Early American Life (Camp Hill, PA) - Abstracts

Early American Life (Camp Hill, PA)
A change of greens.(home design)Home furnishings industry 
A farmer's mansion.Home furnishings industryStevenson, Richard W.
A rose among the tulips.Home furnishings industryLocher, Paul
A tryal of glasse.(glass making industry)Home furnishings industryLeFever, Gregory
Breakfast on the frontier.(Recipe)Home furnishings industry 
Build an elephant pull toy.Home furnishings industryNelson, John A.
Butter them while they're hot.(biscuits)(Recipe)Home furnishings industryMcCabe, Carol
Calendar of events.(holiday house tour )Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
Cape May Christmases.Home furnishings industryRoss, Winfield
Chocolate flavors America's past.Home furnishings industryHaertsch, Gretchen
Christmas on the Western Reserve.Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
Coming to America: Part I.(colonization)Home furnishings industryRoss, Winfield
Cooking with chocolate.(recipies and menus)Home furnishings industry 
Delft's timeless tiles.(were owned rich families in colonial America)Home furnishings industryAlbertson, Karla Klein
Dipping into inkwells.(collecting abtiques)Home furnishings industrySeymour, Nora
Early pewter tableware.Home furnishings industryLefever, Gregory
Faces of common folks.(folk art)Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
Filled with history.Home furnishings industryGoodwillie, Christian, Staff, Eal
First catch a house.(style of colonial American house)Home furnishings industryRosch, Tess
Folding money.(history of paper money)Home furnishings industryJordan, Louis
Gifts from your kitchen.(recipies and menus)Home furnishings industryHalsey, Amy
Greening the rolling hills.(using recycled resourcs for building houses)Home furnishings industrySpeidell, Phyllis
Her best friend's house.(historic house redone again)Home furnishings industryKauffman, Nancy
Home again in Greenfield Village.Home furnishings industryRoss, Winfield
Hook a holiday mat.(making a hooked rug mat)Home furnishings industryJones, Sue
Imari from porcelain to pattern.Home furnishings industryAlbertson, Karla Klein
Jamestown, the early years coming to America, part II.Home furnishings industryRoss, Winfield
Lighting the night.(exterior lighting fixtures in Early America)Home furnishings industryLeFever, Gregory
Loaves and fishes, mugs and wishes.(William Richards' ancient businesses discovered )Home furnishings industryPatterson, Richard
Making sense of Penny rugs.(needle art)Home furnishings industrySeymour, Nora
Men's pocketbooks.(wallets)Home furnishings industryLefever, Gregory
New again.(renovation of center-hall colonial house)Home furnishings industryCoombs, Paige
Next year's seeds.(collecting and storing seeds)Home furnishings industryRupp, Rebecca
Obscuring the outhouse.Home furnishings industryRupp, Rebecca
Of pots and prives.(pottery reflecting Federal architectural details)Home furnishings industryRupp, Rebecca
Paper ornaments from Old Economy.Home furnishings industry 
Pots for chocolate.Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
Reviving a Berkshire retreat.(displaying antiques)Home furnishings industryMontgomery, Gladys
Sassafras.(medicinal benefits)Home furnishings industry 
Saving vegetable seeds.Home furnishings industryRupp, Rebecca
Serendipity in New Jersey.Home furnishings industryHarbrecht, Linda
Shaping up American music.Home furnishings industryGoodwillie, Christian
Sheep may safely graze.(interior designs)Home furnishings industryRoss, Winfield
Steeped in history.(history of evolution of the tea caddy)Home furnishings industrySeymour, Nora
Stepping back into Elizabethan times.Home furnishings industryRiccio, Peggy
Stitching a Huswif.Home furnishings industryO'Neill, Edyth
Tables for tea.(tea tables made of woods)Home furnishings industryLeFever, Gregory
The evolution of shutters.(shutters used in colonial homes)Home furnishings industryCass, Janet
The French difference.Home furnishings industryRoss, Winfield
The goat keeper's farm.(Personal account)Home furnishings industryAndrews, Jeanmarie
The puritan influence.(home design)Home furnishings industryKittredge, Clare
Too many tools.(your collections reflects your personality)Home furnishings industryRosch, Tess
Twenty tulip trees.(tree house)Home furnishings industryRoss, Winfield
What did you do on your summer vacation?(sketches on daily life)Home furnishings industry 
Where the stars aligned.(18th century stone house Smith Quaker Meeting House)Home furnishings industryEllison, Carol
Winterthur welcomes you.Home furnishings industry 
Working wood in Early America.(Early American furniture)Home furnishings industryAmidon, Cynthia
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