Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1996 - Abstracts

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1996
Adaptive cost-effective ambient charges under incomplete information.Environmental services industryNentjes, Andries, Ermoliev, Yuri, Klaasen, Ger
A model of intertemporal emission trading, banking, and borrowing.Environmental services industryRubin, Jonathan D.
An economic analysis of the fisheries bycatch problem.Environmental services industryBoyce, John R.
An empirical analysis of exposure-based regulation to abate toxic air pollution.Environmental services industryConsidine, Timothy J., Marakovits, Donita M.
Announcements. (1996 annual meeting of the American Agricultural Economics Association; 1997 annual meeting of Allied Social Science Associations)Environmental services industry 
A test for payment card biases.Environmental services industrySchulze, William D., Rowe, Robert D., Breffle, William S.
Backstop technology and growth: Doomsday or steady state?Environmental services industryPrell, Mark A.
Bargaining in environmental regulation and the ideal regulator.Environmental services industryMalik, Arun S., Amacher, Gregory S.
Combining intended demand and yes/no responses in the estimation of contingent valuation models.Environmental services industryNiklitschek, Mario, Leon, Javier
Compliance and enforcement: air pollution regulation in the U.S. steel industry.(People & Patterns)Environmental services industryGray, Wayne B., Deily, Mary E.
Correlated uncertainty and policy instrument choice.Environmental services industryStavins, Robert N.
Cost-effective policies to improve urban air quality in Santiago, Chile.Environmental services industryO'Ryan, Raul E.
Do contingent valuation estimates pass a "scope" test? A meta-analysis.Environmental services industrySmith, V. Kerry, Osborne, Laura L.
Embedding in market demand systems.Environmental services industryHoehn, John P., Randall, Alan
Environmental and agricultural policy effects on information acquisition and input choice.Environmental services industryCaputo, Michael R., Underwood, Nora A.
Environmental inspections and emissions of the pulp and paper industry in Quebec.Environmental services industryLaplante, Benoit, Rilstone, Paul
Environmental policy and international trade when governments and producers act strategically.Environmental services industryUlph, Alistair
EPA's new emissions trading mechanism: a laboratory evaluation.Environmental services industryPlott, Charles R., Cason, Timothy N.
Incentives for advanced pollution abatement technology at the industry level: an evaluation of policy alternatives.Environmental services industryJung, Chulho, Krutilla, Kerry, Boyd, Ron
Incomplete information and incentives to free ride on international environmental resources.Environmental services industryBac, Mehmet
Information bias in contingent valuation: Effects of personal relevance, quality of information, and motivational orientation.Environmental services industryBrown, Thomas C., Ajzen, Icek, Rosenthal, Lori H.
Land use externalities: mechanism design for the allocation of environmental resources.Environmental services industryBurton, Peter S.
Learning and stock effects in environmental regulation: the case of greenhouse gas emissions.Environmental services industryKolstad, Charles D.
Leisure/labor tradeoffs: the backward-bending labor supply in fisheries.Environmental services industryKirkley, James, Strand, Ivar, Gautam, Amy Buss
Marketable permits, market power, and cheating.Environmental services industryVan Egteren, Henry, Weber, Marian
Modeling ecological constraints on tropical forest management: spatial interdependence, irreversibility, and uncertainty.Environmental services industryAlbers, Heidi J.
Moral hazard, externalities, and compensation for crop damages from wildlife.Environmental services industryRollins, Kimberly, Briggs, Hugh C., III
Must contingent valuation surveys cost so much?Environmental services industryHarrison, Glenn W., Lesley, James C.
Natural resource prices: will they ever turn up?Environmental services industryBerck, Peter, Roberts, Michael
Nonconvexities in optimal pollution accumulation.Environmental services industrySalo, Seppo, Tahvonen, Olli
On endogenous growth: the implications of environmental externalities.Environmental services industryElbasha, Elamin H., Roe, Terry L.
On the Harrison and Rubinfeld data.Environmental services industryPace, R. Kelley, Gilley, Otis W.
Optimal production and reclamation at a mine site with an ecosystem constraint.Environmental services industryMartin, Wade E., Roan, Philip F.
Pollution taxes and pollution abatement in an oligopoly supergame.Environmental services industryDamania, D.
Population pressure and land degradation: the case of Ethiopia.Environmental services industryGrepperud, Sverre
Reconsidering the use of Hicks neutrality to recover total value.Environmental services industryFlores, Nicholas E.
Regulating automobile pollution under certainty, competition, and imperfect information.Environmental services industryInnes, Robert
Starting point bias in dichotomous choice valuation with follow-up questioning.Environmental services industryShogren, Jason F., Herriges, Joseph A.
Taxing variable cost: environmental regulation as industrial policy.Environmental services industrySimpson, R. David, Bradford, Robert L., III
Testing the internal consistency of contingent valuation surveys.Environmental services industryDiamond, Peter
Testing the reliability of the benefit function transfer approach.Environmental services industryDowning, Mark, Ozuna, Teofilo, Jr.
The compleat fish wars: biological and dynamic interactions.Environmental services industryFischer, Ronald D., Mirman, Leonard J.
The determinants of an environmentally responsive firm: an empirical approach.Environmental services industryHenriques, Irene, Sadorsky, Perry
The effect of catastrophic risk on forest investment decisions.Environmental services industryYin, Runsheng, Newman, David H.
The effects of hazardous waste taxes on waste generation and disposal.Environmental services industrySigman, Hilary
The price of pollution: a dual approach to valuing SO2 allowances.Environmental services industryCoggins, Jay S., Swinton, John R.
Toward a more complete model of individual transferable fishing quotas: implications of incorporating the processing sector.Environmental services industryMittelhammer, Ron C., Matulich, Scott C., Reberte, Carlos
Trade with polluting nonrenewable resources.Environmental services industryTahvonen, Olli
Tropical forest protection: an empirical analysis of the costs borne by local people.Environmental services industryKramer, Randall A., Shyamsundar, Priya
Using conjoint analysis to derive estimates of compensating variation.Environmental services industryBoyle, Kevin J., Roe, Brian, Teisl, Mario F.
When is a life too costly to save? The evidence from U.S. environmental regulations.Environmental services industryCropper, Maureen L., Van Houtven, George
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