Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Science - Abstracts

Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Science
Advanced noninvasive geophysical monitoring techniques.Earth sciencesSnieder, Roel, Hubbard, Susan, Haney, Matthew, Bawden, Gerald, Hatchell, Paul, Revil, Andre
Are the Alps collapsing?(Orogenic collapse)Earth sciencesSelverstone, Jane
Atmospheric moist convention.Earth sciencesStevens, Bjorn
Balancing the global carbon budget.Earth sciencesHoughton, R.A.
Bed material transport and the morphology of alluvial river channels.Earth sciencesChurch, Michael
Bedrock rivers and the geomorphology of active orogens.Earth sciencesWhipple, Kelin X.
Binary minor planets.Earth sciencesRichardson, Derek C., Walsh, Kevin F.
Biogenic manganese oxides: Properties and mechanisms of formation.Earth sciencesTebo, Bradley M., Webb, Samuel M., Parker, Dorothy, Bargar, John R., Verity, Rebecca, Clement, Brian G., Dick, Gregory J., Murray, Keran J.
Biogeochemistry of glacial landscape systems.Earth sciencesAnderson, Suzanne Prestrud
Catastrophic flooding of the Black Sea.Earth sciencesGoldstein, Steven L., Ryan, William B.F., Major, Candace O., Lericolais, Gilles
Chondrites and the protoplanetary disk.Earth sciencesScott, Edward R.D.
Climate over the past two millennia.Earth sciencesMann, Michael E.
Compassion structures on Mars.Earth sciencesMueller, Karl, Golombek, Matthew
Computer models of early land plant evolution.Earth sciencesNiklas, Karl J.
Cosmic dust collection in aerogel.Earth sciencesBurchell, Mark F., Graham, Giles, Kearsley, Anton
Dates and rates: Temporal resolution in the deep time stratigraphic record.Earth sciencesErwin, Douglas H.
Dynamics of lake eruptions and possible ocean eruptions.Earth sciencesKling, George W., Youxue Zhang
Early crustal evolution of Mars.Earth sciencesNimmo, Francis, Tanaka, Ken
Earthquake triggering by static, dynamic, and postseismic stress transfer.Earth sciencesFreed, Andrew M.
Evidence for aseismic deformation rate changes prior to earthquakes.Earth sciencesRoeloffs, Evelyn A.
Evolution of fish -shaped reptiles (Reptilia: Ichthyopterygia) in their physical environments and constraints.Earth sciencesMotani, Ryosuke
Evolution of the continental lithosphere.Earth sciencesSleep, Norman H.
Evolution of the North American Cordillera.Earth sciencesDickinson, William R.
Explaining the Cambrian "explosion" of animals.Earth sciencesMarshall, Charles R.
Feathered dinosaurs.(fossil discoveries from Early Cretaceous rocks)Earth sciencesXing Xu, Norell, Mark A.
Finite element analysis and understanding the biomechanics and evolution of living and fossil organisms.Earth sciencesRayfield, Emily J.
Genes, diversity, and geologic process on the Pacific coast.Earth sciencesJacobs, David K., Haney, Todd A., Louie, Kristina D.
Global glacial isostasy and the surface of the ice-age Earth: The ICE-5G (VM2) model and GRACE.Earth sciencesPeltier, W.R.
Global mantle tomography: progress status in the past 10 years.Earth sciencesRomanowicz, Barbara
Hemispheres apart: The crustal dichotomy on Mars.Earth sciencesWatters, Thomas R., McGovern, Patrick J., Irwin, Rossman P., III
High-Mg andesites in the Setouchi volcanic belt, Southwestern Japan: Analogy to Archean magmatism and continental crust formation?Earth sciencesTatsumi, Yoshiyuki
History and applications of mass-independent isotope effects.Earth sciencesThiemens, Mark H.
Holocene earthquake records from the Cascadia subduction zone and northern San Andreas fault based on precise dating of offshore turbidities. .Earth sciencesGoldfinger, Chris, Nelson, C. Hans, Johnson, Joel E.
Hydrogen isotopic (D/H) composition of organic matter during diagenesis and thermal maturation.Earth sciencesSchimmelmann, Arndt, Sessions, Alex L., Mastalerz, Maria
Influence of the Mendocino triple junction on the tectonics of coastal California.Earth sciencesFurlong, Kevin P., Schwartz, Susan Y.
Is El Nino sporadic or cyclic?.Earth sciencesPhilander, S. George, Fedorov, Alexey
Isotopes: From Earth to the solar system.Earth sciencesClayton, Robert N.
Isotopic adventures-geological, planetological, and cosmic.Earth sciencesWasserburg, G.J.
Lakes beneath the ice sheet: The occurrence, analysis, and future exploration of Lake Vostok and other Antarctic subglacial lakes.Earth sciencesSiegert, Martin J.
Late Cenozoic increases in accumulation rates of terrestrial sediment: How high climate change has affected erosion rates?Earth sciencesMolnar, Peter
Long-term perspectives on giant earthquakes and tsunamis at subduction zones.Earth sciencesSatake, Kenji, Atwater, Brian F.
Madagascar: heads it's a continent, tails it's an island.Earth sciencesWit, Maarten J. de
Mathematical modeling of whole landscape evolution.Earth sciencesWillgoose, Garry
Metal-silicate partitioning of Siderophile elements and core formation in the early earth.Earth sciencesRighter, Kevin
Metal stable isotopes in paleoceanography.Earth sciencesAnbar, Ariel D., Rouxel, Olivier
Microprobe monazite geochronology: Understanding geologic processes by integrating composition and chronology.Earth sciencesWilliams, Michael L., Jercinovic, Micahel J., Hetherington, Callum J.
Microsampling and isotopic analysis of igneous rocks: Implications for the study of magmatic systems.Earth sciencesMorgan, D.J., Davidosn, J.P., Charlier, B.L.A., Harlou, R., Hora, J.M.
Models of Deltaic and inner continental shelf landform evolution.Earth sciencesFargherazzi, Sergio, Overeem, Irina
Modern analogs in Quaternary paleoecology: Here today, gone yesterday, gone tomorrow?Earth sciencesWilliams, John W., Jackson, Stephen T.
Molecular approaches to marine microbial ecology and the marine nitrogen cycle.Earth sciencesWard, Bess B.
Mossbauer spectroscopy of earth and planetary materials.Earth sciencesDyar, M. Darby, Agresti, David G., Schaefer, Martha W., Grant, Christopher A., Sklute, Elizabeth C.
Multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing of alpine snow properties.Earth sciencesPainter, Thomas H., Dozier, Jeff
Orographic precipitation.Earth sciencesRoe, Gerard H.
Permo-Triassic collision, subduction-zone metamorphism, and tectonic exhumation along the East Asian continental margin.Earth sciencesErnst, W.G., Tsujimori, Tatsuki, Ruth Zhang, Liou, J.G.
Phanerozoic atmospheric oxygen.Earth sciencesBerner, Robert A., Beerling, David J., Dudley, Robert, Robinson, Jennifer M., Wildman, Richard A., Jr.
Phanerozoic biodiversity mass extinctions.Earth sciencesBambach, Richard K.
Phylogenetic approaches toward crocodylian history.Earth sciencesBrochu, Christopher A.
Planetary seismology.Earth sciencesLognonne, Philippe
Planetesimals to brown dwarfs: What is a planet?Earth sciencesBasri, Gibor, Brown, Michael E.
Production, isotopic composition, and atmospheric fate of biologically produced nitrous oxide.Earth sciencesStein, Lisa Y., Yuk L. Yung
Quantitative biostratigraphy-achieving finer resolution in global correlation.Earth sciencesSadler, Peter M.
Reaction dynamics, molecular clusters, and aqueous geochemistry.Earth sciencesCasey, William H., Rustad, James R.
Real-time seismology and earthquake damage mitigation.Earth sciencesKanamori, Hiroo
Recent developments in the study of ocean turbulence.Earth sciencesThorpe, S.A.
Recognizing mantle plumes in the geological record.Earth sciencesErnst, Richard E., Buchan, Kenneth L.
Reflections on the conception, birth, and childhood of numerical weather prediction.Earth sciencesLorenz, Edward N.
Representing model uncertainty in weather and climate prediction.Earth sciencesPalmer, T.N., Shutts, G.J, Hagedorn, R., Doblas-Reyes, F.J, Jung, T., Leutbecher, M.
Rheology of granitic magmas during ascent and emplacement.Earth sciencesPetford, Nick
River avulsions and their deposits.Earth sciencesSlingerland, Rudy, Smith, Norman D.
Rock to sediment-slope to sea with (super 10)Be-rates of landscape change.Earth sciencesBierman, Paul Robert, Nichols, Kyle Keedy
Seismic triggering of eruptions in the far field: Volcanoes and geysers.Earth sciencesManga, Michael, Brodsky, Emily
Space weathering of asteroid surfaces.Earth sciencesChapman, Clark R.
Spherule layers- records of ancient impacts.Earth sciencesSimonson, Bruce M., Glass, Billy P.
Stable isotope based paleoaltimetry.Earth sciencesGarzione, Carmala N., Rowley, David B.
Subglacial processes.Earth sciencesClarke, Garry K.C.
Tectonics and climate of the Southern Central Andes.Earth sciencesStrecker, M.R., Alonso, R.N., Bookhagen, B., Carrapa, B., Hilley, G.E., Sobel, E.R., Trauth, M.H.
The Aral Sea disaster.Earth sciencesMicklin, Philip
The Arctic forest of the Middle Eocene.Earth sciencesJahren, A.Hope
The early history of atmosphere oxygen: Homage to Robert M. Garrels.Earth sciencesCanfield, D.E.
The early origins of terrestrial [C.sub.4] photosynthesis.Earth sciencesPagani, Mark, Tipple, Brett J.
The Earth, source of health and hazards: An introduction to medical geology.Earth sciencesSkinner, H.Catherine W.
The Ediacara biota: Neoproterozoic origin of animals and their ecosystems.Earth sciencesNarbonne, Guy M.
The effects of bioturbation on soil processes and sediment transport.Earth sciencesGabet, Emmanuel J., Reichman, O.J., Seabloom, Eric W.
The general circulation of the atmosphere.Earth sciencesSchneider, Tapio
The Hf-W isotopic system and the origin of the Earth and Moon.Earth sciencesJacobsen, Stein B.
The importance of secondary cratering to age constraints on planetary surfaces.Earth sciencesBierhaus, Edward B., McEwen, Alfred S.
The Indian monsoon and its variability.Earth sciencesGadgil, Sulochana
The interiors of giant planets: Models and outstanding questions.Earth sciencesGuillot, Tristan
The North Anatolian fault: A new look.Earth sciencesSengor, A.M.C., Tuysuz, Okan, Imren, Caner, Sakinc, Mehmet, Eyidogan, Haluk, Gorur, Naci, Pichon, Xavier Le, Rangin, Claude
The role of decay and mineralization in the preservation of soft-bodied fossils.Earth sciencesBriggs, Derek E.G.
The Yarkovsky and YORP effects: Implications for asteroid dynamics.Earth sciencesVokrouhlicky, David, Nesvorny, David, Bottke, William F., Jr., Rubincam, David P.
Transition metal sulfides and the origins of metabolism.Earth sciencesCody, George D.
Tropical cyclones.Earth sciencesTropical cyclones
Using the paleorecord to evaluate climate and fire interactions in Australia.Earth sciencesMarshall, Andrew, Lynch, Amanda H., Kershaw, Peter, Beringer, Jason, Mooney, Scott, Tapper, Nigel, Turney, Chris, Van Der Kaars, Sander
Using thermochronology to understand orogenic erosion.Earth sciencesBrandon, Mark T., Reiners, Peter W.
Volcanic activity on Io during the Galileo era.Earth sciencesGeissler, Paul E.
Volcanic seismology.Earth sciencesMcNutt, Stephan R.
Water, melting and the deep earth [H.sub.2]O cycle.Earth sciencesHirschmann, Marc M.
Yucca Mountain: Earth science issues at a geologic repository for high-level nuclear waste.Earth sciencesLong, Jane C.S., Ewing, Rodney C.
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