Mid-American Journal of Business - Abstracts

Mid-American Journal of Business
Accounting for nonpension postretirement benefits: analysis of lobbying activities.Business, regionalKreuze, Jerry G., Newell, Gale E., Langsam, Sheldon A.
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Investment Patterns.Business, regionalBoyer, Kenneth K.
Alliances and networks: cooperative strategies for small businesses.Business, regionalLyles, Marjorie A., Baird, Inga S., Orris, J.B.
American competitiveness: dysfunctional stakeholder communications.Business, regionalGiacalone, Robert A., Payne, Stephen L.
An economical method for correcting forecasting error.Business, regionalJarrett, Jeffrey
A performance model for staff internal auditors: implications for personnel management.Business, regionalSchweikart, James A., Larkin, Joseph M.
Best Practice Customer Value and Satisfaction Cultures.Business, regionalCook, Robert L., Garver, Michael S.
Building world-class supplier relationships; how to turn a business supplier into a lifetime partner.Business, regionalBunio, Russ
Change?(academe needs to catch up with the cross-functional direction of business)Business, regionalNewman, W. Rocky
Characteristics of career achievement: perceptions of African-American executives. (Notes & Comments)Business, regionalBridges, Carl Remus, Perotti, ValerieS.
Computer usage patterns in the construction industry: an empirical investigation.Business, regionalYasin, Mahmoud M., Wafa, Marwan A., McDonald, J. Michael
Decision analysis at the crossroads. (expected utility theory)Business, regionalSounderpandian, Jayavel
Electronic coupons: a double-barreled sales promotion technique.Business, regionalHoffman, Darvin R., Ketcham, Allen F., Taylor, Frank A., III
Estimating systematic risk with long-term growth forecasts and analyst following.Business, regionalDowen, Richard J.
Evidence of auditing as a deterrent to financial reporting irregularities.Business, regionalSchneider, Arnold, Wilner, Neil
Extending cost-volume breakeven analysis to include flexibility.Business, regionalHanna, Mark D., Newman, W. Rocky, Sridharan, Sri V.
Facing the Future: Coping with Times of Change.(change in industry)(Statistical Data Included)Business, regionalSansolo, Michael
FASB damage control for small and medium-sized firms: a strategy to influence rule-making. (Financial Accounting Standards Board)Business, regionalBuckmaster, Dale
Franchising: a growth strategy for the 1990s. (includes information on McDonald's fast-food restaurants in the Soviet Union)Business, regionalPreble, John F.
Gender roles in transition: career and family expectations of accounting students.Business, regionalMaupin, Rebekah
Getting lean: we can't do it alone.(lean manufacturing)Business, regionalBeck, Kathrine
Housing finance agency allocations.Business, regionalWebb, James R., Smolen, Gerald E., Bond, Michael T.
Learning styles and corporate training.Business, regionalWenham, Charlotte, Alie, Raymond E.
Organizational resource allocation decisions: the role of power.Business, regionalSisaye, Seleshi
Our direction and plan. (Mid-American Journal of Business) (Editorial)Business, regionalVetter, Daniel E.
Partnering our way into the 21st century. (successful partnership between the Mid-American Journal of Business and various Mid-American Conference schools)Business, regionalPalomba, Neil A.
People, Prose, and Processors: The Haworth College of Business Electronic Portfolio Project.Business, regionalRooney, Pam, Rea, Alan
Personality Differences and Computer Related Stress in Business Students.Business, regionalTowell, Elizabeth R., Lauer, Joachim
Product differentiation and positioning: confused concepts.Business, regionalChapman, Joseph, Borna, Shaheen
Refining new paradigms by revisiting the basics.Business, regionalKelley, C. Aaron
Selection of commercial bank CEOs in the deregulated environment: influencing factors. (chief executive officers)Business, regionalAndrews, Donald R., Hood, Jerry M., Tate, Uday
Small business consultants: improving the delivery of outside assistance.Business, regionalFields, W. Calvin
Stock returns, inflation, and the business cycle.Business, regionalMoore, Gary S., Visscher, Sue L.
Strategies Used by Small Business Entrepreneurs.(Brief Article)Business, regionalMcKinney, Mary, Lussier, Robert N., Sonfield, Matthew C., Corman, Joel
Strengths and Challenges for Regional Schools.(Brief Article)Business, regionalGraf, David
Student and Employer Perceptions of Desirable Entry-level Operations Management Skills.Business, regionalGabric, Daniela, McFadden, Kathleen L.
Students as customers: finding the right niche.Business, regionalShort, Daniel
The best of times or the worst of times for business education?Business, regionalSchmotter, James W.
The business of business schools.Business, regionalPalomba, Neil A.
The computerization of records systems: a study of selected businesses.Business, regionalLundgren, Carol A., Lundgren, Terry D.
The cycle of renewal in the academic year.Business, regionalPope, James
The Impact of Nonbusiness Majors in a Business Core Course.(Brief Article)Business, regionalBrewer, Peggy D., McGlone, Vernon L., McGlone, Teresa A., Brewer, Virgil L.
The influence of electronic transmission on written communication.Business, regionalBowman, Joel P.
The Organizational Effectiveness Menu: a device for stakeholder assessment.Business, regionalJauch, Lawrence R., Kraft, Kenneth L.
The stock market reaction to plant closings. (Notes & Comments)Business, regionalCox, Raymond A.K., kleiman, Robert T., Mitchell, John B.
Total quality management in a college of business: design and curriculum issues.Business, regionalBrewer, Peggy D., Brewer, Virgil L., Falk, Charles F.
Transforming an organization through teamwork. (Chrysler Corp.)Business, regionalStallkamp, Thomas T.
Trends in business journals.(Editorial)Business, regionalVetter, Daniel E.
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