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WE International
Ak'Tenamit: Guatemalan women's paper making co-op.Women's issues/gender studiesStewart, Bethania M.
Alternatives to working from home.(common work centers in Toronto, Canada)Women's issues/gender studiesHare, Melanie, Johnson, Laura C.
Art in public spaces.(monuments by women artists)Women's issues/gender studiesFarkas, Suzanne
A success story from Bangladesh.(Bangladesh Rural Development Board)Women's issues/gender studiesParvin, Rebeka
Banking on women: achieving healthy economies through microfinance.Women's issues/gender studiesGow, Kathryn N.
Biotechnology: a woman's business.(Urban Agriculture)Women's issues/gender studiesKneen, Cathleen
Cameras in the feminist classroom: access or distraction?(WomanTech)Women's issues/gender studiesWinfield, Bonnie M.
Changing the world ... electronically.(WomanTech)Women's issues/gender studiesWood, Peregrine
Community building through design.(student workshops in design and planning)Women's issues/gender studiesEarn, Sharon
Cyberspace: a new environment for women.(WomanTech)Women's issues/gender studiesMyburgh, Susan
Enter the dragon ...(WomanTech)(how technology can help those with debilitating conditions)Women's issues/gender studiesSmith, Geneva
EuroFEM: European women take action.Women's issues/gender studiesGilroy, Rose, Booth, Christine, Horelli, Liisa
Fiddling while Rome burns? Sustainable communities and the politics of citizen participation.Women's issues/gender studiesMacGregor, Sherilyn
Food for action: consumer democracy.(Urban Agriculture)Women's issues/gender studiesMoffett, Deborah, Morgan, Mary Lou
Gender planning on the Internet: a review of electronic resources.(WomanTech)Women's issues/gender studiesHarwood, Stacy
Gender, utilitariansim & Poland: 100 years of women and urban agriculture.(Urban Agriculture)Women's issues/gender studiesBellows, Anne Camilla
Gloria Steinam remembers Bella Abzug: a tribute.(Urban Agriculture)(Interview)Women's issues/gender studiesCowern, Christine
GROOTS: exchanges link grassroots women around the world.(Grassroots Organizations Together in Sisterhood)Women's issues/gender studiesBrown, Joyce, Tamaki, Marni
Growing a need: starting a community garden.(Urban Agriculture)Women's issues/gender studiesMiller, Amina
Growing in the city: why women garden.(Urban Agriculture)Women's issues/gender studiesGiordano, Susan, Tam, Chick F., Mabie, Rachel
"It's really Hitting Home"; the home as a site for long-term health care.(Hitting Home Team)Women's issues/gender studiesEngland, Kim
KMVS; working towards environmental justice for rural women in India.(Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan, rural women's collective)Women's issues/gender studiesPatel, Seema
Knot a Breast; women's dragons with a fighting spirit.(includes related article on dragon boat racing)Women's issues/gender studiesFarkas, Suzanne
Listen Up! Women are talking about ... strategies to reduce social risks for HIV/AIDS infection and illness progression.Women's issues/gender studiesKing, Natalie, Kellington, Stephanie, Desroches, Monique, Kjar, Gina, Lyndon, Sharyle, Wartman, Wendy, Blackwind, Tom-morrow, Jir, Bunsy, Lockhart, Freda
Lorriane McRae: Chief Mnjikaning First Nation.(Native American council)Women's issues/gender studiesFarkas, Suzanne, Modlich, Reggie
Making space into place; York University's 6th annual Eco-Art and Media Festival.(Ontario)Women's issues/gender studiesMyers, Natasha
Millie Chen: you are here.(Urban Agriculture)Women's issues/gender studiesMintz, Fredrica
Notes on a Cuban experience: the duality of equality.(Urban Agriculture)Women's issues/gender studiesCruz, Mariana Canidad, Murciano, Yalila, Allan, Nancy
Opening the kitchen door: household technology & research.(WomanTech)Women's issues/gender studiesvan Beveren, Jacintha L.M.
Pam Cluff: access by design.Women's issues/gender studiesFarkas, Suzanne
Politicizing the Internet: getting women on-line.(WomanTech)Women's issues/gender studiesCrow, Barbara
Profile - Phyllis Lambert: advocate for dialogue.Women's issues/gender studiesGiraudy, Cheryl
Revisiting a classic feminist technotopia: Marge Piercy's 'Woman on the Edge of Time'.(WomanTech)Women's issues/gender studiesFarr, Marie T.
Rural Ugandan women and the technological race to the 21st century.(WomanTech)Women's issues/gender studiesTumwine, Immaculate Wamimbi
Rural Ugandan women's views about their health and health services.Women's issues/gender studiesRutakumwa, William, Krogman, Maomi T.
Same message, different medium.(WomanTech)(gender relations on the Internet)Women's issues/gender studiesSilver, Larissa
Saving time: rural Honduran women working for change.(WomanTech)Women's issues/gender studies 
Shaping the movement; women's contributions to Ontario Healthy Communities.(Ontario Health Communities Coalition)Women's issues/gender studiesBeaudoin, Monique, Caton, Lisa, Jacobs, Anna, Larsh, Susan, Stirling, Alison
Sudbury: better beginnings and futures.(feminist and native community in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)Women's issues/gender studiesModlich, Reggie
Technology and development: strategies for the integration of gender.(WomanTech)Women's issues/gender studiesEverts, Saskia
The Huairou Commission.(United Nations grassroots program for women)Women's issues/gender studiesFeldman, Sheryl
The hunt: kill or cull.(international seed distribution)(Urban Agriculture)Women's issues/gender studiesKramer, Dee
The Masese Women's Association raises a community from a slum.(Masese is on the outskirts of Jinja, Uganda)Women's issues/gender studiesOchwo, Marcella T., Cockburn, Jean, Tumwine, Immaculate
They huffed and they puffed...but we built a straw bale house in the burbs!Women's issues/gender studiesBradbee, Cheryl, Terrett, Grace
Wainimate; valuing women's traditional medicine knowledge in Fiji.(Women's Association for Natural Medicinal Therapy)Women's issues/gender studiesStrathy, Kerrie
WEspeak.(WE International)Women's issues/gender studiesMacGregor, Sherilyn
WE surf.(Web sites)Women's issues/gender studies 
Where have all the women gone?(Cambridge, Ontario)Women's issues/gender studiesDeSantis, Gloria
Women artists creating space for healthy communities.Women's issues/gender studiesFarkas, Suzanne
Women moving mountains: women work to close the occupational gender safety gap.Women's issues/gender studiesRosskam, Ellen
Women & wires: feminist connections and the politics of cyberspace.(WomanTech)Women's issues/gender studiesEngel, Maureen, Fisher, Catilin
World March of Women 2000.(includes related demands information)Women's issues/gender studiesWoolfrey, Joy
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