Hospital Material Management Quarterly 1995 - Abstracts

Hospital Material Management Quarterly 1995
A case history: forging a "reusable" alliance. (partnership between Medical Center of Central Georgia and Medline Industries Inc.)Health care industryHester, Randy
Accelerating momentum for change!(Empowered Work Teams)Health care industryWenzel, Sarah, Panetta, Jude
A physical examination of health care's readiness for a total quality management program: a case study.(Continuous Improvement: The Key to Survival)Health care industryHelms, Marilyn M., Ettkin, Lawrence P., Weeks, Brenda
Assessing and developing team effectiveness.(Empowered Work Teams)Health care industryStahl, Robert A., Andersen, Sigurd L.
A step-by-step approach to identifying a partner - and making the partnership work. (purchasing partnerships of hospitals with vendors and manufacturers)Health care industryKrumrey, Norman A., Byerly, Gene E.
A total expense reduction plan.Health care industryTaylor, Timothy A.
Business process reengineering: a pathway for performance improvement.Health care industryPerrin, Richard A.
Capitation: developing partnerships for health care.Health care industryKnowlton, H. Kevin
Change - how to remove the fear, resentment, and resistance.(Continuous Improvement: The Key to Survival)Health care industryWeitz, Albert J.
Change: still an enigma to be faced.(Empowered Work Teams)Health care industrySmith, Douglas R.
Closing the loop on employee training.(Empowered Work Teams)Health care industryAhluwalia, Nancy Thomas
Creating a culture of change.(Empowered Work Teams)Health care industryMarine, Andrew, Riley, Patrick
Cut supplier lead times by 50 percent - no mirrors, no kidding.(Continuous Improvement: The Key to Survival)Health care industryHarding, Michael
Defining costs of quality in the materiel department.(Continuous Improvement: The Key to Survival)Health care industryMiller, Mark S., Graddy, Thomas M.
Developing people: a strategy for competitive advantage.(Empowered Work Teams)Health care industryKing, Stephen
Developing performance measurement systems that support continuous improvement.(Continuous Improvement: The Key to Survival)Health care industryTarr, James D.
Developing self-managed logistic service teams.Health care industrySaphir, William H.
Effective alliance - hospital partnering: beyond price.Health care industryStrong, John W.
Empowered to do what? Why? (employee empowerment)(Empowered Work Teams)Health care industrySlonina, John, Jr.
For the times they are a-changin'.Health care industryKlee, William B.
From chaos to order: health care quality in context.Health care industryFreed, David H.
High-performance cycle counting.(Continuous Improvement: The Key to Survival)Health care industryWilson, Larry W.
Interpersonal team leadership skills.(Empowered Work Teams)Health care industryNelson, Mel
Inventory management - a business issue.(Continuous Improvement: The Key to Survival)Health care industryDureno, Dennis J.
Level-headed about empowerment.(Empowered Work Teams)Health care industryCramer, Rob
Materiel executives and the managed care continuum in a capitated environment.Health care industryFriedman, Barbara B.
Opportunity costs associated with long decision making.Health care industryStrong, John, Ricker, David, Popiolek, Les
Partnering: a closer look at one group's programs. (partnering in health care purchasing)Health care industryKuebler, Alan S.
Partnering as a key strategy of managing to outcomes.Health care industrySchuweiler, Robert C., O'Brien, David R.
Partnership in education: central service prepares students for materiel management duties.Health care industryLind, Natalie
Plan to win your career battle.(Empowered Work Teams)Health care industryPortanova, Peter M.
Purchasing: a necessary partnership. (hospital purchasing)Health care industrySheehan, Paul E.
Reducing computer hardware service costs.Health care industryMcCreery, Albert, Wengen, Marcia M.
Reengineering: forty u$eful hints.(Continuous Improvement: The Key to Survival)Health care industryMiller, George
Reengineering hospital materiel management.Health care industryGuinipero, Larry C.
Reengineering materiel management for strategic placement.Health care industryColletti, John J.
Reengineering materiel management using computer technology.Health care industryEhrlich, Gerald, Springer, Warren H., III
Strategic planning to drive integrated continuous improvement.(Continuous Improvement: The Key to Survival)Health care industryMcChesney, Harvey, III
Survival depends on effective partnerships with suppliers, management, and physicians.Health care industrySharp, Eddie
Teams in the workplace: the way to power them to productivity.(Empowered Work Teams)Health care industryMcCullough, Dennis C.
Ten ways to create a motivating learning environment.(Continuous Improvement: The Key to Survival)Health care industryPreziosi, Robert C.
The facilitator: as teams battle to be effective.(Empowered Work Teams)Health care industryMcChesney, Harvey, III
The hospital-supplier partnership: take care of the relationship first, and individual rewards will follow.Health care industrySjoerdsma, Mike
The materiel management in effective equipment planning.Health care industryBerkowitz, David A., Suydam, Peter R., Youngblood, William B.
The road to business process improvement - can you get there from here?(Continuous Improvement: The Key to Survival)Health care industryGilberto, Philip A.
The winners know how to change - do you? (change management)(Empowered Work Teams)Health care industryJacobs, James A.
Tomorrow's materiel management executive today.Health care industryBoirie, Hector
Using quick response to manage the materiel flow.(Continuous Improvement: The Key to Survival)Health care industryBihun, Thomas A.
Without a vision, a business may perish.(Continuous Improvement: The Key to Survival)Health care industryIemmolo, George R.
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