Manufactured Home MERCHANDISER 1992 - Abstracts

Manufactured Home MERCHANDISER 1992
16-foot transports approved in Georgia. (Georgia Manufactured Housing Association pushes for legislation allowing transportation of prefabricated houses along Georgia's highways)Construction and materials industries 
1992 spring festival of homes. (models of prefabricated houses) (Illustration)Construction and materials industries 
1992 spring festival of homes. (models of prefabricated houses) (Illustration)Construction and materials industries 
401(k) plans benefit employers and employees. (salary-reduction savings plans)Construction and materials industriesBattersby, Mark E.
Affordable housing study boosts industry, gets little attention. (report of the Advisory Commission on Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing, 'Not in My Back Yard: Removing Barriers to Affordable Housing,' prefabricated housing industry)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Alternatives to grid pattern developments.Construction and materials industriesAlley, David
Are sunny skies ahead? (for manufactured home retailers) (Column)Construction and materials industriesTieder, Herbert E.
Are you undercapitalized?Construction and materials industriesCorbin, Ken
A writing primer for property managers.Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
BPA sets energy rules for homes in Northwest. (Bonneville Power Administration)Construction and materials industries 
Changing labels again? (on finding new terms in manufactured housing industry)Construction and materials industriesTieder, Herbert E.
Competing retailers join forces to host indoor public show.Construction and materials industriesOverend, Robert E.
Creating business plans for investors, developers. (tips on how to make an effective business plan)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Deciding when to sell: what would you do? (real estate)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Employee terminations: the job nobody wants.Construction and materials industriesGutek, Sarah
Experts, executives share expertise at 1992 MH Congress. (Manufactured Housing Congress)Construction and materials industries 
First-time home buyers on the rise in Texas.Construction and materials industries 
How you can improve your dealings with lenders. (Lender Relations)Construction and materials industriesWantuck, T. Otto
HUD revises SAA label fee distribution. (Department of Housing and Urban Development, State Administrative Agencies) (Washington Report)Construction and materials industriesDanner, Pamela Beck
Investing in the future. (Manufactured Housing Institute's support of political allies)Construction and materials industries 
It's showtime again. (increased demand for prefabricated houses) (Impressions) (Column)Construction and materials industriesTieder, Herbert E.
Keep in mind the six M's of community management.Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Land contracts may pose traps for the unwary.Construction and materials industriesBoyn, Gary D.
Landmark legislation goes into effect. (Americans with Disabilities Act)Construction and materials industriesDanner, Pamela Beck
LIHC reduces tax liabilities. (Low-Income Housing Credit)Construction and materials industriesBatesole, Patricia L., Fox, Gary A.
Lowering risks means affordable premiums. (evaluating the risks involved in the maintenance of prefabricated houses and buildings)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Making hard times work hard for you.Construction and materials industriesSkillen, Robert
Managing communities in recessionary times. (minimizing expenses effectively)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
MH communities prove a better investment than apartments. (mobile home)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
MHI, PMHA sponsor first OEM show. (Manufactured Housing Institute; Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association; Original Equipment Manufacturer) (includes list of contributors)Construction and materials industries 
MH producer stocks are on the rise. (manufactured homes) (Industry Perspective)Construction and materials industries 
More on the IRS cash-reporting rule. (Internal Revenue Service)Construction and materials industries 
New EPA Clean Air rules affect MH industry. (Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990; manufactured housing)Construction and materials industriesDanner, Pamela Beck
November shipments down 8.7 percent. (prefabricated houses' shipments to different states in the US) (Industry Statistics) (Illustration)Construction and materials industries 
Older communities offer opportunity for developers. (expanding and renovating residential developments is a profitable venture) (Community Development)Construction and materials industriesHicks, Edward
Production climbs 6.7 percent in December. (manufactured houses) (Illustration)Construction and materials industries 
Random thoughts. (the requirement of commercial drivers' licenses for all drivers and techniques for sales people) (Impressions) (Column)Construction and materials industriesTieder, Herbert E.
Resources help retailers go for the gold. (the manufactured home industry's three main resources)Construction and materials industriesCarr, William C.
Sales training is a process, not an event.Construction and materials industriesUnderwood, John
Selling rental communities in the 90's. (Community Corner)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Seven steps to effective resident relations. (housing community relations)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Sharing ideas with peers never gets old. (Networking Roundtable)Construction and materials industriesAllen, George
Should model homes be locked or unlocked?Construction and materials industriesCorbin, Ken
South Bend show redesigned to promote, improve business relationships.Construction and materials industries 
Staying in touch with your customer base. (need for modern advertising and marketing techniques for selling prefabricated houses)Construction and materials industriesSkillen, Robert
The Clean Air Act. (Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990) (Impressions) (Column)Construction and materials industriesTieder, Herbert E.
Theming for fun and fill-up. (Denver housing community emphasizes western image)Construction and materials industriesMelms, Bruce
Top 25. (manufactured home builders)Construction and materials industries 
Watch out for 'tying' in community retailing.Construction and materials industriesWilson, Jonathan C., Thompson, Stanley
We need to watch our language. (using the correct terms when marketing manfactured homes) (Impressions) (Editorial)Construction and materials industriesTieder, Herbert E.
Western point. (manufactured homes in California)Construction and materials industriesMaxcy, Jess
Western Report. (a directional shift in the manufactured home industry)Construction and materials industriesMaxcy, Jesse
Western report. (California housing developments)Construction and materials industriesMaxcy, Jess
Western report. (manufactured housing industry and local government partnerships) (Industry Perspective)Construction and materials industriesMaxcy, Jess
Western report. (Whybrew Manor Group's Grand Chateau) (Industry Perspective)Construction and materials industriesMaxcy, Jess
When it's time to sell your business.Construction and materials industriesCorbin, Ken
Winning the game of advertising.Construction and materials industriesSkillen, Robert
Winterizing your advertising. (winter advertising strategies for manufactured home retailers) (Successful Advertising)Construction and materials industriesSkillen, Robert
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