Current 1999 - Abstracts

Current 1999
A culture of black achievement: a challenged preference.EducationMiller, D.W.
Affluent seniors: industry and the aging.EducationHenderson, Carter
A higher meaning: science begins to ask big questions.EducationEasterbrook, Gregg
A new generation of history textbooks.EducationSewall, Gilbert T., Emberling, Stapley W.
A note on the banality of evil.EducationMiller, Stephen
Asian population change: what it means for policy.EducationEberstadt, Nicholas
A Thanksgiving to remember.EducationHudgins, Sharon
A world language: will it be English?EducationFishman, Joshua A.
Becoming a professor: maintaining quality.EducationNyquist, Jody D.
Biology as the master of science: genes and numbers.EducationGould, Stephen Jay, Eldredge, Niles
Black athletes: minority access to sports programs.EducationEdwards, Harry
British justice: Changing legal tradition.EducationSearls, Helen
China in perspective: communism after the revolution.(the demise of communism in China and the potential affects on China's international and internal relations)EducationMeisner, Maurice
Cloning and a change in the meaning of life: stem-cell research.EducationEasterbrook, Gregg
Computers and the year 2000: what will happen?EducationWheatley, Margaret, Petersen, John L., Kellner-Rogers, Myron
Crime and corruption in Russia: why the CIA has been in the dark.EducationErmarth, Fritz W.
Crime prevention: What works.EducationStephens, Gene
Educational progressivism: The new elites.EducationEberstadt, Mary
From super power to lonely power: America in transition.EducationHuntington, Samuel P.
Gender and myth: data about student performance.EducationKleinfeld, Judith
Genes and evolution: do humans have a dark nature?(evolutionary psychology)EducationYancey, Philip
Globalization and American military might: a new form of peacekeeping.EducationBacevich, Andrew J.
Individual and community: civic participation.EducationLadd, Everett C.
Juvenile justice: a century of experience.(failures and success of dealing with children within the adult court system)EducationDrizin, Steven
McNamara's Vietnam war reconsidered.EducationRostow, Walt
Merits and perils of teaching culture.EducationMcDougall, Walter A.
Military discipline, political pressure, and the post-Cold War world.(reprinted from The World & I, Aug 1999)EducationCasey, P.C.
No time to be idle.(serial publications)EducationCrawford, Shawn
Prisons and the alternatives: toward cost-effectiveness.(reprinted from Reason, Aug/Sep 1999)EducationSullum, Jacob
Prozac v. Freud: medicine wins.(trend towards treating psychiatric disorders with medical solutions)EducationShorter, Edward
Redefining America's national interest: the complexity of values.EducationNye, Joseph S. Jr.
Russia and its tax problems: no government tax collector.EducationTriesman, Daniel
Setting the standard: George Washington's leadership.EducationLipset, Seymour Martin
Shaming criminals: an alternative punishment.(effective use of shaming as a punishment)EducationEtzioni, Amitai
Social security in the twenty-first century: a need for rethinking.(Center for Strategic and International Studies National Commission on Retirement Policy's Twenty-first Century Retirement Security Plan)EducationBelt, Bradley D.
Spending time: do we have more or less today?EducationLagerfeld, Steven
Teachers and grade inflation: maintaining standards.EducationJesness, Jerry
Testing foreign policy: the need for American leadership.EducationAlbright, Madeleine K.
The black-white test score gap: how to reduce it.EducationJencks, Christopher, Phillips, Meredith
The China question: does it mater?(dealing with human rights violations in China)EducationSegal, Gerald
The culture war as metaphor: the need for political involvement.(reprinted from Policy Review, Aug/Sep 1999)EducationRabkin, Jeremy
The family in America: a call to civil society.(reprinted from Society, Jul/Aug 1999)EducationElshtain, Jean Bethke
The genetic genie: a danger to humanity.(undermining human values through genetic technology)EducationKass, Leon
The politics of difference: A weak idea.EducationSpragens, Thomas Jr.
The rise of English nationalism.EducationHarris, Robin
Too many products: can the consumer keep up?EducationMogelonsky, Marcia
Totalitarianism: Have we seen the last of it?EducationMinogue, Kenneth
Traditional versus for-profit colleges: what are the differences?EducationWinston, Gordon C.
War, peace and the ideologies of the twentieth century.EducationKurth, James
What combat does to man.(motion picture 'Saving Private Ryan')EducationCohen, Eliot
World aging: a demographic dimension.EducationPeterson, Peter G.
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