The Journal of Asian Studies 2005 - Abstracts

The Journal of Asian Studies 2005
Cultural brokerage and interethnic marriage in colonial Taiwan: Japanese subalterns and their aborigine wives, 1895-1930.Regional focus/area studiesBarclay, Paul D.
From colonialism to postcolonial colonialism: Changing modes of domination in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.Regional focus/area studiesSokefeld, Martin
Gender transgression in colonial and postcolonial Indonesia.Regional focus/area studiesBlackwood, Evelyn
Governmentality and its consequences in colonial Taiwan: A case study of the Ta-pa-ni incident of 1915.Regional focus/area studiesKatz, Paul R.
Objects, models, and exemplary works: Educating sentiment in colonial India.Regional focus/area studiesGlover, William J.
Presidential address--Samurai trouble: Thoughts on war and loyalty.Regional focus/area studiesBerry, Mary Elizabeth
Representing the worker: The worker-intellectual alliance of the 1980s in South Korea.Regional focus/area studiesNamhee Lee
Sanitizing empire: Japanese articulations of Korean otherness and the construction of early colonial Seoul, 1905-1919.Regional focus/area studiesHenry, Todd A.
Sex in the Inner City: The fidelity between sex and politics in Siam.Regional focus/area studiesLoos, Tamara
Tears that crumbled the great wall: The archaeology of feeling in the May Fourth folklore movement.Regional focus/area studiesHaiyan Lee
The Japanese colonial state and the dissolution of the late imperial frontier economy in Taiwan, 1886-1909.Regional focus/area studiesTavares, Antonio C.
The new woman commits suicide: The press, cultural memory, and the new republic.Regional focus/area studiesGoodman, Bryna
The Sufi shrines of Gwalior city: Communal sensibilities and the accessible exotic under Hindu rule.Regional focus/area studiesGold, Daniel
"The West" and the anthropology of other people's colonialism: Frederick Starr in Korea, 1911-1930.Regional focus/area studiesOppenheim, Robert
Tracing origins: Ilustrado nationalism and the radical science of migration waves.Regional focus/area studiesAguilar, Filomeno V., Jr.
"We will become Jijabai": Historical tales of Hindu nationalist women in India.Regional focus/area studiesMenon, Kalyani Devaki
Writing like a man: Poetic literacy, textual property, and gender in the Tosa Diary.Regional focus/area studiesHeldt, Gustav
Zhang Jian and China's first museum.Regional focus/area studiesClaypool, Lisa
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