Shape 1993 - Abstracts

Shape 1993
After the gluttony: one huge meal isn't likely to add permanent pounds.Women's issues/gender studiesNancy Clark
A meat and poultry primer. (Nutrition)(includes related meat comparison chart) (Buyers Guide)Women's issues/gender studiesBonnie Liebman
A tale of three deserts. (includes related information on survival tips in the desert)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Barbara C. Harris Bishop, Gina K. Thornburg
Besides that, really, he's a pretty nice guy.... (domestic violence)(includes related resources, information on warning signs and stories of abusive personalities)Women's issues/gender studiesConstance Adler
Buyer beware: you can't always judge a video by its cover. (7th Annual Fitness Video Review)Women's issues/gender studies 
Cooking Chez Eddy style; healthful gourmet cuisine is not a contradiction in terms. (includes recipes and related cooking tips)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Antonio M. Gotto Jr.
Exercise and cancer: exercise may reduce your risk for some forms of the disease.Women's issues/gender studiesSharon Cohen
Exercise and your brain; can you prepare for a peak performance?Women's issues/gender studiesJames E. Wright
Good sports: two winning success stories bring Barbara Cross and Kim Smith together for a weeklong tennis adventure. (includes related quiz, training diet and recipes) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesElizabeth Turner, Alexandra Kazaks
Guess who's got a personal trainer now? (celebrities)Women's issues/gender studiesDiane Goldner
Home works: a personal exercise space can be yours with a little creativity and planning.Women's issues/gender studiesPatrick Netter, Keri Casady
How I saved my uterus; new surgeries for fibroid tumors. (includes related information on questions for the doctor)Women's issues/gender studiesNancy Kruh
Let's talk; when it comes to AIDS, our lives depend on it. (Editorial)Women's issues/gender studiesBarbara C. Harris Bishop
Light yogurts. (includes related comparison table) (Evaluation)Women's issues/gender studiesSusan Learner Barr
Measuring up: how I lost 9 percent of my body fat in 24 hours. (includes related information on body-fat testing)Women's issues/gender studiesDavid Higdon
Mix-n-match maneuvers: three new workouts to spice up your exercise program. (includes related workout schedules and training tips)Women's issues/gender studiesSuzanne Schlosberg, Roy Benson, Johnny Goldberg, Ria Atkins, Gene Hagerman
Obesity and childhood. (Family Fitness)Women's issues/gender studiesSteve Schwade
One hill of a workout.Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Neporent
Over the top; Project Bandaloop takes dance to new heights.Women's issues/gender studiesJulie Sinclair Eakin
Pushing past the plateau: supercharge your strength program with advanced training techniques. (includes related workout schedule, training program and training tips)Women's issues/gender studiesWayne Westcott
Queen of the court. (Monica Seles) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesElizabeth Turner
Rebuild your foundation; start at the center and work out. (Get Ready for Summer) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesArthur White, Joe Galletta
Refueling: the what, when, why and how of eating after exercise. (includes related information on the glycemic index of foods)Women's issues/gender studiesSharon Cohen
Romancing the shadow. (negative side of romance)(includes related information on the shadow-side of the ego)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Brody, Steve Wolf, Connie Zweig
Seven great moves to boost your behind. (includes related workout schedule, program and training tips)Women's issues/gender studiesEric Sternlicht, Salem George
Slip sliding away. (slideboarding)(includes related equipment and instruction information)Women's issues/gender studiesLiz Neporent
Smoothies with muscle: power drinks you can make in a minute. (includes recipes and related information on ingredients)Women's issues/gender studiesNancy Clark
Sneakers are the secret of life. (excerpt from 'The Theft of the Spirit: The Journey to Spiritual Healing with Native Americans')Women's issues/gender studiesCarl A. Hammerschlag
Sole searching. (women's athletic shoes)(includes related glossary and information on shoe fitting) (Evaluation)Women's issues/gender studiesTom Brunick, Andrea Gabbard
Streamline your kitchen; lighten your larder and cook the lowfat way. (includes recipes and related information on the safe use of a deep-freeze)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Gayle Shockey Hoxter
The 20-minute myth. (aerobic exercise)Women's issues/gender studiesCarol Cohen
The doctor is in; top physicians tell you how to combat some of life's medical annoyances. (includes related information on emergency treatment and on first-aid supplies) (Column)Women's issues/gender studiesGerald Couzens, Noel L. Cohen, Raymond Alan R., Ivor Caro, John B. McCabe, E. Jackson Allison Jr.
The gifts of gab. (Gabrielle Reece) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesEd Dwyer
The good, the bad and the inedible: Shape rates nonfat and lowfat products. (Evaluation)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Laurie Burrows Grad
The great American fish story; catches from the waters of the nation. (includes recipes, related article on shopping for safe seafood and information on Old Bay Seasoning)Women's issues/gender studiesCatherine Fredman
The sun-kissed diet. (includes recipes and related information on food from the Mediterranean)Women's issues/gender studiesLaura Hilgers
The wonder foods. (Get Ready for Summer: part 3)(includes recipes) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesLaura Hilgers
Tripping through autumn: great walking tours. (includes related information on shoe selection)Women's issues/gender studiesKaty Koontz
Vegetarianism comes of age. (includes recipes, menu and related information on vegetarianism) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesTed Mason
Women fight back. (includes related article on protection tactics)Women's issues/gender studiesMariah Burton Nelson
Women's cancers. (includes related article on women with cancer) (Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studiesKathleen Doheny, Beryl Lieff Benderly
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