changed.Insurance 
ALTA concludes a successful 1995, gears up financially for 1996. (American Land Title Association)InsuranceMcLaughlin, David R.
ALTA position regarding revised RESPA regulations. (American Land Title Association, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974) (summary of clarification document sent to Department of Housing and Urban Development to give ideas for changes in RESPA regulations)Insurance 
Americans with Disabilities Act. (Disabled: Management and the Law)InsuranceConn, Adina, Einstein, Laura
Another successful year for ALTA. (American Land Title Association)InsuranceMcLaughlin, David R.
Anticipation: waiting for the RTC and the FDIC to resolve the junior lien rights problems.InsuranceSlesinger, Phyllis K.
Bayard Waterbury - ALTA's recruiting champion. (American Land Title Association)InsuranceRobinson, M. Kathleen
But raises two major issues. (The Multifamily Mortgage Foreclosure Act)InsuranceGoode, John
Convention site Atlanta: cosmopolitan sparkle in an antebellum setting.InsuranceVogelsong, Leigh A.
Dazzling Dallas. (ALTA's 1995 Annual Convention in Dallas)Insurance 
Dick Cecchettini - portrait of a president. (1991-1992 president of the American Land Title Association Richard A. Cecchettini) (Interview)InsuranceConn, Adina
Dick Oliver: pragmatism sprinkled with wit. (1993 American Land Title Ass'n president)Insurance 
Diversity prevails in demographics. (includes related article on national home ownership rate)Insurance 
Education cuts losses - send an employee to an educational seminar. (title insurance industry)InsuranceBerman, Patricia L.
Ethics, values and the bottom line.InsuranceKoogler, Karen E.
High court rejects relation-back cutoff for innocent owner rights.InsuranceSmith, David F.B.
High court ruling will have wide-ranging implications for innocent owner defense. (U.S. Supreme Court decision in U.S. v. A Parcel of Land, Buildings, Appurtenances & Improvements Known as 92 Buena Vista Ave.)InsuranceSmith, David F.B.
Improving title employee understanding of land descriptions through video.InsuranceRattikin, Jack, III
It's time to communicate.... (land title associations need to work with their public recording officers)InsurancePaquin, Guy D.
Lessons from losses. (mistakes leading to lawsuits in title insurance)InsuranceHanifin, Sean
Major insurers launch Title Industry Reference Program to minimize fraud-related losses.InsuranceHochberg, Sheldon E.
Major realtors target title business entry.InsuranceEdwards, Weston E.
NAIC: sharpening the focus on the title industry. (National Association of Insurance Commissioners)InsuranceMcCarthy, Richard W.
New opportunity in Eastern Europe. (title industry professionals help Eastern Europe privatize real estate ownership)InsuranceAndrew, Louis J., Jr.
Optical focuses on one-day service.Insurance 
Outlook promising for arbitration of title insurance disputes.InsuranceLerner, Richard E.
Power through political action. (American Land Title Ass'n Title Industry Political Action Committee)InsuranceWentzel, Dan R.
Presidential profile: Herb Wender. (American Land Title Association president)Insurance 
President Oliver responds to questions as he begins a challenging year for ALTA. (Dick Oliver, American Land Title Ass'n) (Interview)Insurance 
Preview: title industry issues in the 103rd Congress. (includes related articles on important members of Congress) (Cover Story)Insurancevom Eigen, Ann
Public records - vision 2000. (New York)InsurancePaquin, Guy D.
Recession ends: industry posts first profitable operating year since 1987.InsuranceMcCarthy, Richard W.
Record treasure hunt in Florida. (for the records of the Lake Abstract Co.)InsuranceTurner, R. Harris
Regulatory takings: the push for legislative reform.InsuranceTaub, Theodore C.
RESPA enforcement - a report from the front. (Department of Housing and Urban Development's Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act Enforcement Unit)InsuranceSchulman, Phillip L.
RESPA information highway snarl demands immediate attention. (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974)InsuranceKosin, Gregory M.
RESPA: title insurance and seller pay. (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act)InsuranceHochberg, Sheldon E.
Revisions bring improvements in ALTA-ACSM survey standards. (American Land Title Assn, American Congress on Surveying and Mapping)InsuranceFeindt, Mary C.
Safe management: proactive treatment of AIDS in the workplace. (Disabled: Management and the Law)Insurance 
Some economic good news on the horizon for title insurers.InsuranceMcCarthy, Richard W.
So you're thinking about rate regulation....InsuranceLipshutz, Nelson R.
Taming a gorilla. (federal regulation) (Editorial)InsuranceKennedy, Parker S.
The 104th Congress: new leadership, new ideas. (includes text of GOP 'Contract With America')Insurance 
The 1992 congressional redistricting and its effect on the title industry.Insurancevom Eigen, Ann Hadley
The Multifamily Mortgage Foreclosure Act proves effective....InsurancePatton, Geoffrey L.
The NAIC model acts: a good beginning. (National Association of Insurance)InsuranceMcCarthy, Richard W.
The new RESPA regs: what's wrong, what's right, what's next. (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974)InsuranceHochberg, Sheldon E.
The new sentencing guidelines for organizations: a practical guide.InsuranceHassler, William T.
The title industry -- a parental view.(Panel Discussion)Insurance 
TIPAC campaign off to encouraging start. (Title Industry Political Action Committee)InsuranceWentzel, Dan R.
Title EDI goes video. (electronic data interchange)Insurance 
Title insurance in 2000 - two cautionary tales.InsuranceLipshutz, Nelson R.
Washington, D.C.: a "capital" city for a Capitol convention. (plans for the American Land Title Association mid-year convention)InsuranceVogelsong, Leigh, Conn, Adina
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