Theory into Practice - Abstracts

Theory into Practice
(A)broad teacher education.(foreign students )EducationLing, Lorraine, Burman, Eva, Cooper, Maxine, Ling, Peter
Adolescents' moral engagement in urban settings.EducationThorkildsen, Theresa A.
African American males in urban schools: no excuses - teach and empower.EducationMilner, H. Richard, IV
A leader's experiences of intercultural education in an elementary school: Changes and challenges.EducationAdalbjarnardottir, Sigrun, Runarsdottir, Eyrun M.
Alternative approaches to the politics of detracking.EducationWelner, Kevin, Burris, Carol Corbett
A rationale for differentiating instruction in the regular classroom.EducationGeorge, Paul S.
Assessment of progress in the general curriculum for students with disabilities.EducationBrowder, Diane M., Wakeman, Shawnee Y., Flowers, Claudia
A view of research from practice: voices of teachers.EducationMiretzky, Debra
Becoming literate in a school language: Connecting home, community, and school literacy practices.EducationHaneda, Mari
Bringing peace to the central city: Forgiveness education in Milwaukee.EducationEnright, Robert D., Knutson, Jeanette A.
Challenges and possibilities for serving gifted learners in the regular classroom.EducationVanTassel-Baska, Joyce, Stambaugh, Tamra
Children and place: Reggio Emilia's environment as third teacher.EducationEllis, Julia, Strong-Wilson, Teresa
Child soldiers, peace education, and postconflict reconstruction for peace.EducationWessells, Michael
Comprehensive school reform and inclusive schools.EducationMcLesky, James, Waldron, Nancy L.
Conflict, contact and education in Northern Ireland.EducationNiens, Ulrike, Cairns, Ed
Cultural autobiographies and oral histories.EducationBarclay-McLaughlin, Gina, Kershaw, Cheryl, Roberts, Dewey
Cultural diversity, motivation, and differentiation.EducationGinsberg, Margery B.
Detracked ninth-grade English: Apprenticeship for the work and world of high school and beyond.EducationCone, Joan Kernan
Detracking in the social studies: A path to a more democratic education?EducationHyland, Nora E.
Differentiated instruction and educational standards: Is detente possible?EducationMcTighe, Jay, Brown, John L.
Differentiating instruction for disabled students in inclusive classrooms.EducationBroderick,Alicia, Mehta-Parekh, Heeral, Reid, D. Kim
Differentiation and high-stakes testing: An oxymoron?EducationBrimijoin, kay
Environmental influences, the developing brain, and aggressive behavior.EducationHudley, Cynthia, Novac, Andrei
Essential components of peace education.EducationJohnson, David W., Johnson, Roger T.
Ethnic and racial identity and adolescent well-being.EducationHudley, Cynthia, Wakefield, W. David
Examining literate lives as student engage with multiple literacies.EducationTierney, Robert J., Bond, Ernest, Bresler, Jane
Exploring learning with teachers and children: An administrator's perspective.EducationHaigh, Karen M.
From moral exclusion to moral inclusion: Theory for teaching peace.EducationGerson, Janet, Woodside, Sarab, Opotow, Susan
Grading and differentiation: Paradox or good practice?EducationTomlinson, Carol Ann
How a detracked mathematics approach promoted respect, responsibility, and high achievement.EducationBoaler, Jo
How listening to students can help schools to improve.(Survey)EducationNoguera, Pedro A.
Implementing Community Peace and Safety Networks in South Africa.EducationJones, Tricia S.
Including the child with special needs: Learning from Reggio Emilia.EducationGilman, Sheryl
Inclusion as social justice: Critical notes on discourses, assumptions, and the road ahead.EducationArtiles, Alfredo J., Harris-Murri, Nancy, Rostenberg, Dalia
Induction: A collective endeavor of learning, teaching and leading.EducationKilleavy, Maureen
Intellectual role taking: Supporting discussion in heterogeneous elementary science classes.EducationHerrenkohl, Leslie Rupert
Leading educators' relearning in a post-Soviet country.EducationZogla, Irena
Leading for learning: Reflective management in EFL schools.(English as a foreign language)EducationGoker, Suleyman Davut
Lessons learned from detracked mathematics departments.EducationHorn, Ilana Seidel
Lessons to be learned from research on peace education in the context of intractable conflict.EducationKupermintz, Haggai, Salomon, Gavriel
Linking past to present to create an image of the child.EducationHughes, Eileen
Literate thought and multiple literacies.EducationYe Wang, Paul, Peter V.
Looking out across Columbus: What we mean by ''multiple literacies''.EducationBloome, David, Enciso, Patricia
Modifying schoolwork in inclusive classrooms.EducationJanney, Rachel E., Snell, Martha E.
Multiple literacies and middle school students.EducationPerry, Tonya B.
Multiple literacies, curriculum, and instruction in early childhood and elementary school.EducationLarson, Joanne
Multiple literacies, new literacies, and teacher education.EducationCervetti, Gina, Damico, James, Pearson, David P.
One size doesn't fit all: reopening discussion of the research-practice connection.EducationSchoonmaker, Frances
Organizational learning in schools and school systems: Improving learning, teaching, and leading.EducationCollinson, Vivienne, Cook, Tanya Fedoruk, Conley, Sharon
Outside in: communities in action for education reform.EducationMediratta, Kavitha
Peer supports and inclusive education: An underutilized resource.EducationBond, Rebecca, Castagnera, Elizabeth
Peer victimization and mental health during early adolescence.EducationGraham, Sandra, Bellmore, Amy D.
Play in other languages.(early childhood education)EducationFraser, Susan
Professional learning communities: teachers, knowledge, and knowing.EducationWood, Diane R.
Progettazione and documentation as sociocultural activities: Changing communities of practice.EducationMoran, Mary Jane, Desrochers, Lisa, Cavicchi, Nicole M.
Promoting positive youth development in schools.EducationGomez, Brendan J., Ang, Patricia Mei-Mei
Promoting research-based practices through inclusion?EducationVolonino, Victoria, Zigmond, Naomi
Promoting student resilience in school contexts.EducationMorrison, Gale M., Allen, Megan Redding
Promoting systemic, statewide inclusion from the bottom up.EducationRoach, Virginia, Salisbury, Christine
Reframing urban education discourse: a conversation with and for teacher educators.EducationBlanchett, Wanda J., Wynne, Joan
Reggio Emilia as cultural activity theory in practice.EducationNew, Rebecca S.
School-based peace building in Sierra Leone.EducationBretherton, Diane, Weston, Jane, Zbar, Vic
School connectedness, mental health and well-being of adolescent mothers.EducationRomo, Laura F., Nadeem, Erum
Shared leadership for teacher and student learning.EducationPrinty, Susan M., Marks, Helen M.
''She would've still made that face expression'': The use of multiple literacies by two African American young women.EducationCarter, Stephanie Power
"Some people think this school is tracked and some people don't": Using inquiry groups to unpack teachers' perspective on detracking.EducationWatanabe, Maika
Students' perspectives on tracking and detracking.EducationYonezawa, Susan, Jones, Makeba
Styles of thinking as a basis of differentiated instruction.EducationSternberg, Robert J., Li-fang Zhang
Taking off the cape: the stories of novice urban leadership.EducationTredway, Lynda, Brill, Fred, Hernandez, Janette
Teachers as executives.(special education teacher's duties)EducationFrench, Nancy K., Chopra, Ritu V.
Teaching teachers to build equitable classrooms.EducationLotan, Rachel
The ''academic literacies'' model: Theory and Applications.EducationLea, Mary R., Street, Brian V.
The construction site project: Transforming early childhood teacher practice.EducationKrentz, Caroline, McNaughton, Kathryn
The development of an early childhood teacher research collaborative.EducationGoldhaber, Jeanne
The impact of an on online learning program on teaching and learning strategies.EducationLivingston, Kay, Condie, Rae
The importance of teacher-student relationships for adolescents with high incidence disabilities.EducationMurray, Christopher, Pianta, Robert C.
The many faces of collaborative planning and teaching.EducationVilla, Richard A., Nevin, Ann I.
Theory into practice: a matter of transfer.EducationRandi, Judi, Corno, Lyn
The relationship between black racial identity and academic achievement in urban settings.EducationHarper, Brian E.
The research-practice divide in beginning reading.EducationSpear-Swerling, Louise
"The road is less traveled": Professional communities in secondary schools.EducationBezzina, Christopher
The role of 1:1 individual instruction in reading.(service for disabled students)EducationFrey, Nancy
The role of assessment in differentiation.EducationMoon, Tonya R.
The role of peer bystanders in school bullying: Positive steps toward promoting peaceful schools.EducationLodge, Jodie, Frydenberg, Erica
Tracking and detracking: Debates, evidence, and best practices for a heterogeneous world.EducationRubin, Beth C.
Universal design and multiple literacies: Creating access and ownership for students with disabilities.EducationMichael, Martha G., Trezek, Beverly J.
Unlocking the potential of African American students: Keys to reversing underachievement.EducationJackson, Yvette
Urban school achievement gap as a metaphor to conceal U.S. apartheid education.EducationCross, Beverly E.
Using research to inform the practice of teachers, schools, and school reform organizations.(Case study)EducationAllen, David, Ancess, Jacqueline, Barnett, Elisabeth
Using technology in Reggio Emilia-inspired programs.EducationMitchell, Linda M.
When theories don't add up: disentangling the manipulatives debate.EducationMcNeil, Nicole M., Jarvin, Linda
Who benefits from failing urban schools?(preventing academic failure)EducationHaberman, Martin
Whole-school detracking: A strategy for equity and excellence.EducationAlvarez, Doris, Mehan, Hugh
Whole-school learning reform: Effective strategies from Thai schools.EducationKhemmani, Tisana
Why closing the research-practice gap is critical to closing student achievement gaps.EducationCooper, Laura A.
''You gotta reach 'em'': An African American teacher's multiple literacies approach.EducationWilliams, Cynthia Hansberry
Young women, sports, and science.EducationHanson, Sandra L.
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