Metropolitan Home 1996 - Abstracts

Metropolitan Home 1996
10 Hot collectibles: if you hesitate you'll lose; these treasures are still available but prices are going up.Home furnishings industrySaralegui, Alejandro
Add the flavor of Asia: the alluring - and easily acquired - tastes of the Pacific Rim. (includes recipes)Home furnishings industryMacNeil, Karen
A lakeside cabin compound. (vacation home)(The Best Little Houses of Summer)Home furnishings industryBernstein, Fred A.
A little garden with big ideas. (gardens surrounding a Frenchtown, New Jersey home)Home furnishings industryLogan, William Bryant
A little place on the island. (restoration of a summer house)(Renovate!)Home furnishings industryCunningham, Michael
A loft in the woods. (vacation home)(The Best Little Houses of Summer)Home furnishings industryBernstein, Fred A.
A long luxurious bath.(design for a live-in spa bathroom by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz)Home furnishings industryHirst, Arlene
An American feast. (chef Larry Forgione's traditional holiday dinner; includes recipes)Home furnishings industryPierson, Stephanie
An American fish story: a new wave of inventive chefs is dishing up great fresh seafood. (includes recipes)Home furnishings industryGold, Jonathan
An insider's guide to the world's best places to eat, sleep, shop and visit, from London to San Francisco.(Metro)Home furnishings industryLerner, Jonathan, Saeks, Diane Dorrans, Betsky, aaron, Cliff, Stafford
Aqua blue persuasion. (former swim club converted to family home)Home furnishings industryBook, Jeff
Assembly rooms. (pieces featured at major furniture markets)Home furnishings industryIsrael, Wendy S.
A tree house grows in Berkeley.(architect expands and remodels his 1952 home in Berkeley, California)Home furnishings industryBetsky, Aaron, Street-Porter, Tim
A trend in need is a trend indeed. (homes featured in Metropolitan Home magazine)(Editorial)Home furnishings industryWarner, Donna
Back to utopia: K.C. and Mark Marcinik, Palo Alto, California.(restoring a 1955 Joseph Eichler design)(Winners! readers' contest)Home furnishings industryGleason, Lynn H.
Bamboo. (decorating and building material; includes list of bamboo Web sites)Home furnishings industry 
Best western: Nancy and Eric Mueller, Pioneertown, California.(new, yet rustic desert home)(Winners! readers' contest)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryBook, Jeff
Books. (recommended food, garden, design books)Home furnishings industryGoewey, Jacqueline
Bright angles: in an act of renewal, master builder Frank Israel created a puzzle of a house of a hill devastated by fire.Home furnishings industryBernstein, Fred A.
Bright talents. (interior designers)Home furnishings industryLandis, Dylan
Cabinetry a la carte.(kitchen of Victorian home in London, England remodeled to reflect family's life style)Home furnishings industryMadden, Chris Casson, Mortimer, James
Cause to celebrate: will Disney's Celebration, its new planned community near Orlando, help rekindle the idea of neighborhood? (Orlando, Florida)Home furnishings industryFlanagan, Barbara
Chez Alice: as Chez Panisse marks its 25th birthday, Alice Waters, its visionary chef and owner, celebrates with an original cookbook devoted to her favorite food - vegetables. (includes recipes)Home furnishings industryStaggs, Bill
Citurs sensations. (recipes)Home furnishings industry 
Collection house: pristine antiques and flea-market funk radiate soul in a wise and witty pre-Revolutionary town home.Home furnishings industryCunningham, Michael
Cool, calm & collected: Met home of the month. (summer house in Bridgehampton, Long Island)Home furnishings industryLandis, Dylan
Danish twist. (modernist designer Kelly Wearstler)(Special Section: Rising Stars)Home furnishings industryLandis, Dylan
Dressing rooms; today's hot furnishing trends blend happily, taking their cohesion from color and line.Home furnishings industryRosch, Leah
Easy access: Melanie Born, San Francisco, California.(new year-round 'vacation' house)(Winners! readers' contest)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryLandis, Dylan
Easy summer style ideas. (interior decoration and entertaining advice)Home furnishings industryGoewey, Jacqueline
Endless summer: Paul Loveless and David Hollingshead, Cincinnati, Ohio.(new year-round 'vacation' house)(Winners! readers' contest)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryGomez, Edward M.
Entertaining with coffee & tea: a guide to the hottest drinks around. (includes glossary of coffee drinks)(Special Advertising Supplement)Home furnishings industry 
Fade out, fade in. (well-designed objects of the past and future)Home furnishings industry 
Full-color enlargement.(remodeling a 1920s bungalow)Home furnishings industryBook, Jeff, Hill, Douglas
Grassroots reform: a front yard of ornamental grasses and flowering perennials makes waves in one straightlaced suburban neighborhood. (includes related article)Home furnishings industryYang, Linda
Graves' progress. (architect Michael Graves' home in Princeton, New Jersey)Home furnishings industryGomez, Edward M.
Help with homework. (home-office equipment)(Buyers Guide)Home furnishings industryElrich, David
High tech goes to the beach. (renovation of a loft)(Renovate!)Home furnishings industryDunlop, Beth
Home at last. (baby-boom-generation author builds a house)Home furnishings industryBurkett, Elinor
Home computed.(home-design computer software for renovations)(Tech Notes)Home furnishings industryPantiel, Mandy
Home couture. (interior designers Randall Beale and Carl Lana)(Special Section: Rising Stars)Home furnishings industryLandis, Dylan
Home eco-nomics: an architect and a sculptor built their Colorado dream home from down-to-earth, eco-friendly materials. (architect Jim Logan and sculptor Sherry Wiggins)Home furnishings industryWagner, Michael
Home sweet home. (renovation of a pueblo-style home)(Renovate!)Home furnishings industryBook, Jeff
Homework. (home office design)Home furnishings industrySherman, Beth
House for show. (how to get the most out of designer showcases) (includes related information on showcases scheduled for April and May, 1996)Home furnishings industryLandis, Dylan
Housing with heart. (low-income housing projects)Home furnishings industryHellman, Peter
Houston.(City Report)(Travel)Home furnishings industryMeyer, Michele
I did it feng shui. (placement of objects to assure harmony)Home furnishings industryPierson, Stephanie
Industrial chic. (use of inexpensive hardware for building materials)Home furnishings industryBetsky, Aaron
Industrial materials. (used in home design and decoration)Home furnishings industryIsrael, Wendy S.
Italy al dente.(includes recipes from Italy's southern region)Home furnishings industryKummer, Corby, McEvoy, Maura
Kitchen couture.(European designers present kitchen colors and cabinets for 1996)Home furnishings industryHirst, Arlene
Lavie Parisienne: a fabric designer makes over a 19th-century apartment with tres magnifique results.Home furnishings industryRafferty, Jean Bond
Lessons from a French gardener: how to enjoy the glory of classic European gardens in your own backyard - even if you don't live in a chateau.Home furnishings industryRafferty, Jean Bond
Los Angeles in living color. (architect-designed gardens)Home furnishings industryHeeger, Susan
Magic in the ordinary; two flea-marketeers bring their treasures home and create a style they call "ocean country."Home furnishings industryO'Keeffe, Linda
Make it minimal ... but refined. (architects Craig Nealy and Stephen Alton)(Special Section: Rising Stars)Home furnishings industryLandis, Dylan
Makeovers: old chairs, new threads. (Easy Upgrades)Home furnishings industrySaeks, Diane Dorrans
Meanwhile back at the ranch. (renovation of a 1960s house)(Renovate!)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryThompson, Helen
Metro: an insider's guide to the world's best places to eat, sleep, shop and visit - from London to Miami.Home furnishings industry 
Metro: a travel guide to the best new places to eat, sleep, shop and visit - from New York to Paris.Home furnishings industryPaul, Donna, Rafferty, Jean Bond, Heeger, Susan, Paul, heeger, Skilnick, Lisa
Metro: travel: an insider's guide to the best new places to eat, sleep, shop and visit - from Detroit to Dublin.Home furnishings industry 
Modern classic.(interior designers Andrew Frank and Tori Golub)(Special Section: Rising Stars)Home furnishings industryLandis, Dylan
Modernism revisited. (Sanford Smith's Modernism show)Home furnishings industryLasky, Jane
Moving to a field of dreams. (renovation of a farmhouse)(Renovate!)Home furnishings industryOwens, Mitchell
Northern exposure: Susan and John Cowan, Collingwood, Ontario.(new hilltop vacation house)(Winners! readers' contest)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryBernstein, Fred A.
Pacific palette. (designer Michael Smith's apartment in Santa Monica, California)Home furnishings industryBook, Jeff
Paradise now: a Seattle gardener created an island oasis of flowers, fruits and vegetables among the ruins of an old farm. (Phil Sherburne)Home furnishings industryWhiteside, Katherine
Paradise restored: Joyce and Rob Wilson, Honolulu, Hawaii.(restoring a 1920s Tudor cottage)(Winners! readers' contest)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industry 
Perfect alchemy: Met Home of the Month. (architect-designed home)Home furnishings industryBernstein, Fred A.
Planning the perfect garden.(winter tasks)(What The Pros Know)Home furnishings industryGoewey, Jacqueline
Rooms to grow. (outdoor rooms)Home furnishings industryLerner, Jonathan
Second time around.(architect Stuart Silk remodels a home previously designed by him)Home furnishings industryLandis, Dylan, Skott, Michael
Sold on auctions; when a former city dweller went to furnish her country dream home, she found herself going ... going ... gone.(Column)Home furnishings industryBurkett, Elinor
Soup du jour.(French farm soups)(includes recipes)(Weekend Kitchen)Home furnishings industryLoomis, Susan Herman
Streets to shop. (stores in specific cities)Home furnishings industryLasky, Jane
Summer salad days.(A Connecticut couple and their vegetable garden)Home furnishings industryWhiteside, Katherine, Peden, Jon
Texas teahouse. (architect-designed home)Home furnishings industryThompson, Helen
Texas Tuscan: Met home of the month. (Metropolitan Home)Home furnishings industryLandis, Dylan
The art of well-being.(Chinese herbs and teas)(includes recipes)(Healthy Eating)Home furnishings industryKummer, Corby
The bright choice.(Florida resident and interior designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz)Home furnishings industryGomez, Edward M., Margonelli, Peter
The comforts of clutter.(the decision to not do spring cleaning)(Editorial)Home furnishings industryWarner, Donna
The Cutler edge.(architect Jim Cutler's designs and Bill Gates new home)Home furnishings industryBetsky, Aaron
The family tree house. (vacation home)(The Best Little Houses of Summer)Home furnishings industryBernstein, Fred A.
The fleas of Paris.(bargain hunting in the flea markets of Paris, France)Home furnishings industryRafferty, Jean Bond
The salon: high/low. (high- and low-cost decorating)Home furnishings industrySuqi, Rima A.
Think linear. (designer Daven Joy, Daren Joy, Travers Ebling)(Special Section: Rising Stars)Home furnishings industryLandis, Dylan
This drama is through the roof. (renovation of a building into a home)(Renovate!)Home furnishings industryLandis, Dylan
'Tis the season for holiday entertaining. (decorating and entertaining advice)Home furnishings industry 
Tropical complex. (architect-designed home)Home furnishings industryDunlop, Beth
Ultimate shelter: two new residential facilities - one on each coast - fight AIDS on the home front with care for patients and their families. (Lin House, West Hollywood, California; Miracle House, New York, New York)Home furnishings industryGomez, Edward M.
Up on the roof. (outdoor room in Manhattan, New York)Home furnishings industryGimelson, Deborah
Using your bean. (bean preparation and buying advice; includes recipes)Home furnishings industryDooley, John
Well-crafted color: Deborah and Michael Edwards, Cleveland Heights, Ohio.(interior decoration)(Winners! readers' contest)(Cover Story)Home furnishings industryO'Keeffe, Linda
Windows of opportunity. (window coverings)Home furnishings industry 
Winter greens.(salads)(includes recipes)Home furnishings industryKnickerbocker, Peggy
Wising up. (Metropolitan Home's 15th anniversary issue)Home furnishings industryWarner, Donna
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