Viva - Abstracts

'79's hottest new artist. (Todd Ruff)Women's issues/gender studies 
A captive of time: Dr. Zhivago's "Lara" tells the true story of her love affair with Boris Pasternak.Women's issues/gender studiesIvinskaya, Olga, Hayward, Max
A little mood music. (synthsipr sound creator Suzanne Ciahi)Women's issues/gender studies 
Amelia Jenks Bloomer.Women's issues/gender studiesManske, Laura
A swell guy. (artist Guy Carlotti)Women's issues/gender studies 
Bewitched. (Beverly Hills witch Ruth Revsen)Women's issues/gender studies 
Bloodbrothers.Women's issues/gender studiesStone, Elizabeth
Carol Kane: artistry and old lace.Women's issues/gender studiesSquire, Susan
Catherine Mumford Booth.Women's issues/gender studiesMithers, Carol
Cavorting with Cavett.Women's issues/gender studiesHarrison, Barbara Grizzuti
Christie Brinkley. (model)Women's issues/gender studies 
Coming back to Eartha. (Eartha Kitt)Women's issues/gender studies 
Crystal Gayle. (profile)Women's issues/gender studiesFlake, Carol
Daphne Hellman: harp and soul.Women's issues/gender studiesFlake, Carol
Ellie Smeal: speaking from the hearth.Women's issues/gender studies 
Erica Jong: an intimate conversation.Women's issues/gender studiesFrankfort, Ellen
Flip side: to Carol Miller, the Supremes are nine elderly judges.Women's issues/gender studiesAlbin, Len
George Burns: the last of the grand vaudevillians charms a whole new generation.Women's issues/gender studiesWeber, Michael John
Getting hers: who ever told Nobel Laureate Rosalyn Yalow she could have everything?Women's issues/gender studies 
Glasses for the blind. (drivers with low vision)Women's issues/gender studiesSeligmann, Jean
Harriet Quimby. (first American women pilot)Women's issues/gender studiesQuinby, Brie
In the spotlight: Etta James.Women's issues/gender studiesFlake, Carol
Introducing Claire Bretecher: Europe's most popular cartoonist.Women's issues/gender studiesAnderson, Susan Heller
Isabelle Huppert: cherchez la femme.Women's issues/gender studiesBrush, Stephanie
Joan Armatrading.Women's issues/gender studiesRich, Kathy
Joanne King. (cover girl)Women's issues/gender studiesBrush, Stephanie
Joan of Arc.Women's issues/gender studies 
Johnny Casablancas: invasion of the beauty snatcher. (model agent)Women's issues/gender studies 
Jon Voight: nine years after Midnight Cowboy. (interview)Women's issues/gender studiesMariani
Julia Margaret Cameron. (photographer)Women's issues/gender studiesQuinby, Brie
Juliette Gordon Low. (Girls Scouts founder)Women's issues/gender studiesMithers, Carol
La belle Deneuve.Women's issues/gender studiesDubovay, Diane de
La pasionaria. (Spanish revolutionary)Women's issues/gender studiesWolin, Merle
Living with Rudolf Nureyev.Women's issues/gender studiesVan Vooren, Monique
Ludmilla: in the early 1900s, wave upon wave of Eastern Eauropean women left their homes and familities in the "old country" to take a chance on a better life in the United States.Women's issues/gender studiesKopecky, Gini
"Mammolina" Montessori. (Maria Montessori)Women's issues/gender studiesBrush, Stephanie
Marathon woman: what makes Diana Nyad swim?Women's issues/gender studiesShapiro, Jane
No time for breakfast.Women's issues/gender studiesStone, Elizabeth
On Sontag.Women's issues/gender studiesStone, Laurie
Overeaters Anonymous.Women's issues/gender studiesSeligmann, Jean
Papp's progress.Women's issues/gender studiesSealy, Shirley
People of Plains. (Plains, Georgia)Women's issues/gender studiesBorns, Steven
Pink Floyd.Women's issues/gender studies 
Ringo: from Starkey to Starr to superstar.Women's issues/gender studiesMintz, Elliot
Shelley Hack: "I'm not interested in being competitive."Women's issues/gender studies 
Sir Cecil Beaton: photographer to a gilded age.Women's issues/gender studiesWittenborn, Dirk
Steve Martin: hey, this guy is good!Women's issues/gender studiesYounin-Hoffman, Naomi
Super couples: terrific twosomes wear their favorite fun fashions.Women's issues/gender studiesPagliuso, Jean
Susie Coelho.Women's issues/gender studiesModderno, Craig
The boys from Brazil.Women's issues/gender studiesStone, Elizabeth
The business of lunching.Women's issues/gender studiesTrahey, Jane
The funniest man you've never met: Marshall Brickman.Women's issues/gender studiesGrant, Roberta
The gothic connection. (women's role in gothic literature)Women's issues/gender studiesStone, Laurie
The kind and us: getting to know Yul, getting to know all about Yul. (Brynner interview)Women's issues/gender studiesVan Vooren, Monique
The McGarrigle sisters.Women's issues/gender studiesBoyd, Blanche
The mouth that roared. (opinions on women)Women's issues/gender studiesOrange, Julia
The new Lois Lane: a candid conversation with Margot Kidder.Women's issues/gender studiesWadler, Joyce
The Tack Room. (Tucson, Arizona; includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesQuinby, Erie
The troubling truth about Joan Crawford: a life more bizarre than any screen role. (book excerpt)Women's issues/gender studiesLawrenson, Helen
The vision of Claudia Weill.Women's issues/gender studiesStone, Elizabeth
The voice at the Village Voice: Marianne Partrid:ge.Women's issues/gender studiesHennessee, Judith
The wiz kid.Women's issues/gender studiesRoss, Penelope
Under statements: petticoats that say it all.Women's issues/gender studies 
Urban desire.Women's issues/gender studiesBoyd, Blanche
Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras no. 3; Momoprecoce. (New Philharmonia Orchestra)Women's issues/gender studies 
What's so special about Marthe Keller? for one thing, she's got Al Pacino....Women's issues/gender studiesVespa, Mary
Woven dreams. (weaver Barbara O'Steen)Women's issues/gender studies 
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