Current 1998 - Abstracts

Current 1998
America in thick and thin. (excerpt from the book, 'America in Thick and Thin,' by Jeffrey Rosen)EducationRosen, Jeffrey
American dominance in the world: good or bad?EducationKagan, Robert
American economic stability: is it a fluke?EducationZuckerman, Mortimer B.
American epic: then and now.EducationGlazer, Nathan
Americans versus their government: is government too political?EducationBlinder, Alan S.
Are we living in a moral stone age?EducationSommers, Christina Hoff
Buying into culture. (commercialization of art)EducationFreund, Charles Paul
Cast a cautious eye on the Supreme Court.EducationKennedy, Randall
Change and foreign policy: American internationalism.EducationHendrickson, David C.
Charter schools: a new form of public education.(reprinted from Policy Review, October 1998)EducationFinn, Chester E., Jr., Manno, Bruno V.
China's dilemma: between communism and capitalism.EducationHughes, Neil C.
Decline of the college president: what is the job?EducationGreenberg, David
Divorce reform: new directions.EducationWagner, David M.
Educating immigrant children: it's got to be done.EducationMiller, Berna
Falling prices: good values in the American economy.EducationCox, Michael, Alm, Richard G.
Globalization and trade: the need for debate.EducationTonelson, Alan
Globalizers of the world, unite!EducationDrezner, Daniel
Hayek and slipping to serfdom. (comments on economist Friedrich Hayek's book 'The Road to Serfdom')EducationMcInnes, Neil
Hoping for wealth: rules for would-be millionaires.EducationLee, Dwight R., McKenzie, Richard B.
Humanitarian intervention.EducationGray, Christopher M.
Immigrants' children: are they making it?EducationWaldinger, Roger, Perlmann, Joel
Immigration politics: the triumph of permanent immigration.(reprinted from Reason, October 1998)EducationMiller, John J.
Income and welfare: the new wealth system.EducationDeMuth, Christopher C.
In pursuit of criminal justice.EducationBessette, Joseph M.
International migration: dangerous myths.EducationPapademetriou, Demetrios G.
Is China a rogue state? (profile of China as a member of the UN Security Council)EducationLampton, David M.
Is Hollywood hostile to religion?EducationEby, Lloyd
Law and foreign policy: creating a legal culture.EducationCarothers, Thomas
Learning from the Greeks.(reprinted from Commentary, August 1998)EducationValiunas, Algis
Living longer. (economic implications of extended life spans)EducationDavies, Owen, Cetron, Marvin
National security: the role of population.EducationEberstadt, Nicholas
On writing in an on-line world: seek to be intelligible.EducationSchall, James V.
Paying attention to our children: educational dilemmas for Americans.EducationGraham, Patricia Albjerg
Policies for the 21st century: reexamining the idea of community.EducationGalston, William A.
Poverty and moral reform: lessons from the past.EducationSchwartz, Joel
Protestantism and foreign policy: religion in world affairs.EducationKurth, James
Rebel rousers. (right and left's concerns on advertising)EducationGillespie, Nick
Reflections on courage.EducationGole, Henry G.
Religion and world politics: foreign policy in perspective.EducationRibuffo, Leo
Roots of prosperity. (social aspects of wealth and national development)EducationBerger, Brigitte
Some diversity.(multiculturalism in the US)EducationEtzioni, Amitai
Statesmanship and its betrayal. (decline of statesmanship in the US)EducationHelprin, Mark
The "Asian Miracle" reconsidered: has it failed?EducationLim, Linda Y.C.
The closing of the American city. (social consequences of racial discrimination)EducationWilson, James Q.
The exit strategy delusion: asking the right questions.EducationRose, Gideon
The individual and the community in early America. (insights from several books on the primacy of community welfare over individual rights)EducationHowe, Daniel Walker
The man who saved the day - sort of....(reprinted from The National Interest, Fall 1998)(book on Dayton accord entitled 'To End a War')EducationWolfowitz, Paul D.
The real generation gap.(reprinted from Imprimis, August 1998)EducationJennings, Marianne M.
The road for Seneca Falls.(history of women's rights in the US)EducationStansell, Christine
The SAT meritocracy. (scholastic aptitude test)EducationLemann, Nicholas
The working class: does it still exist?EducationHeath, Rebecca Piirto
Thinking like a genius.EducationMichalko, Michael
Treating colleges like cars: financial aid games.(reprinted from American Demographics, September 1998)EducationSpiegler, Marc
U.S. drug policy: the need for commonsense reform.EducationNadelmann, Nathan A.
When should the military speak up? A civil-military dilemma.EducationSarkesian, Sam C.
Whose land? Indians and settlers in Connecticut.(reprinted from Yankee, September 1998)EducationKemper, Steve
Will Americanization work in America? (reversing cultural assimilation)EducationKrikorian, Mark
Women in international politics: an inquiry into biology as destiny.EducationFukuyama, Francis
Wounded warriors and the lessons of Vietnam.EducationDesch, Michael C.
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