ZIP-Target Marketing - Abstracts

ZIP-Target Marketing
11 commandments of merge-purge. (managing a mailing list)BusinessKorn, Bill
1986 directory of direct response ad agencies. (directory)Business 
Advo's postal coup. (newspapers lose second-class mail rates for circulars)Business 
Avon calling ... nobody's home.BusinessRossell, Christine A.
Babies deliver DM profits. (direct marketing)BusinessRossell, Christine A.
Boiler room hi-jinx: timeshare sellers got more than they bargained for from Vacation Exchange International.BusinessHanley, Kevin
Book buyers revealed. (Gallup Annual Report on Book Buying)Business 
Bulls-eye targeting (Part 2).BusinessBlattberg, Robert C., Vitale, Dona
Carlin out as PMG. (U.S. Postmaster General Paul Carlin.) (interview)Business 
Cashing in on customer complaints.Business 
Catalog shakeout.Business 
Complementary video.BusinessMasters, Rick L.
Computer use and abuse. (second annual conference of Direct Marketing Computer Association)Business 
Cost of catastrophe: Red Cross looks to direct mail to get out of red caused by 1985's rash of disasters.BusinessRossell, Christine A.
Credit card fraud.BusinessRossell, Christine A.
Direct "fe-mail" connection. (women in direct marketing)BusinessSantoro, Elaine
DM alert: 1986 looks bleak as Congress srutinizes industry issues. (Direct mail news.)Business 
DM hot spots. (direct marketing)BusinessThiermann, Heather B.
DM newcomer. (Liberty Mutual direct marketing)BusinessHanley, Kevin
DM's unsung heroes. (Personalities involved in direct mail industries.)BusinessMurphy, Jerry
Doubling the database. (Data processing management of direct mail applications.)BusinessHerrmann, John
Getting more from your agency. (advertising agencies) (interview)Business 
Getting permission. (Permission marketing)BusinessPerlstein, Robert
Getting videotex back on track.BusinessSantoro, Elaine
Going global. (Multinational direct marketing efforts.)Business 
Guide to the major direct marketing associations, clubs and groups. (buyers guide)Business 
International connection. (telemarketing outside the U.S.)BusinessKordahl, Eugene B.
International pitfalls.Business 
Keeping the lid on bad debt.BusinessWinston, Arthur
Keller publishes overseas. (Keller Publications and its overseas markets.)Business 
Latin America's financial planner.Business 
Mail-order family affair.Business 
Market Driven: improve your organization's structure to boost profits. (part 2).BusinessByrne, Thomas
Marketing Americana by mail.BusinessSantoro, Elaine
Marketizing power.BusinessPerlstein, Robert
Mini catalogs generate sales.BusinessHanley, Kevin
Money and politics.BusinessHanley, Kevin
New wave in sales: alternate channels to profits are already making the 'cold' sales call obsolete.BusinessBencin, Richard L.
Overseas mailing made easy.BusinessHanley, Kevin
Peddling Pebble Beach. (Golfing apparel catalog.)Business 
Picture perfect: the look of the book must reflect the customer's innermost wants.Business 
Practice pragmatism. (direct marketing)BusinessByrne, Thomas
Preparing an insert. (advertising inserts in magazines, journals and newspapers)BusinessVanderbeck, Joan
Printing prowess.BusinessVanderbeck, Joan
Reach out and touch someone. (Hands Across America, the campaign against hunger and homelessness in the U.S.)Business 
Recruiting students.BusinessGunnerson, Ronnie
Research pays off. (report of the Direct Marketing Association's Spring Conference)BusinessRossell, Christine A.
Revenue foregone. (U.S. Postal Service management.)BusinessDel Polito, Gene
Scoring big with the NBA. (National Basketball Association)Business 
Segmentation savvy.BusinessBlattberg, Robert C., Vitale, Dona
Sensing profits. (sensory marketing techniques used to reach consumers)BusinessCaudill, Donald W.
Servicing the world. (800 telephone numbers offered internationally.)Business 
Sharper Image advertising.Business 
Sitting pretty. (Edgar B, catalog-order furniture retailer, in Clemmons, North Carolina)Business 
State sales tax issue heats up. (arguments for and against) (interview)BusinessHanley, Kevin, Dorgan, Byron L.
State tax alert.BusinessLevering, Robert J.
Survival of the fittest.BusinessEberle, Bruce W.
Synergistic telemarketing.BusinessKordahl, Eugene B.
Target the individual.BusinessBlattberg, Robert C., Vitale, Dona
Telemarketing savvy.Business 
Telemarketing SOS. (analysis of telemarketing trends)BusinessOetting, Rudy, Turley, Brad
Telemarketing tutelage. (training personnel in telephone sales)BusinessHanley, Kevin
The power behind Lillian Vernon.Business 
There's a Matroushka in my mailbox. (direct mail)BusinessArmstrong, Richard
Toll-free calling for overseas.Business 
Tomorrow's DM strategy. (Direct Marketing)BusinessThiermann, Heather B.
Tracking better leads.BusinessFriedman, Ronald
Tutu's educational crusade.BusinessHanley, Kevin
USPS may raise rates. (United States Postal Service)BusinessPolito, Gene Del
Video sells vacations.BusinessThiermann, Heather B.
Where the jobs are.Business 
Words of wisdom. (direct marketing) (interview)Business 
Writing made easy.BusinessStilson, Galen
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