Modern Asian Studies 1996 - Abstracts

Modern Asian Studies 1996
Angare and the founding of the Progressive Writers' Association.Regional focus/area studiesMahmud, Shabana
China's new remembering of World War II: the case of Zhang Zizhong.Regional focus/area studiesWaldron, Arthur
Commemorating war in eighteenth-century China.Regional focus/area studiesWaley-Cohen, Joanna
Concretely imagining the Southern Digambar Jain community, 1899-1920.Regional focus/area studiesCarrithers, Michael
Dancing the goddess: possession and class in Tamil South India.Regional focus/area studiesKapadia, Karin
Death of a young Shanghailander: the Thorburn case and the defence of the British treaty ports in China in 1931.Regional focus/area studiesBickers, R.A.
East European aid to Asian developing countries: the legacy of the Communist era.Regional focus/area studiesRudner, Martin
Flight of the deities; Hindu resistance in Portuguese Goa.Regional focus/area studiesAxelrod, Paul, Fuerch, Michelle A.
Growing mountain, shrinking mouse? Indian poverty and British bilateral aid.Regional focus/area studiesLipton, Michael
Growth of non-agricultural economic activities in Java in the middle decades of the nineteenth century.Regional focus/area studiesFernando, M.R.
Home market and the artisans in colonial India: a study of brass-ware.Regional focus/area studiesRoy, Tirthankar
Indigenous knowledge and the significance of South-West India for Portuguese and Dutch constructions of tropical nature.Regional focus/area studiesGrove, Richard
Indigenous trade and European economic intervention in North-West Borneo c. 1860-1930.Regional focus/area studiesCleary, M.C.
Irony and purity: Mishima. (Mishima Yukio)Regional focus/area studiesAbelsen, Peter
Military mobilization in seventeenth and eighteenth-century China, Russia, and Mongolia.Regional focus/area studiesPerdue, Peter C.
'Modernity' and 'tradition' in Thailand.Regional focus/area studiesRhum, Michael R.
Nationalist army officers during the Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945.Regional focus/area studiesChang Jui-te
Nehru and the British. (Jawaharlal Nehru)Regional focus/area studiesNanda, B.R.
No boats to China. The Dutch East India Company and the changing pattern of the China sea trade, 1635-1690.Regional focus/area studiesBlusse, Leonard
Public finance and the rise of warlordism.Regional focus/area studiesVan de Ven, Hans J.
Recent studies of modern Chinese history.Regional focus/area studiesVan de Ven, Hans
Reinventing Ramanand: caste and History in Gangetic India.Regional focus/area studiesPinch, William R.
Sir William Jones, Biblical Orientalism and Indian scholarship.Regional focus/area studiesDavid, Alun
Testing the self-strengthening: the Chinese army in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895.Regional focus/area studiesFung, Allen
The Battle of the Hundred Regiments: problems of coordination and control during the Sino-Japanese War.Regional focus/area studiesVan Slyke, Lyman P.
The extraterritoriality negotiations of 1943 and the New Territories.Regional focus/area studiesLi, Shian
The 'land of the future': the Jong Sumatranen Bond (1917-1930) and its image of the nation.Regional focus/area studiesvan Miert, Hans
The P&O and the Asian specie network, 1850-1920. (Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.)Regional focus/area studiesPope, Andrew
The politics of songs: myths and symbols in the Chinese Communist war music, 1937-1949.Regional focus/area studiesHung, Chang-tai
The role of power struggle and economic changes in the 'Heshang phenomenon' in China.Regional focus/area studiesMa, Shu-Yun
The tragedy of Wuhan, 1938.Regional focus/area studiesMacKinnon, Stephen
Tod's Rajast'han and the boundaries of imperial rule in nineteenth-century India.Regional focus/area studiesPeabody, Norbert
War in the making of modern China.Regional focus/area studiesVan der Ven, Hans J.
Warlords against warlordism: the politics of anti-militarism in early twentieth-century China.Regional focus/area studiesMcCord, Edward A.
Women as participants in the Pakistan movement: modernization and the promise of a moral state.Regional focus/area studiesWillmer, David
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