Journal of Health Care Marketing - Abstracts

Journal of Health Care Marketing
Advertising health care services.Health care industryClow, Kenneth E.
AIDS patients' perceptions of nursing care quality.Health care industrySimpson, Penny M., Fusilier, Marcelline R.
A pound of cure: take steps to limit liability based on marketing materials.Health care industryGaray, Erica B., Rutkin, Alan S.
Appointment breaking: causes and solutions.Health care industryBean, Andrew G., Talaga, James
A quality tool for health insurers: a new scale measures "quality orientation" from the customer's point of view.Health care industryWestbrook, Kevin W., Pedrick, Dennis, Bush, Victoria
Can prevention be marketed profitably?(healthcare marketing)Health care industryGelb, Betsy D., Suder Stanaland, Andrea J.
Challenges and opportunities for personal selling.Health care industryBowers, Michael R., Powers, Thomas L.
Clinton, health care, and the crystal ball.(Bill Clinton)(includes related articles on Clinton's record on controversial health issues and on advice for health care marketers)Health care industryHair, Lisa Poulter
Color makes a better message.(Marketing Tools)Health care industryGeboy, Lyn Dally
Community health assessment is a marketing job now.Health care industryEveland, A. Peter, Blakney, Vicki L., Dever, G.E. Alan
Competing for patients and profit; analytical framework can help marketers determine the competitive strengths and weaknesses of hospitals.Health care industryYavas, Ugur, Shemwell, Donald J.
Competitive dynamics in pharmaceuticals: the market position of a drug dictates the best promotion strategy.Health care industryBarnes, James H., Szeinbach, Sheryl L., Murphy, Masako N., Smith, Mickey C.
Complaint intensity and health care services: a framework to establish priorities for quality improvements can be used to improve patient satisfaction.Health care industryDolinsky, Arthur L.
Consumer satisfaction and perceived quality of outpatient health services.Health care industryPeyrot, Mark, Cooper, Philip D., Schnapf, Donald
Cultivating loyal patients.Health care industryPowers, Thomas L., Bendall, Dawn
Decreasing anxiety: to satisfy outpatients, hospitals need to identify stress points in their procedures.Health care industryDunn, Elizabeth, Brown, Carmhiel, Love, Barry
Demarketing inappropriate health care consumption: Canada's prized health care system suffers from chronic overuse.Health care industryTaylor, D. Wayne, Kindra, Gurprit S.
Demographic change is faster than you think.(effect on healthcare delivery has been understated)Health care industryPol, Louis G., Thomas, Richard K.
Diagnosing perceived quality in the medical service channel.Health care industryMowen, John C., Chakraborty, Goutam, Licata, Jane W.
Direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs.Health care industryHensel, Paul J., Williams, James R.
Don't forget the letterhead. (marketing communications at Bradley Memorial Hospital)(Column)Health care industryBelew, Dewayne, Lewis, Melissa
Do patient perceptions of quality relate to hospital financial performance? (Cover Story)Health care industryRust, Roland T., Nelson, Eugene C., Zahorik, Anthony, Rose, Robin L., Batalden, Paul, Siemanski, Beth Ann
Eliminate the negative: managers should optimize rather than maximize performance to enhance patient satisfaction.Health care industryMittal, Vikas, Baldasare, Patrick M.
Equal access will shift marketing focus to consumers.(results of health care reform)Health care industryWright, Richard A.
Ethical issues in marketing managed care.Health care industryMalhotra, Naresh K., Miller, Gina L.
Explaining blood donation: the trust factor.Health care industryAndaleeb, Syed Saad, Basu, Amiya K.
Following the drill: the search for a dentist. Consumers' behavior varies depending on whether they need routine or specialized care.Health care industryMotes, William H., Hill, C. Jeanne, Huhmann, Bruce A.
Forecasting the adoption of new medical technology using the Bass model.Health care industrySillup, George P.
From fried rice to sushi: to market an integrated delivery system, throw out the old menu.Health care industrySlusarz, Michael J.
Gaining insurance coverage for alternative therapies.Health care industryColgate, Margaret A.
Happy employees lead to loyal patients.(survey of patients and nurses)Health care industryJavalgi, Rajshekhar G., Marshall, Brenda Stevenson, Atkins, P. Mardeen
Healthscapes: the importance of place.Health care industryRichardson, Lynne D., Hutton, James D.
Hospital image: a correspondence analysis approach.Health care industryJavalgi, Rajshekhar, Whipple, Thomas, McManamon, Mary, Edick, Vicki
Hospital marketing and the Internet.Health care industryShepherd, C. David, Fell, Daniel
How Zantac became the best-selling drug in history.(Glaxo's acid inhibitor)Health care industryWright, Richard (American writer)
Identifying new patient prospects: efficacy of usage segmentation.Health care industryMarmorstein, Howard, Sarel, Dan
Influencing satisfaction for dental services.Health care industryGopalakrishna, Pradeep, Mummalaneni, Venkatapparao
Information content of dentists' Yellow Pages advertising.Health care industryFisher, Caroline M., Coleman, R. Wayne
Integrating multiple publics into the strategic plan: the best plans can be derailed without comprehensive up-front research.Health care industryNaidu, G.M., Peltier, James W., Kleimenhagen, Arno K.
Internal marketing builds service quality.Health care industryJoseph, W. Benoy
Is managed care managing to kill us? 'Conspiracy of silence' is taking its toll on health care professionals.(Cover Story)Health care industry 
Legislation undermines us all.(proposed law on length of hospital stays for childbirth)(On the Firing Line)(Column)Health care industryDeGiralomo, Jady
Linking quality and performance: quality orientation can be a competitive strategy for health care providers.Health care industryBabakus, Emin, Rapert, Molly Inhofe
Locating MRIs through marginal analysis. (magnetic resonance imaging)Health care industryLaTour, Michael S., Colburn, Christopher B., Johnson, KerenAmi
Marketing-driven change management. (healthcare market transition)Health care industryO'Connell, Martin J.
Marketing on the Internet.(healthcare marketing)(Cover Story)Health care industryShepherd, C. David, Fell, Daniel
Marketing or management: which way the future? (hospital administration; includes bibliography)(Column)Health care industryMacStravic, Scott
Marketing prevention to elderly Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in an HMO: the San Diego Medicare Preventive Health Project. (health maintenance organization)Health care industryKoch, Alma L., Williams, Stephen J., Hylton, Hal C.
Market orientation and performance in the hospital industry.Health care industryGupta, Yash P., Raju, P.S., Lonial, Subhash C.
Matching dental offerings with expectations.Health care industryRao, C.P., Janda, Swinder, Wang, Zhengyuan
Measuring physician attitudes of service quality. (Cover Story)Health care industryDelene, Linda M., Walbridge, Stephanie W.
Mediators vs. moderators of patient satisfaction.Health care industryGopalakrishna, Pradeep, Mummalaneni, Venkatapparao
Mega-niching: retail lessons for health care.Health care industryBrady, Timothy S.
Modeling physicians' prescribing decisions for patients with panic disorder.Health care industryFreeman, Judy K., Barnes, James H., Summers, Kent H., Szeinbach, Sheryl L.
Obstetrical patient satisfaction.Health care industryMurray, Iain, Wilcock, Anne, Kobayashi, Lisa
Outsourcing teleservices.Health care industryWong, S. Tien, Palley, Douglas E.
Partnerships: the prescription for healthier communities.(health care partnerships)(Column)Health care industryRapp, Melissa A., Wotschak, Rona
Patient satisfaction or acquiescence? Comparing mail and telephone survey results.Health care industryHall, Melvin F.
Perception is everything: marketers should prepare now to address the tough managed care questions.(Column)Health care industryClarke, Roberta N.
Physician information acquisition and believability: a field experiment on source and type of information.Health care industryBeltramini, Richard F., Sirsi, Ajay K.
Positioning health care services: yellow pages advertising and dental practice performance.Health care industryKaldenberg, Dennis O., Becker, Boris W., Alexander, James H.
Positioning hospitals: a model for regional hospitals.Health care industryCampbell, David P., Reddy, Allan C.
Predicting appointment breaking.Health care industryBean, Andrew G., Talaga, James
Quality, sacrifice, and value in hospital choice.Health care industrySmith Gooding, Sandra K.
Remarketing, yes, remarketing health care.Health care industryMacStravic, Scott
Researching high-risk groups.(focus groups for health risk research)Health care industryHolleran, Michele D.
Rude awakening: one marketer faces reality as daughters experience their first service encounter.(experiences of a marketing professor and his pregnant wife in a southeastern North Carolina hospital during August 1995)(Cover Story)Health care industryHoffman, K. Douglas
Salaries aren't what they once were cracked up to be.(Marketplace Insights)Health care industryNutter, Roger W.
Sales is an investment, attrition an expense.(personal selling of health care services)Health care industryKlewer, Edwin D., Shaffer, Robert W., Binnig, Bonnie L.
Satisfaction with HMOs: accessibility issues top the list for patients in commercial groups.(consumer satisfaction survey)Health care industryRutledge, Robert W., Nascimento, Patricia
Satisfaction with nursing homes: the design of employees' jobs can ultimately influence family members' perceptions.Health care industryO'Connor, Stephen J., Nystrom, Paul C., Steffen, Teresa M.
Senior health day.(the health fair as a marketing tool)Health care industryGorbien, Martin J., Simmons, Sally Brasfield, Catanese, Jon R.
Shoot for the 'stars:' hospitals should hire worker types most likely to satisfy patients.Health care industryCasal, Jose C.
Should marketers care about satisfying Medicaid patients?Health care industryBaldasare, Patrick M.
Six challenges facing Catholic health care marketing.(Cover Story)Health care industryFonner, Edwin, Jr., Tang, Boxiong
Strategic marketing and communications audits.(healthcare marketing)Health care industryStone, Betsy C.
The challenge of health care branding.Health care industrySpeak, Karl D.
The consumer will reign supreme in health care reform.Health care industryWright, Richard A.
The role of emotions in health care satisfaction.Health care industryDube, Laurette, Belanger, Marie-Claude, Trudeau, Elyse
The 'superior' product that failed in Hong Kong.(tampon marketing)(Cover Story)Health care industryHo Lau, B.Y., Leung, Thomas K.P.
Time to choose: consumers who make a snap decision about long-term care use different criteria from those who can afford to deliberate.Health care industryTudor, R. Keith, Carley, Susan S.
Touchy subjects: marketing a controversial product such as fetal tissue research requires sensitivity and finesse.Health care industryHill, Ronald Paul, King, Maryon F., Fraedrich, John P.
Turning media gatekeepers into advocates.(Calhoun County Medical Society case study)(includes related article on marketing tips based on the case study)Health care industryKoehler, William F., Marter, Neal D. Van
Who needs a needs assessment? You do!Health care industryHolleran, Michele
Whose business is fitness?(hospital physical fitness services)Health care industryParrot, Donald L.
Women's health centers and specialized services: segmentation strategies can be effective in targeting some female health care consumers.Health care industryLaFleur, Elizabeth K., Taylor, Susan Lee
Word-of-mouth communication: causes and consequences.(Marketing Review)Health care industryJohnson, Madeline, Gelb, Betsy
Yellow pages advertising by physicians.Health care industryAbernethy, Avery M., Butler, Daniel D.
You want to market a 'what'?(integrated health care delivery systems)(On the Firing Line)Health care industryShaver, Mary Louise
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