European Public Law - Abstracts

European Public Law
Accommodating the principle of supremacy of Community law to the Cypriot Legal Order - the necessity for a constitutional amendment.Regional focus/area studiesPatsalides, Christos G.
A new institutional arrangement for Italy?(election law)(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesCorsi, Cecilia
Bill and the fall of the Constitutional Treaty.Regional focus/area studiesWard, Ian
Broadcasting, the free market and the public interest: is the Italian path to pluralism viable?(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesGardini, Gianluca
Bulgaria: constitutional gradualism: adapting to EU membership and improving the Judiciary in the Bulgarian constitution.Regional focus/area studiesTanchev, Evgeni, Belov, Martin
Checking the executive? Detention without trial, control orders, due process and human rights.(Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 )Regional focus/area studiesBonner, David
Checks and balances in the European Union: The Institutional structure and the 'Community method'.Regional focus/area studiesLang, John Temple
Civic citizenship and migrant integration.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesBell, Mark
Commission v. Council: some reflections on criminal law in the first pillar.Regional focus/area studiesHerlin-Karnell, Ester
Czech Republic and the European Union Law in 2004-2006.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesSlosarcik, Ivo
Democracy and Europe: new times, old dilemmas.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesPoto, Margherita
Determining 'functions of a public nature' under the Human Rights Act 1998: A new approach.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesCostigan, Ruth
Developments in national parliaments' involvement in ordinary foreign policy and European policy - Denmark.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesKrunke, Helle
Does the European Court of Human Rights provide protection from the European Community? - The case of Bosphorus Airways.Regional focus/area studiesEckes, C.
Double Dutch: The referendum on the European Constitution.Regional focus/area studiesBesselink, Leonard F.M.
Durant in the Court of Appeal: Identifying a better approach.(Durant)(Financial Services Authority)Regional focus/area studiesTaylor, Mark J.
England: A very British affair--Jackson v. Attorney General.(Case overview)Regional focus/area studiesGraham, Cosmo
EU freedom of information: determining where the interest lies.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesFlanagan, Anne
European Court of Human Rights: April 2006-March 2007.(Case overview)Regional focus/area studiesCameron, Iain
European Court of Human Rights: January 2005-March 2006.Regional focus/area studiesCameron, Iain
Evidentiary assessment in refugee status determination and the EU Qualification Directive.Regional focus/area studiesNoll, Gregor
Freedom of expression in the European Union.(European Court of Human Rights)(European Court of Justice)(European Court of First Instance)Regional focus/area studiesWoods, Lorna
Fundamental freedoms and private actors - towards an 'indirect horizontal effect'.Regional focus/area studiesLohse, Eva Julia
Fundamental rights and fundamental freedoms: A symbiosis on the basis of subsidiarity.Regional focus/area studiesKombos, Costas
G8 protests: controlling the right to demonstrate.Regional focus/area studiesYoungs, Raymond
German constitutional law cases 2004-2006.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesAust, Helmut Philip
Good governance and the European Anti-Fraud Office.(International organization overview)Regional focus/area studiesWakefield, Jill
Greece: State liability in Greece for the revocation of an illegal administrative act and the principle of protection of legitimate expectations of the addressee - Council of State Judgment 980/2002.Regional focus/area studiesRaikos, Dimitrios
Hungary: Changes effected in the 2004-2005 Hungarian legislation on public law.(Legislation)Regional focus/area studiesTallodi, Zoltan
Implementing European Union Law in the Netherlands: The current system, its limitations and possible alternatives.Regional focus/area studiesVan der Brink, Ton
International election observation by the OSCE and the human right to political participation.(Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)Regional focus/area studiesBinder, Christina
International treaties in Germany: the legislative competence of parliament and the interpretative competence of the courts.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesBecker, Florian, Campbell, Angus
Ireland: The European Convention of Human Rights Act 2003.Regional focus/area studiesHogan, Gerard
Is it time to revise the European regulation on public access to documents?Regional focus/area studiesKranenborg, H.R.
Linguistic minorities and educational rights in France - the Corsican example.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesMouthaan, Solange
Local government in Scotland.Regional focus/area studiesMullen, Tom
Mediation in administrative law: the identification of conflicting paradigms.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesBoyron, Sophie
New Caledonia, a case of shared sovereignty within the French Republic: appearance or reality?Regional focus/area studiesCustos, Dominique
Poland: Selected issues related to Poland's accession to the European Communities and arrangements regarding the environment and state decentralization.Regional focus/area studiesNowacki, Konrad, Nowacka, Ewa
Political origins of the Turkish constitutional court and the problem of democratic legitimacy.Regional focus/area studiesOzbudun, Ergun
Portugal: the reform of Portugal administrative litigation.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesCabral, Margarida Olazabal
Procedural justice in the European Community case-law concerning the rights of the defence: Essentialist and instrumental trends.(European Union. European Commission)Regional focus/area studiesde La Serre, Eric Barbier
Public administration in the light of the new Title V of the Italian Constitution.Regional focus/area studiesTubertini, Claudia
Recent developments in Luxembourg: the activities of the community courts in 2006.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesBiondi, Andrea, Maletic, Isidora
Recent legal developments in the government of the Italian electricity system.Regional focus/area studiesCapantini, Massimo
Reconciling regulatory approaches to corporate social responsibility: the European Union, OECD and United Nations compared.(Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)Regional focus/area studiesMacLeod, Sorcha
Reflecting on the scope of the European Union (Scrutiny) Act, 2002 and parliamentary scrutiny in the Draft Constitutional Treaty as to European integration and the Irish legal order.Regional focus/area studiesFahey, E.
Russia: regional constitutional justice in the Russian Federation.Regional focus/area studiesHenderson, Jane
Scrutiny: The IGC 2007: the European Union comes of age?(Inter-governmental conference)Regional focus/area studiesSutton, Alastair
Structure, objectives, and results of the Austrian Constitution convention: Or: How not to change a constitution.Regional focus/area studiesSchwartz, Walter
Sub-national issues: local government reform, re-districting of administrative jurisdictions, and the Aland Islands in the European Union.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesSuksi, Markku
The burden of an ageing society as a public debt: the perspective of the German constitutional law and the law of the European Union.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesSiekmann, Helmut
The Constitution for Europe and the Spanish Constitutional Court.(European Union law)Regional focus/area studiesPlaza, Carmen
The Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention of Terrorism.(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesHunt, Adrian
The Dutch general administrative law act: Europe-proof?(Dutch General Administrative Law Act)Regional focus/area studiesPrechal, Sacha, Widdershoven, Rob
The European Union: 2005 in Luxembourg: recent developments in the case law of the Community Courts.Regional focus/area studiesBiondi, Andrea, Harmer, Katherine
The European Union: A role model for regional governance?Regional focus/area studiesKirkham, Richard, Cardwell, Paul James
The extra territorial reach of the ECHR.(European Convention on Human Rights)(Law overview)Regional focus/area studiesBerry, Elspeth
The fortress of judicial independence and the mental transitions of the Central European judiciaries.Regional focus/area studiesBobek, Michal
The House of Lords and religious clothing in 'Begum vs. Head teacher and Governors of Denbigh High School'.Regional focus/area studiesDavies, Gareth
The Israeli withdrawal from Gaza - a constitutional perspective.Regional focus/area studiesNavot, Suzie
The new public procurement directives: A partial solution to the problems of procurement compliance.Regional focus/area studiesRamsey, L.
The new Public Procurement regime: A different perspective on the integration of public markets of the European Union.Regional focus/area studiesBovis, Christopher
The treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe - some general reflections on its character and its chances of realisation.(European Constitutional Treaty)Regional focus/area studiesSchwarze, Jurgen
The 'Werner Mangold' case: an example of legal militancy.(Case overview)Regional focus/area studiesMasson, Antoine, Micheau, Claire
Turkey: whither the presidency of the Republic of Turkey?Regional focus/area studiesOrucu, Esin
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