Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1993 - Abstracts

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1993
A dynamic game of a transboundary pollutant with asymmetric players.Environmental services industryPatrick, Robert H., Martin, Wade E., Tolwinski, Boleslaw
A Finnish-Soviet acid rain game: noncooperative equilibria, cost efficiency, and sulfur agreements.Environmental services industryKaitala, Veijo, Tahvonen, Olli, Pohjola, Matti
An equilibrium framework for global pollution problems.Environmental services industryWelsch, Heinz
An experimental investigation of the Hahn-Noll revenue neutral auction for emisions licenses.Environmental services industryReynolds, Stanley S., Isaac, R. Mark, Franciosi, Robert, Pingry, David E.
Design of sequential experiments for contingent valuation studies.Environmental services industryKanninen, Barbara J.
Economic growth, pollution, and renewable resources.Environmental services industryTahvonen, Olli, Kuuluvainen, Jari
Environmental legislation and enforcement: a voting model under asymmetric information.Environmental services industrySelden, Thomas M., Terrones, Marco E.
Environmental policy under imperfect information: comment.Environmental services industryKritikos, Alexander S.
Environment policy when market structure and plant locations are endogenous.Environmental services industryMarkusen, James R., Morey, Edward R., Olewiler, Nancy D.
Evaluating impacts from noxious facilities: including public preferences in current siting mechanisms.Environmental services industrySwallow, Stephen K., Opaluch, James J., Weaver, Thomas, Wessells, Christopher W., Wichelns, Dennis
Improving on the steady state in the state-dependent enforcement of pollution control.Environmental services industryHarford, Jon D.
Incomplete international cooperation to reduce CO2 emissions: alternative policies.Environmental services industryBohm, Peter
International pollution control: cooperative versus noncooperative strategies.Environmental services industryDockner, Engelbert J., Long, Ngo van
Intertemporal preferences and intergenerational equity considerations in optimal resource harvesting.Environmental services industryBurton, Peter S.
Liability transfers: an economic assessment of buyer and lender liability.Environmental services industrySegerson, Kathleen
Managerial incentives and environmental compliance.Environmental services industryGabel, H. Landis, Sinclair-Desgagne, Bernard
Nonlinear forest taxes.Environmental services industryMendelsohn, Robert
On the measurement of biological diversity.Environmental services industrySolow, Andrew, Polasky, Stepehen, Broadus, James
On the shiftable externalities. (how to treat victims of a depletable externality)_Environmental services industryGeaun, Jerome C.
Optimal bid selection for dichotomous choice contingent valuation surveys.Environmental services industryCooper, Joseph C.
Regressor diagnostics for the errors-in-variables model - an application to the health effects of pollution.Environmental services industryFrank, Richard G., Klepper, Steven, Kamlet, Mark S.
Risk, risk aversion, and on-farm soil depletion.Environmental services industryArdila, Sergio, Innes, Robert
Self-reporting and the design of policies for regulating stochastic pollution.Environmental services industryMalik, Arun S.
Some empirical evidence on embedding effects in contingent valuation of forest protection.Environmental services industryLoomis, John, Lockwood, Michael, DeLacy, Terry
Substitution effects in the valuation of multiple environmental programs.Environmental services industryHoehn, John P., Loomis, John B.
Taxation, depletion, and welfare: a simulation study of the U.S. petroleum resource.Environmental services industryDeacon, Robert T.
The economics of controlling stock pollutants: an efficient strategy for greenhouse gases.Environmental services industryMendelsohn, Robert, Falk, Ita
The externalities associated with the common property exploitation of groundwater.Environmental services industryProvencher, Bill, Burt, Oscar
The role of question order and respondent experience in contingent-valuation studies.Environmental services industryBoyle, Kevin J., Welsh, Michael P., Bishop, Richard C.
Toward a complete economic theory of the utilization and management of recreational fisheries.Environmental services industryAnderson, Lee G.
Voluntary auctions for noxious facilities: incentives to participate and the efficiency of siting decisions.Environmental services industryO'Sullivan, Arthur
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