Gourmet 1996 Gerald Asher - Abstracts

Gourmet 1996 Gerald Asher
A Cahors revival: an ancient wine of France.Food/cooking/nutritionGerald Asher
Behind the wine list. (wine selections)Food/cooking/nutritionGerald Asher
Brunello: pride of Montalcino. (Italian wine district)(Wine Journal)(Column)Food/cooking/nutritionGerald Asher
Burgundy on parade. (wine conference in Burgundy, France)(Wine Journal)(Column)Food/cooking/nutritionGerald Asher
Harmony at the table. (mushroom flan) (includes recipe)Food/cooking/nutritionGerald Asher
Lodi: a California renaissance.(Wine Journal)(Column)Food/cooking/nutritionGerald Asher
Rain or shine: recent Bordeaux vintages.Food/cooking/nutritionGerald Asher
Russian River Valley. (Sonoma County, California)Food/cooking/nutritionGerald Asher
Sunny-side up: Australian reds for the February blues.(Wine Journal)(Evaluation)Food/cooking/nutritionGerald Asher
The other Medoc. (wine region north of Bordeaux, France)(Wine Journal)Food/cooking/nutritionGerald Asher
The Pinot Noir revels.(1996 International Pinot Noir Celebration)(Wine Journal)(Column)Food/cooking/nutritionGerald Asher
Up, up and away: California's prestige sparklers. (California sparkling wines)Food/cooking/nutritionGerald Asher
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