Journal of Health Economics 1999 - Abstracts

Journal of Health Economics 1999
Addiction and discounting.Health care industryBretteville-Jensen, A.L.
Adjustment costs, withdrawal effects, and cigarette addiction.(response to Suranovic et al. in this issue)Health care industryJones, Andrew M.
An econometric analysis of smoking prevalence among lone mothers.Health care industryDorsett, Richard
An economic theory of cigarette addiction.Health care industrySuranovic, Steven M., Leonard, Thomas C., Goldfarb, Robert S.
A note on 'Economic conditions and alcohol problems.'.(response to article by C.J. Rhum, vol. 14, P. 583, 1995)Health care industryFreeman, Donald G.
A note on validating Wagstaff and van Doorlaer's health measure in the analysis of inequalities in health.Health care industryGerdtrham, U.-G., Johannesson, M., Lundberg, L., Isacson, D.
Capitation contracts: access and quality.Health care industryGravelle, Hugh
Comparative dynamics in a health investment model.Health care industryEisenring, Christoph
Competition and pricing by non-profit hospitals: reassessment of Lynk's analysis.(response of William J. Lynk, Journal of Law Economics, vol. 38, p. 437, 1995)Health care industryDranove, David, Ludwick, Richard
Consumer information and competition between nonprofit and for-profit nursing homes.Health care industryHirth, Richard A.
Cost and quality trends under managed care: is there a learning curve in behavioral health carve-out plans?Health care industrySturm, Roland
Cost-sharing and pharmaceutical utilisation and expenditure in Russia.Health care industryJones, Andrew, Street, Andrew, Furuta, Aya
Drawing a veil over the measurement of social welfare - a reply to Johannesson.(response to Magnus Johannesson in this issue, p. 381)Health care industryDolan, Paul
Equity in the finance of health care: some further international comparisons.Health care industryvan Doorslaer, Eddy, Wagstaff, Adam, van der Burg, Hattem, Christiansen, Terkel, Gross, Lorna, John, Jurgen, Klavus, Jan, Puffer, Frank, Schellhorn, Martin, Sundberg, Gun, Winkelhake, Olaf, Propper, Carol, Johnson, Paul, Rodriguez, Marisol, Nolan, Brian, Pereira, Joao, Gerdtham, Ulf-G, Calonge, Samuel, Citoni, Guido, Lachaud, Claire, Peran, Encarna, Gerfin, Mike, Hakinnen, Unto, Lauritsen, Jorgen, Leu, Robert, Rochaix, Lise
Estimating parametric relationships between health description and health valuation with an application to the EuroQol EQ-5D.Health care industryHout, Ben A. van, Busschbach, Jan J.V., McDonnell, Joseph, Essink-Bot, Marie-Louise
Estimating the quality of care in hospitals using instrumental variables.Health care industryGowrisankram, Gautam, Town, Robert J.
Firm behavior in a market with addiction: the case of cigarettes.Health care industryShowalter, Mark H.
Health problems as determinants of retirement: are self-rated measures endogenous?Health care industryMitchell, Olivia S., Dwyer, Debra Sabatini
Impact of augmented prenatal care on birth outcomes of Medicaid recipients in New York City.Health care industryJoyce, Theodore
Increased capacity may exacerbate rationing problems: with applications to medical care.Health care industryGlazer, Amihai, Rothenberg, Lawrence S.
Life-cycle preferences over consumption and health: when is cost-effectiveness analysis equivalent for cost-benefit analysis?Health care industryQuiggin, John, Bleichrodt, Han
Medical savings accounts: microsimulation results from a model with adverse selection.Health care industryMoeller, John F., Selden, Thomas M., Banthin, Jessica S., Zabinski, Daniel
Modeling risk using generalized linear models.Health care industryBlough, David K., Hornbrook, Mark C., Madden, Carolyn W.
On aggregating QALYs: a comment on Dolan.(response to Paul Dolan, Journal of Health Economics, v. 17, p. 39, 1998)Health care industryJohannesson, Magnus
On the use of survival analysis techniques to estimate medical care costs.Health care industryRamsey, Scott D., Feuer, Eric J., Sullivan, Sean D., Lin, Danyu, Etzioni, Ruth D., Hu, Chengcheng
Optimal social health insurance with supplementary private insurance.Health care industryPetretto, Alessandro
Physician fees and procedure intensity: the case of cesarean delivery.Health care industryKim, John, Gruber, Jon, Mayzlin, Dina
Premium subsidies for health insurance: excessive coverage vs adverse selection.Health care industrySelden, Thomas M.
Price and profit.(response to D. Dranove et al. and E. Keeler et al. in this issue)Health care industryLynk, William J., Neumann, Lynette R.
The changing effects of competition on non-profit and for-profit hospital pricing behavior.Health care industryKeeler, Emmett B., Zwanziger, Jack, Melnick, Glenn
The complementarity of teen smoking and drinking.Health care industryDee, Thomas S.
The distribution of health and income: a theoretical framework.Health care industryForster, Martin, Contoyannis, Paul
The economics of moral hazard revisited.Health care industryNyman, John A.
The effects of short-term variation in abortion funding on pregnancy outcomes.Health care industryCook, Philip J., Parnell, Allan M., Moore, Michael J., Pagnini, Deanna
The impact of malpractice fears on cesarean section rates.Health care industryDubay, Lisa, Kaestner, Robert, Waidmann, Timothy
The impact of managed care on the existence of equilibrium in health insurance markets.Health care industryChernew, Michael E., Frick, Kevin D.
The irrelevance of inference: a decision-making approach to the stochastic evaluation of healthcare technologies.Health care industryClaxton, Karl
The menu-setting problem and subsidized prices: drug formulary illustration.Health care industryZeckhauser, Richard, Olsmstead, Todd
The price elasticity of opium in Taiwan, 1914-1942.Health care industryHammitt, James K., Liu, Jin-Tan, Chou, Shin-Yi, Liu, Jin-Long
The profitability of vertical mergers between hospitals and physician practices.Health care industryGal-Or, Esther
The redistributive effect of health care finance in twelve OECD countries.(Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)Health care industryGerdtham, Ulf-G., van Doorslaer, Eddy, Wagstaff, Adam, van der Burg, Hattem, Christiansen, Terkel, Gross, Lorna, John, Jurgen, Klavus, Jan, Puffer, Frank, Schellhorn, Martin, Sundberg, Gun, Winkelhake, Olaf, Propper, Carol, Johnson, Paul, Nolan, Brian, Pereira, Joao, Citoni, Guido, Lachaud, Claire, Gerfin, Mike, Hakinnen, Unto, Lauritsen, Jorgen, Leu, Robert, Rochaix, Lise, Di Biase, Rita
The value of health insurance: the access motive.Health care industryNyman, John A.
Would you like suspenders to go with that belt? An analysis of optimal combinations of cost sharing and managed care.Health care industryPauly, Mark V., Ramsey, Scott D.
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