Journal of Home Economics - Abstracts

Journal of Home Economics
1992 distinguished service award recipients. (American Home Economics Assn. Foundation awardees)Home and garden 
Affordable housing: within our reach?Home and gardenDillman, Joye J.
Alcohol and youth: a guide to public policy questions.Home and gardenSheehan, Kathleen
A survey of early-adolescent home economics programs.Home and gardenSmith, Frances M.
Building human capital via effective management.Home and gardenMartin, Jennifer, Engelbrecht, JoAnn, Chenowith, Lillian
Building human resources through local organizations.Home and gardenParrott, Kathleen R., Engelen-Eigles, Deborah A.
Building students' marketing competencies.Home and gardenHill, Paulette Popovich, Giles, Harriet Watkins
Business home economist of the year award. (Mary A. Bartz)Home and gardenLofstrom, Joyce A.
Changing U.S. demographics: implications for professional preparation.Home and gardenSmith, Delores E.
Children's housing: the need for communication.Home and gardenRodman, Nancy
Child support and human capital.Home and gardenPeck, Claudia
Chinese-American values: a psychographic perspective.Home and gardenOwnbey, Shiretta F., Horridge, Patricia E.
Critical thinking: enhancing adolescent decision making.Home and gardenJones, Jo, Safrit, R. Dale
Developing families' human capital.Home and gardenNickols, Sharon Y., Walters, James
Distinctive themes from black home economists.Home and gardenRalston, Penny A.
Divorce and remarriage: challenges and perspectives.Home and gardenWorthington, Lori E., Hong, Gong-Soog
Eating disorders: a theoretical review.Home and gardenJones, Karen H., Nagel, K.L.
Eating disorders: prevention through education.Home and gardenJones, Karen H., Nagel, K.L.
EFNEP: reaching out to families in poverty. (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program)Home and gardenConone, Ruth M.
Elder care: where families and businesses meet.Home and gardenBagby, Beatrice H.
Factors that affect undesirable garment drape.Home and gardenMoore, Carolyn L.
Family and medical leave: a guide to public policy questions.Home and garden 
Freshman orientation and home economics.Home and gardenStiffler, Elizabeth, Stevens, Patricia Murphy
Helping caregivers confront nursing home challenges.Home and gardenMarsden, Anne-Michelle
Home economics education in Saudi Arabia.Home and gardenKirk, Martha, Martin, Ruth E., Cummings, Pamela
Homework in apparel-related industries.Home and gardenDaneshvary, Rennae
Housing expenditures of never-marrieds.Home and gardenDinkins, Julia M.
Human values: issues for home economics.Home and gardenNolen, Teris P., Clawson, Barbara N.
Information-based data and maternity wear.Home and gardenKoch, Kathryn, MacGillivray, Maureen Sweeney
In memoriam. (Ardis Armstrong Young, Helen Holloway Hallbert) (Obituary)Home and garden 
Job displacement: policy perspectives.Home and gardenBowman, Jan B., Couchman, Glennis M.
Lead poisoning and the poor: a guide to public policy questions. (At Issue)Home and garden 
Meeting basic needs of rural Southern elders.Home and gardenDinkins, Julia M.
Men and home economics in the U.S.: 1900-1975.Home and gardenLawson, Royston J.
Older women's concept of home: psychological dimensions.Home and gardenMartin, Jennifer, Perritt, Mitzi R., Impson, June, McCune, Sandra L.
Postsecondary faculty work loads: time to reassess?Home and gardenGuthrie, Joann L., Head, Mary K.
Preparing home economics leaders: critical skills.Home and gardenBands, Kathleen C.
Product claims: guidelines for evaluation.Home and gardenBowers, Miriam R., Chambers, Edgar, IV
Providing the elderly with clothing information: which media are preferred?Home and gardenKeir, Grace E.
Retirement planning for the sandwich generation.Home and gardenJunk, Virginia W., Stenberg, Laurie A., Anderson, Carol A.
Rural youth at risk: targeting through Teletip. (telephone information system)Home and gardenTownsend, Marilyn S., Wright Joan, Kubin, Laurel, Meis, Joan
Single-child families: a dual-career option.Home and gardenCrase, Dixie R., Crase, Darrell
Socialization: empowerment and equity. (1992 American Home Economics Association Commemorative Lecture) (Transcript)Home and gardenBrasher, Ruth E.
Student involvement now: AHEA leaders for the future. (American Home Economics Association)Home and gardenChamberlain, Valerie M., Cummings, Merrilyn N., Felstehausen, Ginny
Talking with aging parents about finances.Home and gardenGoetting, Marsha A., Schmall, Vicki L.
Teacher of the year award. (Janice S. Hall) (1992 American Home Economics Association award)Home and garden 
Teenagers' employment, earnings, and spending.Home and gardenBailey, Anne W.
The economics of intergenerational community care.Home and gardenChamberlain, Valerie M., Fetterman, Elsie, Maher, Margaret
The elderly, family, and society: intergenerational inequity?Home and gardenMammen, Sheila, Sanders, Gregory
The home-television environment: implications for families.Home and gardenChristopher, F. Scott, Wilson, Patricia M.
The role of ethnic foods in the food and nutrition curriculum.Home and gardenMcComber, Diane R., Postel, Rose T.
Using learning styles to empower youth and families.Home and gardenSpinner, Nancy R.
Using USDA food plans and food cost inventories in dietetic education. (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture)Home and gardenCotugna, Nancy, Vickery, Connie E.
Values: acting on our shared beliefs.Home and gardenJones, Jo, Safrit, R. Dale, Conklin, Nikki L.
Valuing families. (public policy)Home and gardenSheehan, Kathleen
Youth at risk: doing our part.Home and gardenVail, Ann
Youth, money, and financial planning.Home and gardenO'Neill, Barbara
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