Journal of Nutrition Education 1998 - Abstracts

Journal of Nutrition Education 1998
Cholesterol-plugged artery: a teaching tool.Food/cooking/nutritionSmith, Shirley, Pelican, Suzanne, Thomas, Sara
Community Nutritional Problems Among Latino Children in Hartford, Connecticut.Food/cooking/nutritionSchuster, Ellen
Computer training and service learning in school nutrition service.Food/cooking/nutritionMarino, Deborah, Rasor-Greenhalgh, Sue, Taylor, Evelyn, Roberts, Suellen
Consumer acceptance of lower fat foods.Food/cooking/nutritionMacaskill, Lesley, Paul, Alison, Pitcher, Brian, Cullinane, Dorothy
Creation of a cookbook - 'Tribal Cooking: Traditional Stories and Favorite Recipes.'Food/cooking/nutritionFitzGerald, Charlanne J., Havisto, Paula
Cultural diversity: eating in America.Food/cooking/nutritionSyracuse, Cheryle Jones
CyberNutrition On-Line: educating nutrition students and the public in cyberspace.Food/cooking/nutritionMerkel, Joyce M., Dittus, Kim L.
Development of a European travel seminar on nutrition and health policy.Food/cooking/nutritionLarson, Betty J.
Exchange It! (computer software from Food for Thought Nutrition Consulting) (Software Review)(Evaluation)Food/cooking/nutritionMcClelland, Jacquelyn W.
Farmers' market discount coupon.Food/cooking/nutritionCoit, Donna M.
Flea market low-fat cooking contest: a strategy for community outreach.Food/cooking/nutritionRankins, Jenice, Kimiywe, Judith, Manocha, Anjana, Lee, Patricia, Davis, Yolanda P.
'From Land to Landfill: A Systems Perspective': use of an organizing theme in an interdisciplinary multimedia curriculum. (integrated educational approach based on food system)Food/cooking/nutritionAchterberg, Cheryl, Getty, Victoria
Increasing cultural competence for effective client counselling: an experimental course.Food/cooking/nutritionFee, Caroline H.
Low-literacy audio intervention for lowering fat intake.Food/cooking/nutritionLasater, Thomas M., Gans, Kim M., Lovell, H. Joan, Fortunet, Raul
$mart WIC $hoppers: advanced nutrition education for WIC participants. (Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children)Food/cooking/nutritionHampl, Jeffrey S., Wallen, Marcia K.
Nutrition education materials for pregnant teens.Food/cooking/nutritionDunn, P. Carolyn, Kolasa, Kathy, McKee, Amanda
Parent newsletters to strengthen a school-based community nutrition education program in the rural Arkansas Delta.Food/cooking/nutritionHosig, Kathryn, Rodibaugh, Rosemary
President's message "celebrating change." (Society for Nutrition Education Pres Laura S. Sims)Food/cooking/nutritionSims, Laura S.
Seminars to Go. (professional nutrition seminar kit)(Evaluation)Food/cooking/nutritionAndress, Elizabeth L.
Summary of the sixth report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure (JNC VI).Food/cooking/nutritionKolasa, Kathryn M.
Teaching critical thinking to nutrition professionals.Food/cooking/nutritionPaul, Lynn C.
Teaching fat budgeting and the food pyramid the "hands-on" way to licensed practical nursing students.Food/cooking/nutritionSabula, Ann Marie Chalmers
Teens create public service announcement (PSA): high blood pressure prevention.Food/cooking/nutritionDwyer, Johanna T., Contract, Carolyn H., Goffi, Judy
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