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CPCU Journal
1995-96 consultants directory.(A Special Supplement to the CPCU Journal)(Directory)(Buyers Guide)Insurance 
Agency acquisition: the value of amortizing expiration lists.InsuranceHoyt, Robert E., Leverett, E.J., Jr., Trieschmann, James S.
A new perspective on cash flow underwriting and investment income levels.InsuranceSmith, Barry D.
An introduction to insurance applications on the World Wide Web.(Special Supplement: Automation)InsuranceKrohm, Gregory C.
Another look at "easy-to-read" policies. (insurance policies)(Editorial)InsuranceSmith, Barry D.
Anticipate broad patterns of change.(Special Supplement: Automation)InsuranceMaciag, Gregory A.
Applying system dynamics to insurance issues.InsuranceSchmit, Joan T.
Apportionment of layered property coverage expenses.InsuranceHanson, Wallace R., Householder, Timothy P., Budde, William T.
A radical response to the environmental litigation problem.InsuranceJernberg, Donald V.
A survey of global insurance opportunities.(Cover Story)InsurancePurvis, Quinnon K.
Attorney fee billing alternatives.InsuranceDean, Wayne
Auto insurer Web sites: a buyer's perspective.Insurance 
Automation in underwriting: what do P.T. Barnum and Martha Stewart have in common?(Special Supplement: Automation)InsuranceRandall, Anne
Banks and the insurance industry.(Editorial)InsuranceSmith, Barry D.
Breaking barriers to serving urban markets. (insurance industry)(Editorial)InsuranceTrosino, Vincent J.
Business Income Coverage and Ordinance or Law coverage: universal exposures need universal coverage.(Editorial)InsuranceSmith, Barry D.
Catastrophe modeling and rate filings - the Florida experience.(Reinsurance Supplement)InsuranceBurgess, Steve
Catastrophe modeling (opening the black box).(Reinsurance Supplement)InsuranceKozlowski, Ronald T.
Catastrophe modeling simulations to assess risk.(Reinsurance Supplement)InsuranceWaterman, Richard G.
College students' attitudes about insurance.Insurance 
Competitive intelligence systems for the independent insurance agent.InsuranceFestervand, Troy A., Murrey, Joe H., Jr.
Consulting has a bright future. (insurance and risk management consulting)(A Special Supplement to the CPCU Journal)InsuranceSwan, Lawton, III
Contestable markets for property-liability insurance: is rate and form regulation necessary?InsuranceWitt, Robert C., Aird, Paul R.
CPCU's beginnings. (Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters)InsuranceHope, Warren
Critical criteria in selecting a global broker/consultant.(CPCU Society International Supplement)InsuranceHutchin, James W.
Demographic changes and private passenger automobile insurance in the 21st century.InsuranceTrieschmann, James S., Gustavson, Sandra G.
Evaluating master trust insurance programs.InsuranceDonahue, James F.
Evaluating the financial security and solvency of reinsurers.(Focus on Reinsurance)InsuranceLombardo, John N.
Exploring pollution prevention opportunities in the insurance and risk management professions.InsuranceReed, Patricia, Chan, Edwin K., Wen, Chen H., Endlich, Norman, Johnson, Mark F.
Financing risk in the 21st century: can America afford it?(Part One)InsuranceArnold, Pat, Baptiste, Rosemary, Carson, James, Flanigan, George, Gardne, Lisa, Genung, Brad, Ooms, J. Wesley, Terry, Karen
From hot dogs to high tech - the overseas expansion of America's service sector.(CPCU Society International Supplement)InsuranceParker, Henry G., III
Gun manufacturers are under fire - are insurers next? A discussion of handgun liability and its impact on the insurance industry.(Editorial)InsuranceSensibar, Steven J.
Hurricane modeling and the Florida Commission.(Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology)(Reinsurance Supplement)InsuranceNicholson, Jack E.
Insurance companies launch high-tech assault on fraud.(Special Supplement: Automation)InsuranceAbbott, Daniel
Insurance fraud and the industry response.InsuranceCarris, Richard, Colin, Michael A.
Insurance industry attitudes toward gender neutral rating.Insurance 
Insurance internships are needed - for faculty members.(Editorial)(Editorial)InsuranceSmith, Barry D.
Insurance service centers.InsuranceSandbulte, Lloyd I.
Insurance: who benefits? (Editorial)InsuranceMurray, Michael L.
Insurers hold down insured losses by upholding building codes.InsuranceYezzi, Domenick J., Jr.
Justifying insurance company political/charitable expenditures. (Editorial)InsuranceMurray, Michael L.
Let's take the 'bite' out of workers compensation. (Column)InsuranceBolinder, William H.
Liability concerns of dog owners and their insurers.Insurance 
Linking claim trends with the underwriting process - a reinsurer's claim viewpoint.(product liability)(Reinsurance Supplement)InsurancePollack, Mindy
Locating and analyzing international insurance company information.(CPCU Society International Supplement)InsuranceKeiser, Barbie E.
Managing the automated claims professional and environment.(Special Supplement: Automation)InsuranceRobison, Kathleen J.
Maybe workers comp is the problem. (workers compensation) (Editorial)InsuranceMurray, Michael L.
Merger mania - reinsurance repercussions.InsuranceWalther, Paul
Merger mania - reinsurance repercussions.InsuranceWalther, Paul
Natural disasters and disruption in property insurance markets: the case for federal reinsurance.InsuranceWarfel, William J.
Opportunities and obstacles - American insurers move overseas.(CPCU Society International Supplement)InsuranceDouglas, John S.
Privacy and insurance web transactions.(Statistical Data Included)InsuranceKrohm, Gregory C.
Redlining myths and realities. (redlining and racism in the insurance industry)(Industry Overview)InsuranceKelly, Marvin
Reinsurance in the U.S. by the year 2000.(Focus on Reinsurance)(Industry Overview)InsurancePalca, Jeff
Rethinking the pollution exclusion.InsuranceCylinder, Harry
Risk management implications of the Americans with Disabilites Act: employment issues.InsuranceAalberts, Robert J., Hardigree, Donald W.
Selling personal lines insurance on the Internet.(Special Supplement: Automation)InsuranceHigham, Tim James, Wands, Thomas E.
Sexual harassment in housing: a legal, risk management, and insurance analysis.InsuranceAalberts, Robert J., Hardigree, Donald W., Lee, Ryan B., Ferguson, William L.
Sorry boss - the cycle did it! (insurance cycle)(Focus on Reinsurance)(Industry Overview)InsuranceHolm, Michael P.
Specialty markets confront new liability issues.InsurancePollack, Mindy
Suburban burglaries, alarms, and loss exposures: lessons for the insurance industry.InsuranceHakim, Simon, Buck, Andrew J., Porat, M. Moshe
Surviving Y2K: a practical primer for reinsurers.(Year 2000 date change computer problem)InsuranceCanelo, Emily
The Americans with Disabilities Act and Workers Compensation.InsuranceWalker, Jasen, Heffner, Fred
The Chicken Little syndrome or catastrophe modeling - an agent's perspective.(Reinsurance Supplement)InsuranceKatten, Richard L.
The continuing education paperwork jungle.InsuranceSmith, Barry D.
The dangers of insurance application forms.(Editorial)InsuranceSmith, Barry D.
The effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement on automobile insurance.InsuranceTodd, Jerry D., Birdwell, Bill, Dobbs, Dorothy, Harrier, Brenda, Huff, Esther N., Kelly, Mary Jane, Loyd, Carl, Rowland, Paul J., Serna, J.R., Jr.
The ethics of insurance agents vs. insurance students: the educational implications.InsuranceEastman, Jacqueline K., Eastman, Kevin L., Drennan, R.B.
The Florida involuntary market facilities: solution or illusion? (Florida Residential Property and Casualty Joint Underwriting Association)(Focus on Reinsurance)InsuranceNeyer, J. Steven
The future of reinsurance regulation.(Focus on Reinsurance)(Industry Overview)InsuranceKading, Bradley L.
The "hard" facts about the "soft" market.(insurance industry)(Editorial)InsuranceSmith, Barry D.
The impact of catastrophic perils over the decades.InsuranceHauck, Cathy A.
The impact of consolidation and vertical integration in the reinsurance industry.(CPCU Society International Supplement)(Industry Overview)InsuranceBarile, Andrew
The Insurance Firm Internal Auditor as Fraud-Buster.InsurancePacini, Carl, Hillison, William, Sinason, David, Carson, James M., Marlett, David C.
The level of legal duty is the agent's choice.InsuranceWhitman, Andrew F.
The mathematics of retros. (retrospective rating)InsuranceCarris, Richard
The Nature and Characteristics of Insurance Agent Fraud.InsuranceTodd, Jerry D., Welch, Sandra T., Holmes, Sarah A., Welch, Orion J.
The new era in catastrophe claims: a reinsurer's perspective.(Focus on Reinsurance)InsuranceAcolina, Frank J.
The proposed federal earthquake insurance program: is it viable?InsuranceWarfel, William J.
The public policy of CAT models: the "black box" syndrome and beyond.(catastrophe modeling)(Reinsurance Supplement)InsuranceKibbee, Larry E.
The relevance of Americans with Disabilities Act to workers compensation.InsuranceGice, Jon
The right to underwrite. (insurance underwriting) (Editorial)InsuranceMurray, Michael L.
The risk/insurance consultant: how to become one.(A Special Supplement to the CPCU Journal)InsuranceWilkerson, Joseph A.
The "temporary" CPCU - adjusting to the changing workplace.(Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters)(Editorial)InsuranceCylinder, Harry
The time is right for mutual insurance holding companies.(Editorial)InsuranceSmith, Barry D.
Treating the agony of assumptions. (on how to manage losses from unprofitable reinsurance portfolios)(Focus on Reinsurance)InsuranceWalther, Paul
When in Rome: international imperatives for agents.(CPCU Society International Supplement)InsuranceSwan, Lawton, III
Workers compensation and the learned helplessness paradigm.InsuranceWalker, Jasen M.
Work Hardening: An Asset or Inequitable Expense in the Treatment of Workers Compensation Claimants.Insurance 
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