Topics in Health Care Financing - Abstracts

Topics in Health Care Financing
Congregate Living Arrangements: The Financing Option.Health care industryWard, M.E.
Controlling Expansion of the Nursing Home Industry: Effects of Prospective Payment Systems on Capital Formation.Health care industryKolb, D.S., Krueger, D.J.
Designing a physician ecosystem.Health care industryClark, Cathy Sullivan, Camp, Tracey L.
Developing a physician-hospital organization. (Financial Analysis and Medical Staff Development)Health care industryRyan, J. Bruce, Straley, Peter F.
Economic credentialing. (Financial Analysis and Medical Staff Development)Health care industryKolb, Deborah S., Hughes, Randall L., Young, C. Edward
Financial analysis of direct contracting between hospitals and employers.Health care industryMcKay, Niccie L.
Financial analysis of medical office buildings. (Financial Analysis and Medical Staff Development)Health care industryStraley, Peter F., Swaim, Carol R.
Financial analysis of medical staff development plans. (Financial Analysis and Medical Staff Development)Health care industryRyan, J. Bruce, Krentz, Susanna E., Horowitz, Judith L.
Financing Long-Term Care: The Investor's Perspective.Health care industrySchopp, D.N.
Home Health Care: A Logical Extension of Hospital Services.Health care industryLundberg, C.J.
Hospital strategic management and managed care.Health care industryLewis, James B.
How can we achieve more value from our managed care efforts?Health care industryGregg, Stephen A.
Increasing Cash Flow with a Patient Accounting Review.Health care industrySacco, P.P.
Insolvency in managed care organizations: financial indicators.Health care industryBoles, Keith E.
Key factors affecting the future of managed care.Health care industryLee, A. James
Managed care is limited by the information system.Health care industryWelge, Wayne L.
Medical practice evaluation and analysis. (Financial Analysis and Medical Staff Development)Health care industryWood, Michael A., Erickson, Kristi A.
Medical Record Department Performance: An Increasing Concern.Health care industryMurphy-Muth, S.M., Lonergan, K.M.
Medical staff development: planning for a successful program. (Financial Analysis and Medical Staff Development)Health care industryHartwig, Paul J.
Meeting employer needs in the managed care request for proposal process.Health care industryJones, Linda F., Font, Jorge A.
Operational Auditing in Hospitals.Health care industryHeinzeller, M.
Operations Review as a Management Tool. The Provider's Perspective.Health care industryWilliams, A.H.III
Operations Review of the EDP Function: A Growing Need.Health care industryBell, R.A.
Operations Review of the Operating Room.Health care industryOckey, V.A.
Optimal Long-Term Health Care for the Elderly: An Acute Care Hospital's Perspective.Health care industryButler, N.G.
Pricing medical services in the managed care environment.Health care industrySchroeder, Richard E., Atkinson, Alonzo M., Armstrong, Robert N.
Private Payment for Long-Term Care: The Untapped Mechanism.Health care industryJennings, M.C., Krentz, S.E.
Promoting and measuring productivity in the HMO. (health maintenance organizations)Health care industryJacobson, James M.
Provider involvement in managed care underwriting.Health care industrySmith, Dean G.
Structuring the Life-Care Contract to Minimize Financial Risk.Health care industryHorowitz, J., Ryan, J.B.
Successfully managing managed care: organizational skills needed by hospitals to compete in an era of managed care.Health care industryBrooke, Paul P., Jr.
The Operations Review Process: An Independent Evaluation of Performance.Health care industryDalton, J.J.
The "People" Aspects of an Operations Review.Health care industryMorgan, B.A., Guerin, R.C.
The Regulator's View of Hospital Costs.Health care industryCohen, H.A., Keane, J.C.
The valuation of medical practices. (Financial Analysis and Medical Staff Development)Health care industryFedera, R. Danielle, Ketcham, Jonathan S.
What Is Operational Auditing?Health care industryKnoll, R.J., Howard, T.N.
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