Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2005 - Abstracts

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2005
Abatement costs in response to the Swedish charge on nitrogen oxide emissions.Environmental services industryIsaksson, Lena Hoglund
Accounting for stochastic shadow values of time in discrete-choice recreation demand models.Environmental services industryLew, Daniel K., Larson, Douglas M.
Additivity properties in metapopulation models: Implications for the assessment of marine reserves.Environmental services industrySanchirico, James N.
Adjustments costs from environmental change.Environmental services industryKolstad, Charles D., Kelly, David L., Mitchell, Glenn T.
A general model of starting point bias in double-bounded dichotomous contingent valuation surveys.Environmental services industryShaw, Daigee, Chein, Yu-Lan, Hung, Cliff J.
Air pollution abatement costs under the Clean Air Act: evidence from the PACE survey.(Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditures)Environmental services industryBecker, Randy A.
Air pollution and hospital admissions an ARMAX modelling approach.Environmental services industryMaddison, David
Analysis of contingent valuation data with multiple bids and response options allowing respondents to express uncertainty: A Comment.Environmental services industryVossler, Christian A., Poe, Gregory L.
An efficient mechanism to control correlated externalities: Redistributive transfers and the coexistence of regional and global pollution permit markets.Environmental services industryCaplan, Arthur J., Silva, Emilson C.D.
A trading-ratio system for trading water pollution discharge permits.Environmental services industryMing-Feng Hung, Shaw, Daigee
Bargaining in environmental regulation revisited.Environmental services industryArguedas, Carmen
Can the desire to converse our natural resources be self-defeating?Environmental services industrySmith, William, Young Seob Son
Carbon sequestration or abatement? The effect of rising carbon prices on the optimal portfolio of greenhouse-gas mitigation strategies.Environmental services industryvan 't Veld, Klaas, Plantinga, Andrew
Clearing the air: The costs and consequences of high CAFE standards and increased gasoline taxes.(corporate average fuel-economy)Environmental services industryAustin, David, Dinan, Terry
Corruption, political competition and environmental policy.Environmental services industryDamania, Richard, Wilson, John K.
Corruption, trade and resource conversion.(investigation of economic growth)Environmental services industryBarbier, Edward B., Damania, Richard, Leonard, Daniel
Diversity, productivity and temporal stability in the economics of humans and nature.Environmental services industryTilman, David, Polasky, Stephen, Lehman, Clarence
Do new health conditions support mortality-air pollution effects?Environmental services industrySmith, V. Kerry, Evans, Mary F.
Environmentalism, democracy, and pollution control.(research findings)Environmental services industryDamania, Richard, Neumayer, Eric, Fredriksson, Per G., Gates, Scott
Environmental policy and the equilibrium rate of unemployment.Environmental services industryWagner, Thomas
Environmental policy, the porter hypothesis and the composition of capital: Effects of learning and technological progress.Environmental services industryKort, Peter M., Hartl, Richard F., Fiechtinger, Gustav, Veilov, Vladimir M.
Environmental regulation with technology adoption, learning and strategic behavior.Environmental services industryPolasky, Stephen, Tarui, Nori
Extended liability for environmental accidents: What you see is what you get.Environmental services industryHutchinson, Emma, Veld, Klaas van 't
Financial incentives and endogenous enforcement in China's pollution levy system.Environmental services industryWheeler, David, Hua Wang
Fishery management under multiple uncertainty.Environmental services industryFisher, Anthony, Costello, Christopher, Sethi, Gautam, Hanemann, Michael, karp, Larry
Fishing quota markets.(consequences of individual transferable quota system)Environmental services industryNewell, Richard G., Sanchirico, James N., Kerr, Suzi
Flexible mixture distribution modeling of dichotomous choice contingent valuation with heterogeneity.Environmental services industryArana, Jorge E., Leon, Carmelo J.
Free trade and global warming: a trade theory view of the Kyoto protocol.Environmental services industryCopeland, Brian R., Taylor, M. Scott
Green price indices.(research on including public goods in cost-of-living index )Environmental services industryBanzshaf, H. Spencer
Growth in overlapping generation economics with non-renewable resources.Environmental services industryGutierrez, Maria-Jose, Agnani, Betty, Iza, Amania
Harmonizing tailpipe policy in symmetric countries: improve the environment, improve welfare.Environmental services industryMcAusland, Carol
How to eat a cake of unknown size: reconsideration.Environmental services industryKumar, Ramesh C.
Improving the prevention of environmental risks with convertible bonds.Environmental services industrySpaeter, Sandrine, Schmitt, Andre
Impure public goods and the comparative statics of environmentally friendly consumption.Environmental services industryKotchen, Matthew J.
Incentives for wetland creation.Environmental services industryCrepin, Anne-Sophie
Industrial characteristics, environmental regulations and air pollution: an analysis of the UK manufacturing sector.Environmental services industryCole, Matthew A., Elliott, Robert J.R., Shimamoto, Kenichi
Inefficient environmental instruments and the gains from trade.Environmental services industryBruneau, Joel F.
Intergovernmental versus intersource emissions trading when firms are noncompliant.Environmental services industryKonishi, Hideki
Lottery-rationed public access under alternative tariff arrangements: changes in quality, quantity, and expected utility.Environmental services industryScrogin, David
Market responses to hurricanes.(housing values)Environmental services industrySmith, V. Kerry, Hallstrom, Daniel G.
Markets and the rent dissipation in regulated open access fisheries.(research findings)Environmental services industryWilen, James E., Homans, Frances R.
Non-compliance and the quota price in an ITQ fishery.Environmental services industryHatcher, Aaron
On interjurisdictional competition and environmental federalism.Environmental services industryShogren, Jason F., Kunce, Mitch
Optimal spatial management of renewable resources: matching policy scope to ecosystem scale.Environmental services industryWilen, James E., Sanchirico, James N.
Pigouvian taxation under double moral hazard.(research findings)Environmental services industryLichtenberg, Erik, Aggarwal, Rimjhim M.
Regulator reputation, enforcement, and environmental compliance.Environmental services industryShimshack, Jay P., Ward, Michael B.
Rethinking the scope test as a criterion for validity in contingent valuation.Environmental services industryWilson, Matthew A., Bishop, Richard C., Heberlein, Thomas A., Schaeffer, Nora Cate
Scarcity, growth and R&D.(research and development)Environmental services industryZemel, Amos, Tsur, Yacov
Sequential development and exploitation of an exhaustible resource: do monopoly rights promote conservation?Environmental services industryLaxminarayan, Ramanan, Fischer, Carolyn
Sharing clams: Tragedy of an incomplete commons.Environmental services industryJanmaat, Johannus A.
State dependence and heterogeneity in fishing location choice.Environmental services industrySmith, Martin D.
Static modeling of dynamic recreation behavior: Implications for prediction and welfare estimation.Environmental services industryProvencher, Bill, Baerenkalu, Kenneth A.
Stochastic bycatch, informational asymmetry, and discarding.Environmental services industryHerrera, Guillermo E.
Strategic resource extraction, capital accumulation and overlapping generations.Environmental services industryTo, Ted, Mirman, Leonard J.
Subsidies, buybacks, and sustainable fisheries.(impact of buyback subsidies on economic performance of fisheries)Environmental services industryClark, Colin W., Munro, Gordon R., Sumaila, Ussif Rashid
The effect of varying the causes of environmental problems on stated WTP values: evidence from a field study.(willingness to pay)Environmental services industryBulte, Erwin, List, John A., Zeeuw, Aart de, Gerking, Shelby
Total factor productivity and the environmental Kuznets curve.Environmental services industryBraden, John B., Chimeli, Ariaster B.
Transboundary pollution and household mobility: are they equivalent.Environmental services industryHaavio, Markus
Transboundary spillovers and decentralization of environmental policies.Environmental services industrySigman, Hilary
Use of coupled incentives to improve adoption of environmentally friendly technologies.(specific coupled incentive scheme)Environmental services industryKrawczyk, Jaceb B., Lifran, Robert, Tidball, Mabel
voluntary international environmental agreements work?(1998 Sofia Protocol)Environmental services industryBratberg, DoEspen, Tjotta, Sigva, Oines, Torgeir
Weak complementarity, path independence, and the intuition of the Willig condition.Environmental services industryPalmquist, Raymond B.
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