Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2006 - Abstracts

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2006
Carbon trading across sources and periods constrained by the Marrakesh accords.Environmental services industryKlaassen, Ger, Godal, Odd
Citizen participation in pollution permit markets.(co-ordination between citizen organizations and governments )Environmental services industryYates, Andrew J., Malueg, David A.
Did the EPA's voluntary industrial toxics program reduce emissions? A GIS analysis of distributional impacts and by-media analysis of substitution.Environmental services industryGamper-Rabindran, Shanti
Directional heterogeneity in distance profiles in hedonic property value models.Environmental services industryCameron, Trudy Ann
Double dividend hypothesis, golden rule and welfare distribution.Environmental services industryFodha, Mouez, Chiroleu-Assouline, Mireille
Economic land use, ecosystem services and microfounded species dynamics.Environmental services industryEichner, Thomas, Pethig, Rudiger
Environmental amenities, urban sprawl, and community characteristics.(urban planning by providing and dividing basic environmental amenities )Environmental services industryWu, JunJie
Environmental conservation in agriculture: land retirement vs. changing practices on working land.Environmental services industryKling, Catherine L., Feng, Hongli, Kurkalova, Lyubov A., Gassman, Philip W.
Environmental Kuznets curves: a spatial econometric approach.(environmental auditing methods)Environmental services industryMaddison, David
Explaining the appearance and success of voter referenda for open-space conservation.Environmental services industryKotchen, Matthew J., Powers, Shawn M.
Fisheries management with stock growth uncertainty and costly capital adjustment.Environmental services industryWeninger, Quinn, Singh, Rajesh, Doyle, Matthew
Green markets, eco-certification, and equilibrium fraud.Environmental services industryZilberman, David, Hamilton, Stephen F.
Handling unobserved site characteristics in random utility models of recreation demand.Environmental services industryMurdock, Jennifer
Improving environmental valuation estimates through consistent use of revealed and stated preference information.Environmental services industryLarson, Douglas M., Eom, Young-Sook
Individual habitat quotas for fisheries.Environmental services industrySchnier, Kurt E., Holland, Dan
International innovation and diffusion of air pollution control technologies: the effects of NOX and SO2 regulation in the US, Japan, and Germany.Environmental services industryPopp, David
Intra-industry trade in intermediate products, pollution and internationally increasing returns.Environmental services industryWeder, Rolf, Benarroch, Michael
Is hypothetical bias universal? Validating contingent valuation responses using a binding public referendum.Environmental services industryJohnston, Robert J.
Land-use change and carbon sinks: econometric estimation of the carbon sequestration supply function.(greenhouse gas reduction programs and costs)Environmental services industryStavins, Robert N., Lubowski, Ruben N., Plantinga, Andrew J.
Multivariate count data regression models with individual panel data from an on-site sample.(data regression model for on-site sampling in recreation industry )Environmental services industryHerriges, Joseph, Egan, Kevin
Non-linear production, abatement, pollution and materials balance reconsidered.(economic literature and usage of various concepts in waste material recycling )Environmental services industryPethig, Rudiger
Nonpoint pollution control: inducing first-best outcomes through the use of threats.Environmental services industryJunJie Wu, Segerson, Kathleen
Non-renewable resource prices: deterministic or stochastic trends?Environmental services industryList, John A., Lee, Junsoo, Strazicich, Mark C.
Optimal enforcement policy and firmsE emissions and compliance with environmental taxes.Environmental services industryPerez-Castrillo, David, Macho-Stadler, Ines
Regime switching in a fishery with stochastic stock and price.(bio-economic model and fisheries)Environmental services industryNostbakken, Linda
Regional versus global cooperation for climate control.Environmental services industryAsheim, Geir B., Froyn, Camilla Bretteville, Hovi, Jon, Menz, Fredric C.
Regulation with anticipated learning about environmental damages.(global warming)Environmental services industryKarp, Larry, Zhang, Jiangfeng
Search, bioprospecting and biodiversity conservation.(bioprospecting incentives of firms)Environmental services industryWard, Michael, Costello, Christopher
Solving multidimensional bioeconomic problems with singular-perturbation reduction methods: application to managing pest resistance to pesticidal crops.Environmental services industryGrimsrud, Kristine M., Huffaker, Ray
Spillovers in the development of new pollution abatement technology: a new look at the Porter-hypothesis.Environmental services industryGreaker, Mads
Strategic use of recycled content standards under international duopoly.(recycled content standards )Environmental services industryJinji, Naoto, Higashida, Keisaku
Temporary natural resource cartels.Environmental services industryLong, Ngo Van, Benchekroun, Hassan, Gaudet, Gerard
The Alberta dilemma: optimal sharing of a water resource by an agricultural and an oil sector.(water distribution between agriculture and oil sector)Environmental services industryWithagen, Cees, Moreaux, Michel, Gaudet, Gerard
The choice of a liability regime when there is a regulatory gatekeeper.(implementation of environment friendly projects and legal liabilities )Environmental services industryCalcott, Paul, Hutton, Stephen
The environmental consequences of trade: evidence from subnational trade flows.Environmental services industryMillimet, Daniel L., Chintrakarn, Pandej
The environment as a factor of production.(Environmental permits of firms)Environmental services industryConsidine, Timothy J., Larson, Donald F.
The externalities problem of transboundary and persistent pollution.(Varian's compensation mechanism)Environmental services industryCandel-Sanchez, Francisco
The lay system in commercial fisheries: origin and implications.Environmental services industryPrice, Michael, Mcconnell, Kenneth E.
The social welfare implications of industry self-auditing.Environmental services industryFriesen, Lana
The strategic use of innovation to influence regulatory standards.Environmental services industryPuller, Steven L.
Time inconsistent resource conservation contracts.Environmental services industryGulati, Sumeet, Vercammen, James
Valuing water quality changes using a bioeconomic model of a coastal recreational fishery.Environmental services industryMassey, D. Matthew, Newbold, Stephen C., Gentner, Brad
Welfare measurement under threats of environmental catastrophes.Environmental services industryZemel, Amos, Tsur, Yacov
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