Modern Asian Studies 1998 - Abstracts

Modern Asian Studies 1998
"A corporation of superior prostitutes": Anglo-Indian legal conceptions of temple dancing girls, 1800-1914. (India)Regional focus/area studiesParker, Kunal M.
A history of forestry in Sarawak. (Borneo)Regional focus/area studiesKaur, Amarjit
An intra-empire capital transfer: the Shanghai Rubber Company boom, 1909-1912.Regional focus/area studiesThomas, W.A.
Borders on the fantastic: mimesis, violence, and landscape at the Temple of Preah Vihear.Regional focus/area studiesCuasay, P.
Britain's secret intelligence service in Asia during the Second World War.Regional focus/area studiesAldrich, Richard J.
Capitalism and counter-insurgency? Business and government in the Malayan emergency, 1948-57.Regional focus/area studiesWhite, Nicholas J.
Generational changes in the leadership of the Ahl-e Sunnat movement in North India during the twentieth century. (Sunni Muslim)Regional focus/area studiesSanyal, Usha
Grain marketing systems in China and India: a comparative perspective.Regional focus/area studiesZhou, Zhang-Yue
History as self-representation: the recasting of a political tradition in late eighteenth-century eastern India.Regional focus/area studiesChatterjee, Kumkum
Honor the Baloch, buy the Pushtun: stereotypes, social organization and history in western Pakistan. (ethnic groups)Regional focus/area studiesTitus, Paul
James Brooke and the Bidayuh: some ritual dimensions of dependency and resistance in nineteenth-century Sarawak. (Bidayuh or Land Dayaks of Borneo, governor/raja of Sarawak James Brooke)Regional focus/area studiesWalker, J.H.
Japanese writer in Vietnam: the two wars of Kaiko Ken (1931-89).Regional focus/area studiesPowell, Irena
Korea, China, and Western barbarians: diplomacy in early nineteenth-century Korea.Regional focus/area studiesHara, Takemichi
Macaulay and the Indian penal code of 1862: the myth of the inherent superiority and modernity of the English legal system compared to India's legal system in the nineteenth century. (Thomas Macaulay)Regional focus/area studiesSkuy, David
Masjid Manzilgah, 1939-40: test case for Hindu-Muslim relations in Sind. (politician Mohammed Ayub Khuhro, India)Regional focus/area studiesKhuhro, Hamida
Mughal nobles, Indian merchants and the beginning of British conquest in Western India: the case of Surat 1756-1759.Regional focus/area studiesTorri, Michelguglielmo
Representations of India, the English East India Company, and self by an eighteenth-century Indian emigrant to Britain.Regional focus/area studiesFisher, Michael H.
Sectarianism in Pakistan: the radicalization of Shi'i and Sunni identities.Regional focus/area studiesZaman, Muhammad Qasim
Strikes and 'communal' riots in Calcutta in the 1890s: industrial workers, Bhadralok Nationalist Leadership and the colonial state.Regional focus/area studiesBasu, Subho
The economics of French rule in Indochina: a biography of Paul Bernard (1892-1960).Regional focus/area studiesHardy, Andrew
The foundation of the Indochinese Communist Party, 1929-1930.Regional focus/area studiesSmith, R.B.
The human rights issue in China, 1929-1931.Regional focus/area studiesFung, Edmund S.K.
The imagined reign of the iron lecturer: village broadcasting in colonial India. (radio broadcasting)Regional focus/area studiesZivin, Joselyn
The Naning War, 1831-1832: colonial authority and Malay resistance in the early period of British Expansion.Regional focus/area studiesChew, Emrys
The pursuit of Persian: language in Mughal politics. (Mughal India)Regional focus/area studiesAlam, Muzaffar
The welfare state and its effect on municipal government in Japan: a case study.Regional focus/area studiesTakao, Yasuo
Widows versus daughters or widows as daughters? Property, land, and economic security in rural India.Regional focus/area studiesAgarwal, Bina
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