Research Management - Abstracts

Research Management
As Research Teams Grow Older.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKatz, R.
Chemistry and Corporate Strategy at Du Pont.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSturchio, J.L.
Chemists Prefer the Bench.Engineering and manufacturing industries 
Corporate Licensing Survey.Engineering and manufacturing industries 
Defining High Tech.Engineering and manufacturing industries 
Despite Its Fears Public Still Loves Technology.Engineering and manufacturing industries 
Evaluating and Selecting Research Projects by Scoring.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKrawiec, F.
Hiring People Who Do Good Research.Engineering and manufacturing industriesWolff, M.F.
Holding onto Your High-Talent Professionals.Engineering and manufacturing industriesBlakeslee, G.S.
Increased Hiring Seen for 1984.Engineering and manufacturing industries 
Looking for Change.Engineering and manufacturing industries 
Managing a Diverse Work Force: Women in Engineering.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKirkham, K., Thompson, P.
Managing Research to Improve Efficiency and Productivity.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGregory, V.L.
Meeting International Competition.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSteele, L.W.
Ph.D.s in Business, and Other Employment Trends.Engineering and manufacturing industries 
See 11% Increase in Company-Funded R&D.Engineering and manufacturing industries 
Teams Which Excell.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSweeney, P.J., Allen, D.M.
Technological Maturity Proves a Valid and Important Concept.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRoussel, P.A.
Tehnological Diffusion and National Policy.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHeaton, G.R.Jr., Hollomon, J.H.
The Real Barriers to Innovation.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHill, I.D.
University-Industry Research Relationships.Engineering and manufacturing industriesFowler, D.R.
Viewing R & D Projects Financially.Engineering and manufacturing industriesEllis, L.W.
When Lab and Field Scientists Don't Communicate.Engineering and manufacturing industriesWolff, M.F.
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