Women & Criminal Justice - Abstracts

Women & Criminal Justice
A comparison of female and male probationers: characteristics and case outcomes.(Statistical Data Included)Women's issues/gender studiesOlson, David E., Lurigio, Arthur J., Seng, Magnus
A descriptive profile and socio-historical analysis of female executions in the United States: 1632-1997.(Statistical Data Included)Women's issues/gender studiesBaker, David V.
Advice to women beginning a career in policing.Women's issues/gender studiesHarrington, Penny E.
Age, role changes, and gender power in family relationships: the experiences of older female partners of male prisoners.Women's issues/gender studiesCodd, Helen
An application of convergence theory to women's drinking and driving.Women's issues/gender studiesBergdahl, Jacqueline
Ann Petry's 'In Darkness and Confusion' and the Harlem Riot of 1943: fictional insights into the causes and Nature of collective violence.Women's issues/gender studiesSmith, Beverly A.
A profession marked by male characteristics and imbued with female sensibilities.Women's issues/gender studiesBernat, Frances P.
Assessing the racial climate in women's institutions in the context of penal reform.Women's issues/gender studiesCarbone-Lopez, Kristin C., Kruttschnitt, Candace
A woman in her own time: Frances Heidensohn within and beyond criminology.Women's issues/gender studiesEaton, Mary
Born feminist.(feminist professor of criminology)Women's issues/gender studiesBelknap, Joanne
Conflicting consensus: public reaction to a domestic violence pro-arrest policy.(Statistical Data Included)(Polling Data)Women's issues/gender studiesRobinson, Amanda L.
Coramae Richey Mann on women, crime and the color of American justice.Women's issues/gender studiesMars, Joan Rosemary
Correlates of pre-college males' sexual aggression: attitudes, beliefs and behavior.(Statistical Data Included)Women's issues/gender studiesVogel, Brenda L.
Defeminizing and dehumanizing female murderers: depictions of lesbians on death row.Women's issues/gender studiesFarr, Kathryn Ann
Differential police response to black battered women.(Statistical Data Included)Women's issues/gender studiesRobinson, Amanda L., Chandek, Meghan S.
Does batterer treatment reduce violence? A synthesis of the literature.(Statistical Data Included)Women's issues/gender studiesDavis, Robert C., Taylor, Bruce G.
Domestic violence victims' behavior in favor of prosecution: effects of gender relations.(Statistical Data Included)Women's issues/gender studiesBui, Hoan N.
Do standard risk prediction instrument apply to female parolees?Women's issues/gender studiesMcShane, Marilyn D., Williams, Frank P. III, Dolny, H. Michael
Equal application or unequal treatment: practical outcomes for women on community control in Florida.Women's issues/gender studiesAnsay, Sylvia J., Benveneste, Deena
Evaluating the efficacy of protection orders for victims of domestic violence.Women's issues/gender studiesBurgess-Proctor, Amanda
Female inmates' perspectives on sexual abuse by correctional personnel: An exploratory study.Women's issues/gender studiesCalhoun, Avery J., Doleman, Heather D.
Female-perpetrated partner violence and aggression: their relationship to gender identity.Women's issues/gender studiesDietz, Tracy L., Jasinski, Jana L.
Feminist perspectives on female offending: examining real girls' lives.Women's issues/gender studiesHolsinger, Kristi
Focusing on girls and young women: a gendered perspective on female delinquency.Women's issues/gender studiesBloom, Barbara; Owen, Barbara; Rosenbaum, Jill; Deschenes, Elizabeth Piper
Freda Adler:a portrait of a pioneer.(Critical Essay)Women's issues/gender studiesFlynn, Edith Elisabeth
Gender differences in officers' perceptions and decisions about domestic violence cases.(Statistical Data Included)Women's issues/gender studiesStalans, Loretta J., Finn, Mary A.
Gender, religion, and correctional orientations among a sample of juvenile justice personnel.Women's issues/gender studiesLeiber, Michael J.
Girls' delinquency and the justice implications of intake workers' perspectives.Women's issues/gender studiesBond-Maupin, Lisa, Maupin, James R., Leisenring, Amy
Giving everyone a "fair go": a profile of the work of Christine Margaret Adler.(Australia)Women's issues/gender studiesWundersitz, Joy, Chesney-Lind, Meda
Heightened sensitivity to conflict on the part of female criminal defenders: myth, reality, or hyperbole?Women's issues/gender studiesLynch, David R.
How I found my niche in criminal justice and stopped fearing statistics.Women's issues/gender studiesBailey, Frankie Y.
Images of prostitution: the prostitute and print media.Women's issues/gender studiesVan Brunschot, Erin Gibbs, Sydie, Rosalind A., Krull, Catherine
Inmate supervisory style: does gender make a difference?Women's issues/gender studiesFarkas, Mary Ann
It's a family affair: incarcerated women and their families.(Statistical Data Included)Women's issues/gender studiesSharp, Susan F., Marcus-Mendoza, Susan T.
Jailed parents: an assessment.Women's issues/gender studiesSchafer, N.E., Dellinger, A.B.
Jane Addams: pioneer in criminology.Women's issues/gender studiesMoyer, Imogene L.
Juvenile female arrests: a holistic explanation of organization functioning.Women's issues/gender studiesMcCluskey, John D., McCluskey, Cynthia Pervez, Huebner, Beth
Katharine Bement Davis (1860-1935): her theory and praxis of feminist pragmatism in criminology.Women's issues/gender studiesDeegan, Mary Jo
Kim Pate: a Canadian activist working with and on behalf of criminalized women and girls.(Biography)Women's issues/gender studiesDell, Colleen Anne
Law enforcement's response to sexual assault: a comparative study of nine counties in North Carolina.Women's issues/gender studiesLord, Vivian B., Rassel, Gary
Lilith in myth, melodrama, and criminology.Women's issues/gender studiesMcDermott, M. Joan, Blackstone, Sarah J.
Little women: girls in adult prison.Women's issues/gender studiesBelknap, Joanne, Gaarder, Emily
Living in "The Land of Hope and Dreams".Women's issues/gender studiesStohr, Mary K.
Living up to her convictions: a view into the life of Vernetta D. Young.Women's issues/gender studiesAdams-Fuller, Terri Marie
Malign neglect or benign respect: women's health care in a carceral setting.Women's issues/gender studiesFerraro, Kathleen J., Moe, Angela M.
Management strategies when working with female prisoners.Women's issues/gender studiesSchram, Pamela J., Koons-Witt, Barbara A., Morash, Merry
Many interests, many talents: Dorothy Bracey's career has crossed intellectual and national boundaries.(Bibliography)Women's issues/gender studies 
Marguerite Q. Warren: a career of academic excellence, distinguished research and gifted pedagogy.Women's issues/gender studiesPalmer, Ted, Van Voorhis, Patricia, Heide, Kathleen, Rosenbaum, Jill Leslie
Mary Belle Harris: warden and rehabilitation pioneer.Women's issues/gender studiesRogers, Joseph W.
Maternal infanticide and modern motherhood.Women's issues/gender studiesSmithey, Martha
Meda Chesney-Lind: the mother of feminist criminology.(Biography)Women's issues/gender studiesBelknap, Joanne
Missing faces: is historical institutionalism the answer for conducting intersectional research?Women's issues/gender studiesWay, Beth Lori
Murder in black and white: a crime and media story in antebellum Louisiana.Women's issues/gender studiesFisher-Giorlando, Marianne; Dotter, Daniel
Operationalizing gang membership: The impact measurement on gender differences in gang self-identification and delinquent involvement.Women's issues/gender studiesBjerregaard, Beth
Parenting programs in women's prison.Women's issues/gender studiesPollock, Joycelyn M.
Perceived discrimination among women in law enforcement.(Critical Essay)(Statistical Data Included)Women's issues/gender studiesWilliams, Joyce E., Gossett, Jennifer Lynn
Perceived gender differences in policing: the impact of gendered perception of officer-situation "fit".(Statistical Data Included)Women's issues/gender studiesGrant, Diana R.
Playing the sex card in female product liability litigation.Women's issues/gender studiesSzockyj, Elizabeth
Police handling of domestic violence calls: an overview and further investigation.(Statistical Data Included)Women's issues/gender studiesFeder, Lynette
Prostitution: a critical review of the medical and social sciences literature.Women's issues/gender studiesFarley, Melissa, Kelly, Vanessa
Protecting battered women: latest trends in civil legal relief.Women's issues/gender studiesKlein, Catherine F., Orloff, Leslye E.
Reconceptualizing women's agency and empowerment: challenges to self-esteem discourse and women's lawbreaking.Women's issues/gender studiesPollack, Shoshana
Research note: women's response to a telemarketing scam.(Critical Essay)Women's issues/gender studiesShichor, David, Geis, Gilbert, Sechrest, Dale K., Doocy, Jeffery H.
Revisiting the rule of thumb: an overview of the history of wife abuse.Women's issues/gender studiesLentz, Susan A.
Rita James Simon: Reaching beyond the ordinary.(Bibliography)Women's issues/gender studiesDoes, Louise Q. van der
Role strain and incarcerated mothers: understanding the process of mothering.Women's issues/gender studiesBerry, Phyllis E., Eigenberg, Helen M.
Sex matters: a gender-specific standard for cross-gender searches of inmates.Women's issues/gender studiesFarkas, Mary Ann, Rand, Kathryn R.L.
Sexual preference, crime and punishment.Women's issues/gender studiesFishbein, Diana
Shakespeare's female victims: criminology and fiction.Women's issues/gender studiesTime, Victoria M.
'Taking a position and staying grounded': a biography of Karlene Faith.(feminist scholar)Women's issues/gender studiesDeKeseredy, Walter S.
The characteristics and motivations behind female prison sex.Women's issues/gender studiesTewksbury, Richard, Hensley, Christopher, Koscheski, Mary
The development of a preeminent corrections scholar: Doris Layton MacKenzie, from motherhood to professor.Women's issues/gender studiesGover, Angela R.
The everyday policing of women with romantic codefendants: an ethnographic perspective.Women's issues/gender studiesWelle, Dorinda, Falkin, Gregory
The needs of women offenders: implications for correctional programming.Women's issues/gender studiesHoltfreter, Kristy; Morash, Merry
The people v. Juanita Thomas: a battered woman's journey to freedom.Women's issues/gender studiesLyon, Andrea D., Hughes, Emily, Thomas, Juanita
Trauma symptoms of former stalking victims.Women's issues/gender studiesBrewster, Mary P.
Use of community based social services to reduce recidivism in female parolees.Women's issues/gender studiesPearl, Natalie R.
What do college students think of policewomen?: an attitudinal assessment of future law enforcement personnel.Women's issues/gender studiesAustin, Thomas L., Hummer, Don
Who's most at risk for school removal and later juvenile delinquency? Effects of early risk factors, gender, school/community poverty, and their impact on more distal outcomes.Women's issues/gender studiesClark, M. Diane; Petras, Hanno; Kellam, Sheppard G.; Ialongo, Nicholas; Poduska, Jeanne M.
Without peers: a history of women and trial by jury, part one; from the women's sphere to suffrage.Women's issues/gender studiesLentz, Susan A.
Without peers: a history of women and trial by jury, part two: the law of jury service in the twentieth century.Women's issues/gender studiesLentz, Susan
Women, crime and drugs: testing the effect of therapeutic communities.Women's issues/gender studiesFarrell, Amy
Women offenders who use and deal methamphetamine: implicatins for mandated drug treatment.Women's issues/gender studiesStrauss, Shiela M., Falkin, Gregory P.
Women's accounts of domestic violence.(Statistical Data Included)Women's issues/gender studiesHeckert, Alex, Ficco, Danielle, Gondolf, Edward
Women, the home and resistance in Northern Ireland.Women's issues/gender studiesPickering, Sharon
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