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New Letters
9/11: The view from Gramercy.(experiences of September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center)Literature/writingPerutz, Kathrin
9/11: the view from Gramercy.(September 11, 2001, terrorist acts on New York City)Literature/writingPerutz, Kathrin
A brief history of hair.(hatred for her own haif )Literature/writingMiller, Alyce
A complicated relationship: An interview with Mary Gordon.Literature/writingElam, Angelka, LeBeau, Bryan, Pritchett, Michael
Alice.Literature/writingRay, Judy
An infinity of particular things.(the philosophy of Benedict Spinoza)Literature/writingVaron, Jodi
A talk with Renee Stout.(artist)(Biography)Literature/writingCastlereagh, Robert Stewart
A way of seeing: an interview with Mary Gaitskill.(author)(Interview)Literature/writingDierbeck, Lisa
Ballet lesson.(Crossing Borders: Immigrants and Travelers)Literature/writingMin, Anchee
Charles the obscure.Literature/writingSimic, Charles
Countries without bridges.Literature/writingNovakovich, Josip
Covering ground.Literature/writingGildner, Gary
Description and speculation: an interview with Robin Becker.(Crossing Borders: Immigrants and Travelers)(Interview)Literature/writingStewart, Robert
Don Quixote in the heartland: My father's murals.Literature/writingQuintanilla, Paul
Elegy.Literature/writingRogers, James Silas
Error and horror.(September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks)Literature/writingRay, David
Filing N-400 for naturalization.Literature/writingRay, Judy
Giant crickets attacking America: An interview with Tim Seibles.Literature/writingBingham, Remica L.
Gnawing through the mask.Literature/writingBruce, Wendy Reed
High, low, everywhere you go.(appreciation of popular culture and contemporary art)(Critical Essay)Literature/writingBurroway, Janet
How many of you are there in the quartet?Literature/writingDoyle, Brian
How many of you are there in the quartet?(Biography)Literature/writingDoyle, Brian
Hunted everywhere: collaging the capitol.(Washington, D.C.)(Illustration)Literature/writingHarris, Theodore A.
Improvisations: John Coltrane.(Short Story)Literature/writingTerrill, Richard
Inoa.Literature/writingCochrell, Christie
In the dark.(Short Story)Literature/writingKennedy, Thomas E.
Jesse Howard and Roger Brown in the broadcasting booth of the Lord.Literature/writingCodrescu, Andrei
John the Baptist.Literature/writingLeonin, Mia
Jungle fever: Ian Fleming's James Bond novels, the Cold War, and Jamaica.Literature/writingEarly, Gerald
Keep you from hunger: An interview with John Knoepfle.(Interview)Literature/writingCastlereagh, Robert Stewart
Looking out.Literature/writingGildner, Gary
Lost in translation.Literature/writingRuppert, Peter
Marie-Genevieve Havel: an introduction.Literature/writingHacker, Marilyn
Mary Gaitskill.(author)(Biography)Literature/writingKoffler, Leslie
My father's image.(monumentals of togetherness)Literature/writingMasters, Hilary
New Slovenian women's poetry: Introduction.Literature/writingBates, Bridgette
On being cool.Literature/writingGonzales, Laurence
On painting Don Quixote.Literature/writingQuintanilla, Luis
On rediscovering Vincent O. Carter.(Biography)Literature/writingFleischer, Chip
On the edge of ice.(First place, The Dorothy Churchill Cappon Award for creative nonfiction)Literature/writingDevine, Monica
Oval ovaries, flowering tubes: Another infant autopsy.Literature/writingWaldstein, Gail
Paris, porn and what passed for love.Literature/writingWilliams, Gerald
Peaceable island: a conversation with Maxine Kumin and Victor Kumin.(Interview)Literature/writingCramer, Jeffrey S.
Real words.Literature/writingZimmer, Paul
Remembering two journeys.(writing a first novel under the influence of Rome, Italy, and Jack Kerouac)Literature/writingBarolini, Helen
Riding the dog.(Crossing Borders: Immigrants and Travelers)Literature/writingKennedy, Thomas E.
Riding the dog.(traveling in the Greyhound buses )Literature/writingKennedy, Thomas E.
Robert Stackhouse: artist as shapeshifter.(Critical essay)Literature/writingKirsch, Elisabeth
Romancing the farmer's daughter: a courtship by mail.Literature/writingSeyffert, Gordon
Six months on: What I have learned about grief.Literature/writingBurroway, Janet
Soldier son.(writer discusses about her son Tim, who describes himself as a fiscal conservative and social liberal)Literature/writingBurroway, Janet
Stories of water.(impact of water in life of both human and animals)Literature/writingHogan, Linda
Striptease.(gradual transition of personality-disordered individual through several counseling sessions are presented)Literature/writingSlater, Lauren
Subject: Robert Graves: Random notes of a biographer.Literature/writingMckinley, James
Surrogates. .Literature/writingHall, Rachel
The boy who ran through Europe.(Crossing Borders: Immigrants and Travelers)(excerpt from a memoir)(Excerpt)Literature/writingBeasley, Conger, Jr.
The boy who ran through Europe.(trip to Madrid)Literature/writingBeasley, Conger, Jr.
The Brown/Howard art tour.Literature/writingBrommelsiek, Margaret
The Committee to Save the World.Literature/writingDay, Robert
The elephant gang.Literature/writingHeller, Steve
The end of boredom.Literature/writingCollins, Billy
The glittering eye of the narrator: An interview with Robert Day.(Interview)Literature/writingWhitehead, Fred
The political migrations of wheat.(Crossing Borders: Immigrants and Travelers)Literature/writingMarquart, Debra
The scrupulous attention.(Interview)Literature/writingStewart, Robert
The shadow of her smile.(account of a nine year old girl who was raped is discussed)Literature/writingIrving, Donn
The silence.(Crossing Borders: Immigrants and Travelers)Literature/writingAbinader, Elmaz
The silence.(journey from Ramallah to Jerusalem)Literature/writingAbinader, Elmaz
The subject is life: an interview with Naomi Shihab Nye.(Interview)Literature/writingElam, Angela
The Three Gorges Dam & the Yangtze River valley: introduction to the photographs.(Illustration)Literature/writingBenson, Steven
The trapezoidal mind.Literature/writingGass, William
The true heirs.(interview of Bharati Mukherjee)(Interview)Literature/writingElam, Angela
The voice of history: an interview with Peter Balakian.(Interview)Literature/writingMosby, Rebekah Presson
The way of ignorance.Literature/writingBerry, Wendell
Things not seen in a rear-view mirror.Literature/writingMarquart, Debra
Things not seen in a rear-view mirror.(journey passing through the Highway 3)Literature/writingMarquart, Debra
To put on perfume and make guns: an interview with Renee Stout.(artist)(Interview)Literature/writingCastlereagh, Robert Stewart
William Metts, American poet.Literature/writingZimmer, Paul
Wind-time, wolf-time.(Short Story)Literature/writingAgee, Jonis
Woman in front of the Sun: Journey toward a poem.Literature/writingCofer, Judith Ortiz
Zio Filippo at summer camp.Literature/writingBarolini, Helen
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