FE: the Magazine for Financial Executives - Abstracts

FE: the Magazine for Financial Executives
Accounting for pensions - two key areas.BusinessNeary, Robert D., Beresford, Dennis R.
A field guide to the U.S. budget.BusinessWill, George F.
A guide to overseas expansion.BusinessPope, Robert J.
A look at the future of stock options.BusinessPoster, Claudia Zeitz
A Mexican program for payment of dollar liabilities.BusinessWong-Boren, Adrian, Bacon, Leonard A., Melcher, Trini U.
A prognosis for the new CFO: nineteen critical concerns that are changing the job. (role of the chief financial officer)BusinessFleming, Richard L.
ASEAN: Can U.S. companies compete for business in these six Southeast Asian nations? (Association of South East Asian Nations)BusinessSullivan, Margaret
Business ethics: Is it a priority for corporate America?BusinessHennessy, Edward L., Jr.
Canada and the U.S.: Will they bridge the trade gap? (proposed U.S.-Canadian trade agreement)Businessd'Aquino, Thomas
Can Australia restructure its failing economy?BusinessHale, David (American economist)
Capital investment is the key to competition.Business 
Cash flow yardstick. (cash flow statements)BusinessArthur, William J.
Changes proposed in accounting for income taxes.BusinessNeary, Robert D., Beresford, Dennis R.
Changing priorities in corporate cash management.BusinessDavis, Henry A.
Computer crime: As computer literacy increases, can the corporate database ever be safe? (causes and prevention of computer crime)BusinessParker, Donn
Conflicting guidance: Will accounting rules impair corporate venture capital?BusinessMyrick, Thomas
Consolidation software: it's more than just a new method to get through another closing cycle.BusinessPerakis, James A.
Cooperative efforts needed to lower healthcare costs.BusinessDoody, Michael F.
Cost accounting in the 1990s: Can production executives and financial executives learn to keep in touch?BusinessKing, Alfred M.
Cost of capital revisited.BusinessKalogeras, Gus
Current value accounting - a concept whose time has come. (cost accounting methods used to prepare financial statements)BusinessSolomon, Kenneth Ira, Chazen, Charles
Divestments: some practical thoughts on how to sell a division.BusinessDubin, Ronald N.
Does the slipper fit? How to choose the right auditor.BusinessStevens, Mark
Economic forecasts: business executives' never-ending search for reliable economics.BusinessRichards, Archie M., Jr.
Economic problems require global solutions.Business 
Effective purchasing: a direct route to new profits.BusinessSchacher, James
Executive compensation: performance-based bonus payments are on the rise for financial executives.BusinessGiardina, James A., Tilghman, Thomas S.
Executive database: accounting history's link to the future. (executive information systems)BusinessFriend, David
FASB re-examines compensation for stock plans. (Financial Accounting Standards Board)BusinessNeary, Robert D., Beresford, Dennis R.
Financial decisions: why financial managers should avoid the perils of human judgment.BusinessChow, Chee W., Haddad, Kamal, Whittington, O. Ray
Forfaiting: a new financing tool for CFOs. (chief financial officers)BusinessChisena, Anthony J.
Four chairmen speak out. (Willard Butcher, William Johnson, William Schreyer, William Boeschenstein)Business 
Frederick Joseph: why capital structure may never be the same - and shouldn't be. (interview with Drexel Burnham's vice president and chief executive officer) (interview)BusinessChatinover, Marvin A.
Funds statement: why the focus has changed from working capital to cash flow.BusinessKochanek, Richard, Norgaard, Corine T.
Henry Kissinger on the East-West dialogue.Business 
How CEOs nurture creative thinking. (management changed by information technology) (panel discussion)Business 
How do CFOs evaluate the annual report? (chief financial officers and annual reports)Business 
How Japan is building a knowledge industry.BusinessIwaoka, Magaharu J.P.H., Kneer, Dan C.
How the FASB exposure draft would revamp pension accounting. (Financial Accounting Standards Board)BusinessBorton, Douglas C.
How to become a CEO: Charles E. Exley, Jr. (the finance background of NCR Corporation's chief executive officer)BusinessRoss, Barbara
How to become a CEO: David M. Roderick, USX Corporation. (profile of a chief executive officer)BusinessRoss, Barbara
How to create a better employee medical plan.BusinessHenderson, Curtis R.
How to finance your marketing strategy.BusinessSiegel, Joel G., Poczter, Abram
How to hire a senior executive.BusinessCox, Robert G.
How to manage your company's microcomputers.BusinessNeary, Robert D., Herdman, Robert K.
How to pick the right partner.BusinessDeSouza, Glenn
How to sell a real estate partnership - without the shelter.BusinessBruder, Ronald B.
How to succeed in the Japanese market.BusinessSullivan, Margaret
Impairment of value of long-lived assets. (corporate asset write-offs and write-downs)BusinessNeary, Robert D., Beresford, Dennis R.
Inflation & tax rates; their effect on financial planning and the real cost of debt.BusinessNewell, Gale E., Kreuse, Jerry G.
Innovative managers, innovative employees. (innovations in corporate management)BusinessMills, D. Quinn
Interest-free capital. (cash generated by accounts receivable)BusinessWeisse, Peter D.
Is there life after spreadsheets?BusinessKapor, Mitchell
Is your accounting firm still an accounting firm? (certified public accountants expand services beyond accounting)BusinessStevens, Mark
Kaisha: why growth, not profits, drives Japan Inc. (from Kaisha: The Japanese Corporation)BusinessAbegglen, James C., Stalk, George, Jr.
Kaisha: why growth, not profits, drives Japan Inc. (kaisha is Japanese for 'corporation')BusinessAbegglen, James C., Stalk, George, Jr.
Let's debunk seven economic myths.Business 
Neo-protectionism: a growing threat to world trade.BusinessAllen, Charles R.
Now is the time for 'fair trade'. (U.S. trade deficit)BusinessVaughan, George W.
Options boom results in AICPA recommendations. (the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and options trading)BusinessNeary, Robert D., Beresford, Dennis
Overfunded plans: although enticing, here's a look at the other side of pension asset reversions.BusinessSpak, Jude J.
Pension accounting: how to structure your year-end financial planning.BusinessHutchins, Peter L.
Pension financing: how to structure your plan, manage it, and hit your funding targets.BusinessGrunthal, Peter F.
Pension parachutes: more weapons in your arsenal to ward off a hostile takeover.BusinessRybka, John S.
Rainer Gut discusses today's changing financial world. (the chairman of Credit Suisse discusses his career and the banking industry in general)BusinessDouglass, Elsbeth M.
Security strategy: how companies can evaluate their future security needs. (planning corporate computer security measures)BusinessBain, Craig E., Fisher, Cheryl
Segment reporting in Indian business: the corporate view.BusinessLal, Jawahar
Should human resources be reflected on the balance sheet?BusinessEdmonds, Charles P., Rogow, Robert
Silicon Valley and its lesson for Europe.BusinessDiebold, John Theurer
Sowing new seeds for corporate responsibility. (social responsibilities of corporations)BusinessNorris, William C.
Statement 86 may affect many firms' software costs.BusinessNeary, Robert D., Beresford, Dennis R.
Tax preference leases: the costs and the benefits.BusinessHussein, Mohamed E., Kochanek, Richard F.
Technology: How is it changing the CFO's job?BusinessRoss, Barbara
Ten principles of business leadership.BusinessBellman, Geoffrey M.
Ten rules for successful investing.BusinessSlatter, John
The audit role in international control. (excerpt from 'The CFO's Handbook')BusinessCornelius, James, Grobstein, Michael
The Big East is big business. (college basketball)BusinessGavitt, David
The birth of universal life. (life insurance)BusinessDinney, G.R.
The electronic state of cash management. (panel discussion of cash management techniques by financial officers from Hallmark Cards, Equitable Life, Hibernia National Bank, and Citizens and Southern National Bank) (panel discussion)BusinessGootar, Selvin
The FASB looks at accounting for stock options. (Financial Accounting Standards Board)BusinessCrystal, Graef S.
The job search: tactics for success.BusinessBeecher, Mathew J.
The LBO: a step-by-step approach. (Leveraged buyouts.)BusinessRay, C. Eugene
The new look of the French stock market.BusinessStrugatch, Warren
The revenue tax: a real tax reform. (periodic income calculations for corporate taxation)BusinessSeglund, Ragnor
The social impact of accounting.BusinessSolomons, David
Todd Cole on the corporate marriages of CIT. (interview)Business 
Two year update on the Emerging Issues Task Force. (recommendations of the Financial Accounting Standards Board's task force)BusinessNeary, Robert D., Beresford, Dennis R.
Venture capital and high tech: the affair heats up.BusinessGoodman, Edwin
W. Edwards Deming: shogun of quality control.Business 
What do exporters think of FSCs? (foreign sales corporations)BusinessO'Keefe, W. Timothy, Beard, Larry H., O'Keefe, Dana S.
What to do when the IRS knocks.Business 
Why Latin America's debt burdens the U.S.BusinessWatkins, Alfred J.
Why we need an industry-technology partnership.Business 
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