Production & Inventory Management Journal - Abstracts

Production & Inventory Management Journal
A case experience of new product introduction within a once-traditional subcontract manufacturing environment.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesIrani, Zahir, Sharp, John M., Race, Peter
A comparison of attitudes of Spanish and American quality assurance managers.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesLewis, David A.
A cycle-count model considering inventory policy and record variance.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesYoung, Scott T., Nie, Winter D.
A new approach to teaching production operations management in the business core curriculum.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesMorris, John S.
An implementation analysis of MRP systems: a focus on the human variable. (materials requirement planning)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesRiggs, Walter E., Turnipseed, David L., Burns, O. Maxie
An investigation into the effects of ISO 9000 on participants' attitudes and job performance.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesElmuti, Dean, Kathawala, Yunus
An investigation of interindustry IT innovation.(information technology)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesRagowsky, Arik, Adams, Dennis A.
A note on setup-time reduction and capacity management: a marginal-cost approach. (response to R. Narasimhan and S.A. Melnyk, Production and Inventory Management Journal, vol. 31, p.4, 1990)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesHahn, Chan K., Bragg, Daniel J.
A note on "the effect of sampling variability on statistical order point computation." (response to T.S. Vaughan, Production and Inventory Management Journal, 1995)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesHojati, Mehran
An undesirable effect of JIT. (just in time, job stress)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesInman, R. Anthony, Brandon, Larry D.
A question of matching rather than scheduling. (response to D.A. Marcontell et al, Production and Inventory Management Journal, v. 34, p. 36)(includes author's response)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesVelde, S. L. van de
Computerized maintenance management systems: a study of system design and use.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesSwanson, Laura
Design for logistics (DFL) - the next challenge for designers.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesMather, Hal
Detecting process shifts with X-bar charts.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesKaminsky, Frank C., Burke, Richard J., Davis, Robert D.
Fundamentals of materials management systems.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesKrupp, James A.G.
How to compete in your industry.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesLockamy, Archie, III
How to have a successful operations management program: a final editorial.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesWoolsey, Robert E.D.
Human resource strategies for effective introduction of advanced manufacturing technologies (AMT).Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesSaraph, Jayant V., Sebastian, Richard J.
Implementation of JIT in a small manufacturing firm. (just-in-time management)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesSohal, Amrik S., Naylor, Derek
Implementing vendor-managed inventory the efficient way: a case study of partnership in the supply chain.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesHolmstrom, Jan
Improving inventory accuracy using control charts.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesHart, Marilyn K.
Integrated just-in-time: a total business approach.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesSchneider, James D., Leatherman, Mark A.
Is the full potential of cellular manufacturing being achieved?Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesJordan, Paul C., Frazier, Gregory V.
JIT and job satisfaction: some empirical results. (just-in-time management)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesScott, Allan F., Macomber, James H., Ettkin, Lawrence P.
JIT implementation: a case study.(just in time inventory)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesDeshmukh, S.G., Garg, Dixit, Kaul, O.N.
Joint selection of the purchase order quantity and the number of deliveries in a quantity discount/JIT environment. (response to M.R. Grant, Production and Inventory Management Journal, v. 34, p. 64)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesSilver, Adward A.
Just-in-time sourcing techniques: current state of adoption and performance benefits.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesFawcett, Stanley E., Birou, Laura M.
L. James Burlingame, CFPIM.(Obituary)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesGoddard, Walter
Load-distance analysis with variable loads.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesBonett, Douglas G., Woolsey, Robert E.D.
Lot sizing and backordering in multi-level product structures.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesGupta, Surendra M., Brennan, Louis
Managing employee resistance to JIT: creating an atmosphere that facilitates implementation. (just-in-time management)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesSevier, Amy Johnson
Manufacturing planning and control: is there one definitive answer?Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesSridharan, V., Newman, William
Manufacturing technologies and tools: help from cyberspace.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesFinch, Byron J.
Optimal contract quantity versus optimal shopping quantity. (response to R. Baker, R. Chang and I. Chang, Production and Inventory Management Journal, vol. 35, p. 13, 1994)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesHa, Daesung, Kim, Seung-Lae
Outsourcing through strategic alliances.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesLau, R.S.M., Hurley, Catherine N.
Passing the APICS certification exams: is thinking required?(American Production and Inventory Control Society)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesSherrard, William R., Hampton, David R.
Performance evaluation of lot-sizing methods with multiple quantity discounts in a rolling horizon environment.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesLee, Jim, Ristroph, John H., Zhiwei Zhu, Ruangdet, Manasvee
Process flow scheduling calculations.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesTaylor, Sam G., Bolander, Steven F.
Process flow scheduling: past, present, and future.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesTaylor, Sam G., Bolander, Steven F.
Productivity and performance measures: who uses them?Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesVora, Jay A.
Push/pull manufacturing simulation: a hands-on training experience.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesShannon, Patrick W., Fry, Phillip C.
Quality tools for improvement. (statistical process control)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesHart, Marilyn K.
Reassessing workplace bonuses.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesSmolowitz, Ira
Recoverable inventory systems with time-varying demand.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesWon Jung
SPC implementation in the plastic molding industry. (statistical process control)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesSower, Victor E.
SPC, process improvement, and the Deming PDCA circle in freight administration. (statistical process control; Plan, Do, Check, Act)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesBenneyan, James C., Chute, Alan D.
Strategic supply chain planning.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesVokurka, Robert J., Lummus, Rhonda R., Alber, Karen L.
The causes of schedule instability in an automotive supply chain.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesInman, Bobby Ray, Gonsalvez, David J.A.
The Deming cycle extended to software development.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesPittman, William D., Russell, Gregory R.
The effect of work-in-process inventory levels on throughput and lead times.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesCrandall, Richard E., Burwell, Timothy H.
The empowered employee in a biotechnology company: a case study.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesBaker, Benjamin R., Jr.
The integration of environmental issues into manufacturing: toward an interactive open-systems model.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesKlassen, Robert D.
The new competitors: they think in terms of "speed to market."Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesVesey, Joseph T.
The new revolution: intranets, not Internet.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesGupta, Uma G.
The paradox of team organization in the workplace.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesSmolowitz, Ira
The perceived impact of the benchmarking process on organizational effectiveness.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesElmuti, Dean
The status of forecasting in manufacturing firms.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesSanders, Nada R.
The Y2K problem: Internet resources for manufacturers.(year 2000 problem)Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesKaruppan, Corinne M., Karuppan, Muthu
Training techniques for implementing shop-floor systems.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesFerravanti, Vincent J.
Using origami to teach production management.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesGriffin, Barry
Using queueing network models to set lot-sizing policies for printed circuit board assembly operations.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesDessouky, Maged M.
Vendor certification: seven steps to a better product.Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesLockhart,Marseata, Ettkin, Lawrence
What does a decision support system (DSS) do for manufacturing?Metals, metalworking and machinery industriesPlenert, Gerhard
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