Current 1992 - Abstracts

Current 1992
Always to care, never to kill: a declaration on euthanasia.Education 
America and Europe: a new partnership.EducationSchlesinger, James R.
A new approach to foreign policy: the libertarian view.EducationRobbins, James
A rationale for civic education: preparing for democracy.EducationKetcham, Ralph
Are our genes our destiny? We are more than our DNA. (Human Genome Project)EducationKaye, Howard L.
A right to property: is it just?EducationBethell, Thomas
A world of opportunity: promoting democracy.EducationDiamond, Larry
"Best College" lists: the ranking game.EducationGilley, J. Wade
Building minority institutions: alternatives to affirmative action.EducationStarr, Paul
Capitalism and democracy: the missing link.EducationFukuyama, Francis
China and America: reevaluating relationships.EducationLevine, Steven I.
Democracy on trial: politics in Latin America.EducationHakim, Peter, Lowenthal, Abraham
Economic success, spiritual decline: the capitalist future.EducationKristol, Irving
Forget the Soviet Union; talk about the independent states.EducationGoble, Paul A.
Foundations of democracy: on respecting politicians.EducationWildavsky, Aaron
From the one, many: the multiculturalist threat. (Cultural Elites: Mickey Mouse and PC)EducationGambino, Richard
Hate crime legislation: challenging intolerance.EducationJacobs, James B.
High achievers in education: an invisible crisis.EducationSingal, Daniel J.
Leisure and productivity: a time to unwind.(excerpt from The Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline of Leisure)EducationSchor, Juliet B.
Life in Moscow: a recent visit. (economic conditions)EducationZagalsky, Leonid
Marketing multiculturalism. (Cultural Elites: Mickey Mouse and PC)EducationBrown, Brian A.
Minorities and representation: on corporate capital. (voting rights issue)EducationCain, Bruce E.
Morality and world affairs: avoiding Utopianism. (foreign policy approach)EducationKaufman, Robert G.
National health care: is Canada the model system?EducationMarmor, Theodore R.
Neonationalism and global politics: an era of separatism. (post-Cold War era)EducationFuller, Graham E.
Post-cold war security: a view from the USSR.EducationRogov, Sergei
Reclaiming the public trust: toward college reform.EducationBok, Derek
Reducing poverty: alternative approaches.EducationWeiss, Michael D.
Reexamining U.S. foreign policy: the case for pragmatism.EducationHyland, William G.
Religion and national development: Confucianism and modernization.EducationLevy, Marion J., Jr.
Religion in school: a role for vouchers.EducationBernstein, David
Renewing American foreign policy: a return of principle.EducationHendrickson, David C.
Saying no to private school choice: vouchers will not help.EducationShanker, Albert, Rosenberg, Bella
Schools and simple justice: toward dignity of choice.EducationCoons, John E.
Sources of prosperity: culture and economics.EducationBerger, Brigitte
Teaching in Japan and the United States: context matters.EducationSato, Nancy, McLaughlin, Milbrey W.
Technology and choice: educational opportunity.EducationDoyle, Dennis P.
Term limits for Congress: arguments pro and con.EducationFrenzel, Bill, Mann, Thomas E.
The challenge to merit: having both merit and equality. (US Pres-elect Bill Clinton's economic policy)EducationKaus, Mickey
The democratic movement: a watershed era.EducationPlattner, Marc F.
The euthanasia debate: a problem with self-determination.EducationCallahan, Daniel
The evolution of American culture. (Cultural Elites: Mickey Mouse and PC)EducationHarrison, Lawrence E.
The L.A. riot and the economy: classes and jobs. (blacks in American society)EducationKirkland, Richard I., Jr.
The media and truth: is there a moral duty?EducationJohnson, Paul
The new world order: a plea for realism.EducationSchlesinger, James R.
The Pacific Rim frontier: exploring Asian growth.EducationMcCord, William
The politics of gender: affirmative action for women.EducationScanlan, James P.
The politics of race: the meaning of equality.EducationLipset, Seymour Martin
The post-modern state: is America a nation?EducationKurth, James
The reform agenda: the Edison Project.EducationDoyle, Denis P.
The strong president: the constitution and the executive. (influence and scope of executive power)EducationEastland, Terry
The U.S. and Latin America: building friendships.EducationHakim, Peter
Toward a new world order: the need for bipartisanship. (US foreign policy)EducationWinik, Jay
Urban education: the impasse in the schools.EducationGlazer, Nathan
Welfare and poverty: the politics of victim groups. (the politics behind poverty and racism)EducationVoegeli, William
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