Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist - Abstracts

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist
$1,000 shop spree.(outfitting a jewelry making workshop with $1,000)(Buyers guide)Hobbies and craftsDriggs, Helen I.
Alive and gifted.(MY TURN)(FROM THE EDITOR)(on "Timeless Treasures: Jewelry Fair at the Walters" and jewelry events)(Editorial)Hobbies and craftsWhite, Merle
Anhydrite.(ROCK CORNER)Hobbies and craftsHedegaard, Claus
Ask the experts.(Questions, Answers & Tips)(Column)Hobbies and craftsBenham, Tom, Benham, Kay
Boss copper cuff.Hobbies and craftsMorin, Jennifer Rabe, Sklar, Nick
Cacoxenite.(ROCK CORNER)(Column)Hobbies and craftsHedegaard, Claus
Candala chrysoprase.(SMOKIN' STONES)(Column)Hobbies and craftsThompson, Sharon Elaine
Carved chatoyant beryl.Hobbies and craftsLevin, Derek
Cast silver pendant.Hobbies and craftsLauseng, Karen J.
Chew on this fix.(MY TURN/FROM THE EDITOR)(chewing-gum-mended pottery and jewelry)(Editorial)Hobbies and craftsWhite, Merle
Chrysoprase ring wax model.Hobbies and craftsDowning, Paul B.
Coiled wire & jasper pendant: frame a focal bead with a basket weaving technique.Hobbies and craftsDriggs, Helen I.
Color forecast: spring/summer 2008.(Trends)(jewelry industry)(Column)Hobbies and craftsOsburn, Annie
Concave carving point.Hobbies and craftsFriedler, Howard
Copper.(TRENDS)(Column)Hobbies and craftsOsburn, Annie
Cuttlebone casting.Hobbies and craftsLauseng, Karen J.
Fix that oops.(Ask the Experts: Questions, Answers & Tips)(on troubleshooting for jewelry makers, treating a Honduran opal, and sizing bracelets)(Column)Hobbies and craftsBenham, Tom, Benham, Kay
Forging hammers.(jewelry-scale silversmithing)Hobbies and craftsFretz, William
Freeform chrysoprase.Hobbies and craftsDowning, Paul B.
Gem & jewelry shops.(Directory)Hobbies and crafts 
Gem & jewelry shops.(Directory)Hobbies and crafts 
Gold.(ROCK CORNER)(Column)Hobbies and craftsHedegaard, Claus
Green beryl.(SMOKIN' STONES)(Column)Hobbies and craftsHaag, Terri
Hardwood swage block.(making swage blocks for metal forming)Hobbies and craftsBenham, Tom, Benham, Kay
Help with metal clay.(COOL TOOLS)(Column)Hobbies and craftsDriggs, Helen I.
Inlaid jasper silver ring.(using 3M's Diamond Abrasive Micro Finishing bands)Hobbies and craftsOgden, Travis, Wackler, Lew
Jasper with faceted crown: a combination cut in Royal Sahara jasper.(jewelry making demonstration)Hobbies and craftsPaulsen, Paul R.
Jewelry classes.(Directory)Hobbies and crafts 
Jewelry classes.(Directory)Hobbies and crafts 
Lapis Judaicus: the Jews' stone.(Rock Corner)(Column)Hobbies and craftsHedegaard, Claus
Metal clay ring with stone.Hobbies and craftsOtterbein, Kim
Metal clay slide.Hobbies and craftsSanderson, Hattie
Mexico's coppersmith village.(Santa Clara del Cobre)Hobbies and craftsHaag, Terri
Microfinishing film.(3M's new diamond abrasive)Hobbies and craftsOgden, Travis
Multi-metal & cold-connected.(no-torch bracelet)Hobbies and craftsDriggs, Helen I.
One of hearts: a facet design with a Valentine.(cutting synthetic sapphire)Hobbies and craftsHamer, John
Organics.(TRENDS)(nature-inspired jewelry)(Column)Hobbies and craftsOsburn, Annie
Paula Crevoshay.(The Jewelry Artist/DOER'S PROFILE)(Interview)Hobbies and crafts 
Pave ring.Hobbies and craftsBlythe-Hart, Helen
Pave.(TRENDS)(Column)Hobbies and craftsOsburn, Annie
Pineapple lemonade intarsia.(quilt-inspired jewelry using sugilite, prystene and chrysoprase)Hobbies and craftsBenham, Tom, Benham, Kay
Poinsettia.(cutting poinsettia-shaped gemstones)Hobbies and craftsHunt, Jeffrey
Precise cone fabrication: careful measurement is the key to success.(jewelry making demonstration)Hobbies and craftsKern, Tamar
Rock star gems.(works of American gemstone carvers Michael Dryber, Trent Mann, Sherris Cottier Shank and Lew Wackler )Hobbies and craftsMcCarthy, Cathleen
Royal Sahara Jasper.(Smokin' Stones)(Column)Hobbies and craftsHaag, Terri
Sand dollar pendant.(metal clay)Hobbies and craftsJacobson, Hadar
Shop setups.(COOL TOOLS)(worktop organizing tips)(Column)Hobbies and craftsDriggs, Helen I.
Show me some mercy!(MY TURN)(FROM THE EDITOR)(jewelers in craft shows)(Editorial)Hobbies and craftsWhite, Merle
Solara.(gemcutting techniques to make square cushion design for advanced faceters)Hobbies and craftsHawes, Ernie
Stone setting.(COOL TOOLS)(Column)Hobbies and craftsDriggs, Helen I.
Sugilite.(SMOKIN' STONES)(Column)Hobbies and craftsHaag, Terri
Tapered tube & bead brooch.Hobbies and craftsReed, Todd
Textured orbit brooch: crater-strewn silver and a celestial blue iolite create a planetary design.Hobbies and craftsClearwater, Cynthia
The Gemmys 2008.(jewelers awarded for excellence in jewelry design and creation)Hobbies and craftsGibsen, Kristen L.
Tomorrow's artisan market.(on studio jewelry artists and how they adapt to changing market conditions)Hobbies and craftsThompson, Sharon Elaine
Toothsome earwear.(MY TURN)(FROM THE EDITOR)(Bluetooth earrings)(Editorial)Hobbies and craftsWhite, Merle
Torched texture: fused filings create an other-worldly surface.(jewelry making)Hobbies and craftsClearwater, Cynthia
Totally tubular design.Hobbies and craftsHaag, Terri
Tube-set pendant earrings.Hobbies and craftsBarer, Bell Brooke
Website directory.(WHAT'S ONLINE)(jewelry industry websites)(Directory)Hobbies and crafts 
Website directory.(WHAT'S ONLINE)(jewelry industry websites)(Directory)Hobbies and crafts 
Windchime earrings with cones: designed for an intriguing movement.Hobbies and craftsErickson, Lexi
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