Archaeology 1993 - Abstracts

Archaeology 1993
Alaska's first settlements.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFagan, Brian
A legacy of wanton thievery: outnumbered by pot hunters, federal undercover agents seek to curb a frenzy of looting before relics of the Native American past vanish forever.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreNeary, John
A Mayan reading of the story of the stars.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreTedlock, Dennis, Tedlock, Barbara
Anatomy of a massacre: an unpublished 1950s excavation and more recent skeletal analysis yield graphic new details about the slaughter of a British garrison during the French and Indian War. (Fort William Henry)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreStarbuck, David R.
Archaeology of grief. (artifacts left at Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMcDonald, Jack
A tomb to wonder at. (Mausoleum at Halicarnassus; includes related article on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreScarre, Chris
Basques of Red Bay: workshop ruins and wrecked ships yield evidence of a whaling settlement on the south coast of Labrador that was forgotten for almost 400 years.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFagan, Brian
Bird's eye view of the ancient world. (aerial photography used to study classical sites in Crete, Greece, and Turkey)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMyers, J. Wilson, Myers, Eleanor Emlen
Brazil's little Angola. (Palmares, settlement of escaped slaves)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFagan, Brian
British museum to get Icklingham bronzes.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreHarrington, Spencer P.M.
Building independence on Lake Champlain. (Mount Independence, Revolutionary War garrison)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreStarbuck, David R.
Case of the exploding figurines. (studying why early ceramics were made to fracture in fire)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSoffer, Olga, Vandiver, Pamela, Oliva, Martin, Seitl, Ludik
Champion of Aboriginal art. (Percy J. Trezise)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreGray, Denis D.
City of the gods. (an exhibition of Teotihuacan artifacts at San Francisco's M.H. De Young Memorial Museum)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBerrin, Kathleen, Pasztory, Esther
Clues in the clothing. (Editorial)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreYoung, Peter A.
Collectors are the real looters. (response to Ricardo Elia, Archaeology Jan-Feb 1993)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRenfrew, Colin
Cruise directory. (cruises of archaeological interest and others) (Directory)Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
Desert detour. (archaeological excavation at Lovelock Cave, Nevada)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMoore, Jerry D.
Early skull found in Java. (Homo erectus)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRose, Mark
First Heyerdahl, now Hollywood. (Westerners on Rapa Nui)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreVan Tilburg, Jo Anne
Greece sues for Mycenaean gold.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRose, Mark
Hippo hunters of Akrotiri: animal bones found in a rock-shelter suggest that the first inhabitants of Cyprus may have arrived 1,500 to 2,000 years earlier than previously thought.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSimmons, Alan H., Reese, David S.
Hunting Alexander's tomb. (Alexandria, Egypt)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBianchi, Robert S.
In the footsteps of the Norse. (Norse settlement at L'Anse-aux-Meadows, Newfoundland)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFagan, Brian
In the shadow of Mycenae. (origins and causes of decline)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWells, Berit, Runnels, Curtis, Zangger, Eberhard
Kentucky memoir: digging in the Depression. (the emergence of American archaeology)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreCotter, John L.
Land of promise & paradox: a last frontier for American archaeology, Alaska harbors a wealth of sites but has few archaeologists to stem the tide of natural and human destruction. (Cover Story)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMobley, Charles M.
"Let's make it a humankind museum property." (statement by Valery Kulishov, Russian State Commission on Restitution, on Priam's Treasure)Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
Lure of Anemurium. (excavation of Roman city in Turkey)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRussell, James
Mediators in a universal discourse. (Maya cosmic myths and astronomy)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreAveni, Anthony F.
Memorable meetings. (International Symposium of Excavations, Surveys, and Archaeometry, Ankara, Turkey)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRussell, James
Minoan fresco connections. (resemblances to Canaanite frescoes at Tell Kabri, Israel)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreGarfinkle, Steven J.
Moche masterworks. (Royal Tombs of Sipan exhibition)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H.
Pasture to polis. (exhibition of ancient Greek art from the time of Homer)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H.
Prize pictures: winning entries in Archaeology's Third Annual Photography Contest. (Special Photography Section) (Illustration)Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
Project Sting: the latest tactic in the war on illegal artifact trading is paying off in federal convictions and a flood of information about dealers and their clients.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreNeary, John
Resilient shrine.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreShackel, Paul A.
Rethinking Troy.Anthropology/archeology/folklore 
Ricardo Elia responds. (response to response of Colin Renfrew in May-June 93 Archaeology p. 16)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreElia, Ricardo
Riddle of the emperor's cloak. (includes related article) (Cover Story)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreAnawalt, Patricia Rieff
Rise and fall of the city of the gods: a cult of Venus-inspired warfare and blood sacrifice both sustained and ultimately destroyed the great Mesoamerican metropolis of Teotihuacan. (Cover Story)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreCarlson, John B.
Rock art of South Morocco.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSearight, Susan
Saddle up the camels. (development of camel saddle through the ages)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFagan, Brian
Spotlight on the Silk Road. (archaeology in Xinjiang, China)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMillward, James A.
Stone Age gallery by the sea. (Cosquer Cave near Marseilles, France) (World's oldest cave art surveyed)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBahn, Paul G., Clottes, Jean, Courtin, Jean
Sumptuous Celtic burials. (at St. Albans and Colchester, England)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreBahn, Paul G.
Tale of two Troys. (ancient Troy and Troy, Ohio)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFleischman, John
Tales from the archives. (letter from the president of the Archaeological Institute of America)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRussell, James
Taming the aurochs.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFagan, Brian
The arrogant archaeologist. (ethics and conservation issues)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreFagan, Brian
The enduring Maya. (a travel guide to Yaxcopoil and Merida in Mexico)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRose, Mark
The enlightened archaeologist. (Celebrating Jefferson's 250th Birthday)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreHantman, Jeffrey L., Dunham, Gary
The hunt for Priam's treasure: a Berlin prehistorian conducts an exhaustive search for Schliemann's celebrated Trojan gold. (Klaus Goldmann of Berlin's Museum fur Vor- und Fruhgeschichte searches for treasure collected by Heinrich Schliemann)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreMeyer, Karl E.
The landscape genius. (Celebrating Jefferson's 250th Birthday)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreWertime, Richard A.
The spoils of war: how the law interprets ownership of plundered artifacts.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreHoffman, Barbara
Visions of paradise. (exhibition of Indian sculpture at the Asia Society in New York City)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H.
Visions of the Campagna. (Italy) (Special Photography Section)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSzegedy-Maszak, Andrew
Voyage to Vietnam: day trips into Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hue, and Hanoi reveal side-by-side vestiges of the country's ancient and more recent past.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreCiochon, Russell, James, Jamie
What did Schliemann find - and where, when, and how did he find it? (Heinrich Schliemann's discoveries at Troy in 1873)Anthropology/archeology/folkloreRose, Mark
Written in the stars: celestial origin of Maya creation myth.Anthropology/archeology/folkloreSchuster, Angela M.H., Wertime, Richard A.
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