Current 2001 - Abstracts

Current 2001
Alien nation.(excerpt from " Alien Nation")EducationWolfe, Alan
All beginnings are hopeful.(speech by former British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher)(Transcript)Education 
America and the European Union.(strategic aspects)EducationBlinken, Antony J.
American popular culture.EducationCantor, Paul A.
America's China policy.EducationShambaugh, David
Business and social duty: The ethics crusade.EducationKapstein, Ethan B.
Changing college admissions.(student assessments in the United States)EducationStern, David, Briggs, Derek
Charter schools: to each its own.(reprinted from Washington Post Magazine)EducationFisher, Marc
Chemicals in the environment: Hormone disruptors.EducationKrimsky, Sheldon
Children raising themselves: home alone in America.EducationEberstadt, Mary
Community building.(society)EducationEtzioni, Amitai
Electricity production: Experience with deregulation.EducationFox-Penner, Peter, Basheda, Greg
Elvis movies.(Elvis Presley)EducationFeeney, Mark
Energy and the environment: new issues.EducationHoldren, John P.
Failing education reforms.EducationSnell, Lisa
Global food sources: Biotech in agriculture.EducationMoore, Julia A.
Global village or global pillage?EducationVargas Llosa, Mario
Human cloning: toward a brave new world.(moral issues relating to human cloning)EducationKass, Leon R.
International courts: Some pitfalls.EducationKissinger, Henry A.
'Junk science'.(the role of science education)EducationBaron, Lee Ann Fisher
Knowledge and the Internet.(wealth inequalities)EducationPersaud, Avinash
Lost in the cosmos.(excerpt from "Lost in the Cosmos? Mind and Purpose in a World of Chance")EducationLowenthal, David
Memory failures: how the mind forgets.(excerpt from "The Seven Sins of Memory")EducationSchacter, Daniel
Models of student development: Measuring progress.EducationComer, James P.
Moral freedom.(excerpt from "American Magpie")EducationDecter, Midge
National service: Americorps works.(reprinted from The Washington Monthly, Oct 2001)EducationMcCain, John
Nordic welfare: New challenges.EducationBawer, Bruce
Nuclear policy: the Swedish approach.EducationLofstedt, Ragnar E.
Public schools and marketing: The problem of commercialization.EducationStark, Andrew
Rewarding teachers: the merit pay controversy.(reprinted from City Journal, summer 2001)EducationMalanga, Steven
Rich men, poor men, businessmen, and scholars.(reprinted from The Chronicle of Higher Education, Aug 03, 2001)EducationD'Souza, Dinesh
School choice: What is the evidence?EducationGlenn, David
Social conditions in Russia: A reappraisal.EducationAslund, Anders
Tantrums: the psychology of violent children.(reprinted from Psychology Today, Sep/Oct 2001)EducationChance, Paul, Azerrad, Jacob
Teaching to the test: do schools have it backward?(reprinted from Phi Delta Kappan, Sep 2001)EducationWassermann, Selma
The early-decision racket: distorting college admissions.(reprinted from The Atlantic Monthly, Sep 2001)EducationFallows, James
The impact of population decline.EducationEberstadt, Nicholas
The importance of a teacher looking at reform.(teachers and educational reform in the US)EducationHolland, Robert
The morality of free trade: Some new arguments.EducationGriswold, Daniel T.
The mystery of fetal life: Secrets of the womb.EducationPekkanen, John
The tenth muse.(popular culture)(reprinted from Harper's Magazine, Sep 2001)EducationBarzun, Jacques
The United Nations in the 21st Century: Need for reform.EducationStrong, Maurice
The volunteer army: No more citizen-soldiers.EducationCohen, Eliot A.
Two global economies looking back.(world economic order in the 19th and 20th centuries)EducationAjami, Fouad
Two views of the future: order or chaos?EducationWright, Robert, Kaplan, Robert
University competition today: a more unruly market.(reprinted from Change, Sep/Oct 2001)EducationNewman, Frank, Couturier, Lara K.
We are all Bohemians now.(excerpt from "We Are All Bohemians Now")EducationSchwendener, Peter
What to Americans want? The public's view.(reprinted from Foreign Policy, Sep-Oct 2001)EducationKull, Steven
Who wants to be the weakest link?(quiz shows as educational testing)(reprinted from The Chronicle of Higher Education, Jun 15, 2001)EducationKellman, Steven G.
Yesterday's realism.(reprinted from The American Prospect, Jul 30, 2001)(Henry Kissinger's views on foreign policy)EducationHoffmann, Stanley
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